Playing games is something that many of us did as children, so for adults, it can often bring up nostalgia and happy memories. Many adults are happy to participate in games now, as they are a great way to spend your leisure time and there are tons of different games available that are suitable for all ages. Whether you are burned out from working too often and never having any fun, or simply want to try something new for entertainment and winding down in your life, there are tons of different games to play with something to suit everybody. In addition to being a great way to spend your free time, many games also provide an excellent and easy opportunity to meet new people since people of different ages can play together and join different communities. Here are just some of the main ways that you can benefit from playing games. 

Avoid Burnout

If you have a hectic schedule and find that you always seem to be working, taking the time to play games and set aside free time to do something for yourself can help you avoid feeling exhausted and burned out. Many games can be a great way to relax and have some fun when you have a busy and hectic working life. No matter whether you enjoy playing online casino games, first-person shooter console games, strategy games or even board games, having something to play can help you achieve a better work-life balance and make it easier for you to wind down rather than working all the time. 

Reduce Stress

There have been several studies to suggest that playing online games can be an ideal way to reduce stress and anxiety. Playing a poker tournament, for example, gives you something that you can focus on rather than thinking about whatever is stressing you out at the time. It gives you a break from your stressors and provides a distraction when you need it the most. In fact, one study found that people with severe anxiety or PTSD might even be able to avoid the symptoms of a panic attack by turning their attention to a game when they feel one coming on. Online casino games that involve strategy like blackjack or poker can help give you a sense of control and provide you with an outlet to channel that stress when you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed. Check out to find out more about the different online casino games available and where you can play them. Online Casinos offers a lot of information on the best casino sites and apps to play at in the UK, including details about security, reputation, games, bonuses, payment methods and more to help you choose one that will work well for you. 

Improve Physical Health

Some games are ideal for helping you get up and get moving even when you don’t feel like working out. Going to the gym can sometimes be boring and sometimes you might need something a little bit more fun and interactive to encourage you to move your body and get some exercise. The good news is that there are plenty of games to help with this. Pokémon Go is a popular game not only with fans of the Pokémon franchise, but also among those who enjoy the fact that this game gets them outside and walking around as they try to catch all the Pokémon in their local area. If you want to stay at home, there are plenty of games and consoles that you can use to take part in active sports games or virtual reality games where you’ll need to get up and move your body to win. 

Improve Cognitive Function

Many studies have found that playing certain games can actually help to improve cognitive function in people of all ages. This can often be especially useful for older adults who may be suffering from the natural cognitive decline that comes with age. Strategy games are especially useful for brain training, whether you are playing card games, Tetris, Sudoku, or any other games that get you thinking. Bingo, a popular game where players need to look out for certain numbers being called out to fill up a line or card and win, has been shown to have lots of cognitive function benefits – perhaps one of the main reasons why it’s often seen as a game that older people love to play. 

Improve Your Social Life

Lacking in a social life can have many negative impacts on your health as a whole, but especially your mental health. Even if you would describe yourself as quite an introverted person, people are naturally wired for connection and we all need some kind of a social life in order to survive. Loneliness can often be one of the biggest causes of depression and it can sometimes make the symptoms of other mental health concerns, such as social anxiety, even worse to deal with. On the other hand, spending more time with like-minded people has been proven to improve our mental and physical health in many different ways. Gaming is a great way to spend time with others, and is especially good for introverts or people with social anxiety who might not feel comfortable going out to meet other people in person, and prefer the option of being able to socialise and make new friends through games online. 

Improved Vision

The idea of sitting too close to the TV or computer monitor negatively affecting your health is something that has been around for a while. You might remember your parents telling you that you’d ‘get square eyes’ if you watched too much TV. The good news is that, today, when playing the majority of video games, you do not need to get that close to the screen. Even when playing on a smartphone, the screens are larger and easier to see. Studies have found that computer gaming can actually improve your vision by forcing you to look for details on the screen and notice different colours. 

Playing games isn’t just a fun pastime – it can also have plenty of benefits for your mental and physical health. 

Pro Football Players. 

No one can deny that Football is probably the most loved sport in the US. We all love watching it, betting on it, and keeping up to date on how our favorite pro football players are doing. However, some superstars and much loved celebs have had a career in Pro Football at one time or another, and who can blame them, who doesn’t want to have a chance on the field. 

As much as it is a very loved sport, this sport is also probably the heaviest bet on sport in America, which means it is a big buck game, with fantastic sites like giving you all you need to win some cash on the next big game. You can place bets on who will win, by how much, and you can even bet on more player specific factors. 

