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Fred Taylor believes he is being snubbed

Damn we love social media.

How can we not?  It brings us a continuous source of news!

Today, former Running Back Fred Taylor lamented on Twitter about his exclusion from the upcoming induction of the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

On Twitter, he had the following to say:

“I earned respect on the field.  Numbers better than majority of RBs in history.  Still don’t understand why the writers don’t respect it.”

“Not just backs that have come and gone in NFL HISTORY…but better than majority of the backs in the HOF…” 

“Don’t tell me anything about eras. AFC had top defenses in my division alone (Ravens, Steelers, Titans) to name a few.  That’s twice a year”

“I was once asked a rhetorical question like ‘do you want to be nominated’ ummm, I bust my ass for 13 years! Figure it out lol”

Taylor does make some valid points.  At present, Taylor is ranked 17th overall in Rushing Yards with 11,695, which is a number that does exceed many Hall of Fame Backs, including Terrell Davis who was chosen for this year.  Notable too, is that Taylor was exceptionally durable, an ever increasing rarity in the National Football League. 

There are however some significant notes on the other side of the ledger. 

Taylor was a Pro Bowler once and only made an All Pro Team (2nd in 2007) once.  This indicates (and is true) that Taylor was never really considered an elite Running Back in any year and was essentially regarded as a very good one.  While he did finish in the top ten in Rushing Yards six times, his highest rank was 6th.

The longtime Jacksonville Jaguar has never been a Semi-Finalist for Hall of Fame consideration.  Neither has Tiki Barber or Shaun Alexander, who is a former MVP.

The bar just to make it to the cut of Semi-Finalists is hard enough let alone advancing to Canton.

While we considered Fred Taylor on our Football list, he did not make our cut, though we are looking to expand it soon. 
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