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DDT (AKA Darryl Tahirali) is a freelance writer living in Orange County, California. Originally from Canada, DDT enjoys writing about music, baseball, and other areas of Western pop culture from the tasteful to the trashy. DDT can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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DDT - 18:16

RIP Pat Quinn (1943-2014), former NHL defenseman, coach, member of the induction committee for the Hockey Hall of Fame. At the blue line and behind the boards for eternity now.

DDT - 16:54

Hall of Fame drummer for AC/DC Phil Rudd charged with attempting to arrange a murder in New Zealand. Someone has to say it: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"?

Committee Chairman - 05:53

I actually felt bad for Palmeiro...i don;t know why. He always seemed like such a sad figure. Like a barking puppy for attention As for A-Rod, there is nothing likeable about him.

DDT - 22:38

Rafael Palmeiro is gone from the ballot after four rounds. Who else has 3000+ hits and 500+ HR? Aaron, Mays, Murray--all first-ballot HoFers . . .

Committee Chairman - 19:30

I could see him not even making the second ballot.

DDT - 19:03

Alex Rodriguez admits to using PEDs as part of Biogenesis investigation; used from 2010 to 2012. Wave Hall of Fame bye-bye, A-Rod. Voters will have long memories of this one.

DDT - 16:15

Exciting World Series--way to go, Giants! Definitely a potential Hall of Fame pitcher in Madison Bumgarner--only 25 and already a legend. Stay healthy + stay brilliant = HoFer.

DDT - 20:04

RIP: Jack Bruce (1943-2014), died October 25 at age 71 of liver disease. Hall of Fame singer-bassist with Cream. Pioneer, virtuoso, idiosyncratic solo artist--a singular talent. Very sad loss.

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Barry Bonds: "Induction Coming…

25-11-2014 Hits:22 Not in Hall of Fame News Committee Chairman - avatar Committee Chairman

Barry Bonds: "Induction Coming"

As you may have already heard (and if you are visiting this website, we strongly suspect that they you have) the Baseball Hall of Fame has officially issued their Hall...

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