The real question is, how many of today’s stars had a football career?

Phil Robertson. 

You may know this man from the popular reality television series ‘Duck Dynasty’. However, while he was in high school, he had the opportunity to attend Louisiana Tech in Ruston as a quarterback on a Football scholarship in the late 60s. He played the first-string quarterback for the Bulldogs, ahead of Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. He was considered to be a top prospect for the NFL, but instead he chose to follow his true passion, hunting. 

Mark Harmon.

You may know his man for his famous performance as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS. However, he is also the son of the former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Tom Harmon. His father was the first overall selection by the Chicago Bears in the 41 draft. He declined their offer and instead played for the New York Americans in the American Football League. 

Mark followed in the footsteps of his father when he was in college, where he played the same position for UCLA for about two years. In 73, he received the National Football Foundation's Award for All-Around Excellence. However, when graduated, he pursued a career in law and then became a very successful actor. 

Ed O’Neill. 

Ed is best known for his role as the main character on ‘Married… with Children’. He earned two Golden Globe nominations for this sitcom alone, and many fans will also remember his role as Jay Pritchett in ‘Modern Family’. 

However, before he became an actor, he attended Ursuline High School and earned a football scholarship at Ohio University, he then earned an invitation to the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp in 69. Yet, he didn’t make the cut. 

Terry Crews. 

Terry is well known for his role in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ as well as some commercials. He earned an Art Excellence scholarship, followed by a full-ride athletic scholarship as a footballer at Western Michigan University. He played a major role in his team, WMU Broncos, Mid-American Conference Championship victory in 88. Furthermore, he also signed with the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams in 91. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Before Dwayne made his title as a real Hollywood superstar, he was crushing on the gridiron for the Miami Hurricanes. He played on the defensive line and was part of the 91 squad that won the national title- a team that also included the future Pro Football Hall of Fame player Warren Sapp. 

He did not get drafted into the NFL, and he spent some time with the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League. He leveraged the experience in his HBO series ‘Ballers’ in which he portrayed a star NFL player transitioning into a financial management career. 

Of course, ‘The Rock’ was also known for being one of WWE’s biggest starts. Football was not his only sporting stardom prior to his acting career. 

Burt Reynolds. 

Burt Reynolds became a big movie star, however, things would be very different if he stuck to his first career- football. He was first team all-state at Palm Beach high school, and he went on to play running back at Florida State. He was injured during his freshman year and was then later in a car accident that aggravated this injury, which ended any chance for him to have a football future. He finished his time with the Seminoles with just 146 rushing yards and two touchdowns, however, he still has a spot in the Florida State Hall of Fame. He later got a chance to combine his acting passions with his football passions in ‘The Longest Yard’. 

The Preakness Stakes is one of the three legs of the Triple Crown Series. It is dubbed as the "Run for the Black-Eyed Susans". Only 14 horses can compete in the Preakness, and their previous race results determine their eligibility. 

The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans has featured the fastest and strongest horses of their generation. That’s why many bet the preakness stakes online along with the other legs in the Triple Crown Series. Unfortunately, at the same time, it has exhibited the most disappointing upsets in its history. In case you’ve missed them, here's the list of the saddest upsets in Preakness Stakes.

Charismatic Vs. Menifee (1999)

Menifee finished second in the Kentucky Derby, barely a neck behind the champion Charismatic.  But, he had a lot of support in the 1999 Preakness Stakes, where he was sent out as the morning line favorite at 2–1 in a field of 13 colts and one filly. 

Charismatic won by one and a half lengths beating Menifee, who finished second. The race was completed in 1:55.32 on a fast track. Cat Thief and Vicar claimed the lead early in the race, while Menifee fell into mid-pack at eighth and Charismatic trailed in tenth. Charismatic won by 1 1/2 lengths after making a move on the outside around the second turn. Menifee finished second in the Preakness Stakes.

On the betting odds, Charismatic was the fourth option. However, the race outcome has proved that the window favorites aren't always favored in the track. Charismatic defeated Menifee two consecutive times.

Red Bullet Vs. Fusaichi Pegasus (2000)

In Preakness 2000, Red Bullet, ridden by Jerry Bailey, won by three and three-quarter lengths over Fusaichi Pegasus, who finished second. Fusaichi Pegasus won in 2:01.12 for the 1 14 mile race in Kentucky.

