Top 50 Jacksonville Jaguars

An expansion team in 1995, the Jacksonville Jaguars have yet to reach the Super Bowl, but this does not mean that they have not experienced levels of success. 

In their second season in the NFL, the Jags made it to the AFC Championship and would do so again in 1999.  After that, Jacksonville would go through multiple multi-year playoff droughts, but they would reach their third AFC Championship in 2017.

As this is a very young team, we expect this list to fluctuate in the upcoming years.

This list is up to the end of the 2021 season.

Note: Football lists are based on an amalgamation of tenure, traditional statistics, advanced statistics, playoff statistics, and post-season accolades.
Honestly, we thought this would be a lock for Tony Boselli, but the more we looked at Jimmy Smith, the more we felt we had to give him the number one spot. We have our reasons.
Another player who received strong consideration for the number one spot as the most exceptional Jacksonville Jaguar of all-time, Fred Taylor was drafted 9th overall in 1998.  That turned out to be a steal, as not only was it a player who generated over five digits of yards, but it was a pick that the Jags got from Buffalo.  All…
In 2022, Tony Boselli accomlished what we knew he would always do.  That was the year he became the first Jaguar to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Mark Brunell was the backup for Brett Favre for two seasons in Green Bay, but when you backup a superstar who will play through any amount of pain, you are not going to see any action.  He was traded to Jacksonville for their inaugural season, and the Jags had their first Quarterback.  He was also a good one!
Maurice Jones-Drew was a second round pick from UCLA in 2006, and in his first three seasons in Pro Football, he did well.  While he never had a year in that time period where he reached 1,000 Rushing Yards, he had 34 Rushing Touchdowns, which was a good number in any three-year stretch.
Playing his entire career with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Brad Meester was a 2nd Round Pick from Northern Iowa who would secure a long career in Pro Football.
Keenan McCardell played his first four years in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns, and he saw a lot more playing time in his final season there (1995), where he had 56 Receptions.  McCardell would sign with the Jaguars in 1996, and he would play there for six seasons and would have the best run of his career.
A 2nd Round Pick from Bethune-Cookman, Rashean Mathis became a starting Cornerback as a rookie in 2003.  Mathis had a tumultuous rookie season, but he moved permanently to Left Cornerback, and over the next few years, he was in that second tier of DBs in the NFL. 
The Jaguars chose Marcus Stroud of the University of Georgia with their 13th overall pick in 2001, and he learned his craft coming off the bench in his rookie year.  That would not be the case in 2002 as he became a starting Defensive Tackle (usually on the left side), and from 2002 to 2007, he never appeared in a…
Calais Campbell played the first nine seasons of his career with the Arizona Cardinals, where he was twice a Pro Bowl Selection. He signed with the Jaguars at the age of 31, so it was not expected that he would exceed what he did in the desert, but that was precisely what he accomplished in Florida.
What is John Henderson best known for?  Probably for having a trainer slap him hard in the face to get motivated for a game.  That might be the most common image of Henderson, but there were a lot of great moments that the mammoth Defensive Tackle had with the Jaguars.
Playing his entire career with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tony Brackens would start 75 of the 107 Games that he played.
A product of East Carolina, David Garrard was drafted in the 4th Round of 2002, and it was the intent for him to back up Mark Brunell.  That lasted a year, as Jacksonville drafted Byron Leftwich, and he backed him up until he won his job during the 2006 season.  Garrard would take the Jags to the 2007 playoffs, and…
Daryl Smith became a starter in his rookie season (2004) when the second round pick proved his worth at Linebacker.  From the next season on, Smith usually played at Middle Linebacker, and he would have two seasons where he would record 107 Combined Tackles (2009 & 2011). 
An All-American from Illinois, Kevin Hardy, was drafted second overall by Jacksonville in 1996.  Hardy was an immediate starter, and the Linebacker would be an All-Rookie, helping Jacksonville reach the AFC Conference Final. 
Paul Posluszny made a name for himself with the Buffalo Bills, but he would exceed that output in Jacksonville, where he would spend the last seven seasons of his career.
There have been some who have stated that Marcedes Lewis was a bit of disappointment, but was he really?
A two-time All-American and BCS Champion with Florida State, Jalen Ramsey was the highest selected Cornerback in the 2016 Draft when Jacksonville chose him fifth overall. 
Sandwiched between four years at the beginning with the Indianapolis Colts, and four years at the end of his career with the Atlanta Falcons, Mike Peterson played at Linebacker for six seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars.