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The 2020 Fictitious Athlete Inductees

Homer Simpson

We don’t think this is a stretch at all. Any follower of the Simpsons knows that the family patriarch is a big fan of sports. However, Homer has been quite the athletic participant himself. Consider the following sports related performances: Competing (albeit briefly) with Venus Williams as his partner in a mixed doubles tennis tournament. Was the Head Coach for Bart’s Peewee Football team. He boxed Drederick Tatum in his first boxing match after the former champ served jail time. He represented the U.S.A. in mixed curling at the Winter Olympics. He bowled a perfect game. He pinch hit for…

Johnny Lawrence

Perhaps the quintessential 80’s teen villain, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) had the coiffed blonde surfer hair, the yuppie parents, the arrogance, and the karate skills to make poor Ralph Macchio miserable for nearly two hours on screen. Now you know what happens to villains like this right? They sweep the leg at the end of the 1984 All Valley Tournament, yet still lose the trophy, their self-respect and a delicious looking Elizabeth Shue.
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