Red Bullet was listed at Pimlico Race Course as the second choice in the 1 3/16 miles classic in Pimlico. Red Bullet, who started from the fourth position, had a slow start in the race. Having passed the stands in seventh place 6 1/2 lengths behind in the field of eight, jockey Jerry Bailey restrained his horse. Red Bullet took an unfortunate stride into the clubhouse turn.  He made his way forward and passed  Impeachment and Captain Steve on the backstretch.  

Fusaichi Pegasus and High Yield were in front when Red Bullet entered the far turn and succeeded in overtaking each of them. Then, with each stride, he started to ace ahead of the Kentucky Derby champion.

Fusaichi Pegasus skipped the Belmont Stakes after his loss in the Preakness.

Bernardini Vs. Barbaro (2006)

The Kentucky Derby 2006 was won by Barbaro. He went on to compete in the Preakness Stakes at odds of 1-2. The Kentucky Derby hero then faltered and slid behind the storming field before being yanked in frustration by jockey Edgar Prado in the first 200 yards of the race to the first turn.

Barbaro, the 1-2 favorite in a field of nine, crashed through the starting gate moments before the race was scheduled to begin. He was driven back into the gate, and the second try went off without a hitch. But, with the horse limping in distress, jockey Edgar Prado pulled Barbaro midway along the front stretch of the 1 3/16-mile race.

On January 29, 2007, Barbaro was euthanized after his vets concluded that he could not be saved.

Bernardini, a 12-1 underdog, won by 5 1/4 lengths in 1:54.65 over the 1 3/16 mile course at Pimlico. Unfortunately, Bernardini didn't participate in the Belmont Stakes. It's the fourth time in 60 years that neither the Kentucky Derby winner nor the Preakness heroes were in the race.

Shackleford Vs. Animal Kingdom (2011)

Animal Kingdom, the Kentucky Derby winner, finished second in the Preakness Stakes in 2011. The Kentucky Derby hero, favored at 2-1, recovered from last to second in the field of 14 horses, finishing second in 1:56.47 as the winner completed the 1 3/16-mile race in 1:56.47.

Shackleford fought for the lead in the Preakness from the start. He followed Flashpoint at first, then took the lead and wouldn't give it up, despite a strong surge by Animal Kingdom. 

Oxbow Vs. Orb (2013)

Orb arrived as the Kentucky Derby favorite in 2013.  Orb had become the center of attention ever since he won the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby champion Orb started the first period in the center of the pack behind leader Oxbow, then moved to the outside and began making a run before being caught back in the pack and finished fourth.

Oxbow led from the start of the 1-3/16 mile race and became the first wire-to-wire champion since 1982. Additionally, he was the third horse to collect $1 million in purse money after finishing second at Belmont Stakes. The National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) recognized him as the top three-year-old racehorse in the United States.

Final Thoughts

The Preakness Stakes is a prestigious race that jockeys and thoroughbreds aspire to win at least once in their careers. While this race has showcased the strongest heroes, it has also featured some of the most dramatic upsets fans will never forget.

Staying entertained is part of leading a happy life, and it relaxes us when enjoying our spare time. The good news is that the modern world and the tech in it now give us more ways to do this than ever! While chatting on social media and streaming the latest movies are great fun, many people like to head online to play casino games and bet on sports. While both these things were not legal in most US states until relatively recently, many now legally allow people within their borders to enjoy them.

New Jersey is an excellent example of this and was a real trailblazer for online casino gaming and sports betting in the USA. In terms of online casino games, the state has many fully legal internet casinos to play at now. Just be sure to check out the website first to find the best ones with the coolest games around. This casino comparison site will also show you the best NJ online casino free money sites to sign up with. 

In the same way that people have always loved to play casino games, sports are also something that many of us cannot live without. Whether you follow basketball, baseball, or football, this is true! As well as simply watching sports, many people also like to bet on them. This has seen the sports betting sector in both the USA and the world grow hugely in the last few years. 

But why do fans love to wager on sporting events? 

Why is betting on sports so popular? 


For those who do not get involved with sports betting, it can often be puzzling as to why people bet on sports. Of course, for dedicated sports fans, this is much easier to understand! Betting on sports allows you to get closer to the action and to feel closer to the teams you back. It also makes watching sports more exciting because you are personally invested in what is happening. 

The simple truth is that people like betting on sports to win money. Although you should always gamble responsibly, this is undoubtedly one thing that individuals find appealing. The other primary reason why sports betting is so popular lies in the sheer number of ways to bet and markets to bet on. The range of choices keeps it exciting and prevents it from getting boring. 

One increasingly popular way to wager on races or games is known as in-play betting. This is where bettors place wagers as the action happens in real-time. But what are the pros and cons of this way of betting on sports?


In-play sports betting – what are the pros?


As noted above, there are many ways you can choose to bet on sports. So, why do many opt for in-play betting? There are several pros which this way of getting closer to games offers. 

Firstly, this type of betting will usually offer the chance to cash out when play is taking place. That allows you to close a winning bet manually and bank any profit – even if the game is still playing or a race is still running. This can help you profit in the long term by taking home winnings when they are on offer and not losing them due to something happening later to scupper your bet. If you back the underdog to win in a soccer game and they score first, cashing out then means you make money even if the other side comes back to beat them. 


In-play betting is also great for making more informed bets on sports. Even with all the best research in the world, placing a bet before the action starts is always a risk. What if the side you back in football contains a player rated as one of the 50 best NFL players by franchise, but they get injured early on? What if a jockey’s mistake causes your horse to lose the race? 

In-play betting allows you to see how the action unfolds and means you can put on a bet from this position of knowledge. It also allows you the flexibility to change strategies as events unfold. In addition to this, in-play betting is simply great fun and offers faster-paced excitement than betting beforehand. 

What are the cons of betting in-play? 


For some sports fans, the fast-paced nature of betting as the action unfolds is too frenetic. If that is the case, it can be a more stressful way to bet. You also must factor in that odds for in-play bets are constantly changing – from shortening to lengthening out. This can sometimes mean you are not quick enough to place your bet and miss out on the odds you want before they change. For this reason, having a speedy internet connection is a must for in-play wagering. 

The changing nature of in-play odds can also see you worse off if you get on the wrong side of the action, compared to placing bets beforehand. A side in the NFL might be showing good value odds to win, but they could drop instantly in-play if they take the lead with only a few minutes left. As a result, you could end up backing the side at worse odds to win than if you put your bet on beforehand. You may also find that fewer games are available to bet in-play and you get so caught up in betting that you do not focus on the action as usual.

In-play betting is one option to consider 


For anyone new to betting on sports, it is vital to consider how you will bet and which markets you will bet on. This will then dictate which strategy you will use in your betting and how you will approach it. In-play betting is a fast-growing way of wagering on sports and has lots to recommend it. As with anything in life, there are a few cons too! With this in mind, it is crucial to understand it before diving in fully.

Of all the US states that have legalized sports betting since the Supreme Court decision of 2018, few have endured as wild a ride as Illinois.

Lawmakers in the state officially approved sports betting back in 2019. By March 2020, physical sportsbooks were open for business, taking bets on the NCAA Tournament, which seemed like an ideal time to launch a betting sector. In a normal year, it would have been. However, 2020 was not a normal year and the fledgling Illinois sports betting sector soon suffered the same fate as other leisure sectors throughout the US.

One problem that was particular to Illinois was the 18-month in-person registration requirement for mobile betting. This required betting fans to register with physical sportsbooks before they could use mobile apps. Fortunately, this was suspended for most of the second half of 2020 and although it has beenreinstated, many Illinois sports fans are now able to bet using their mobiles.


DraftKings established itself thanks to the rise of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) during the 2010s and has been one of the first operators to embrace sports betting, launching its New Jersey platform just three months after the Supreme Court decision. reports that the sportsbook set up operations in Illinois on August 5, 2020, through a partnership with the Casino Queen casino venue. Since then, it has been gaining popularity among sports betting fans thanks to an app that offers competitive promotions such as daily odds boosts and deposit bonuses, all packaged in a sleek and user-friendly design.

William Hill

One of the oldest names in the betting business, with a brand that dates back to 1934, William Hill entered the Illinois market thanks to a deal with the Grand Victoria Casino. Despite being one of the later entrants to the state, it has made significant inroads with Illinois sports bettors.

The William Hill brand needs little introduction, but they are notable for having updated their betting model to adapt to the modern online market, producing an easy to use betting app that is clear and free of clutter, and offering access to an impressive variety of betting markets, including a strong live betting section and access to stats and data to help bettors plan their wagers.


FanDuel is the main rival to DraftKings in the DFS sector and has taken a similarly proactive approach to getting a piece of the sports betting market. It was able to gain a foothold in Illinois through an arrangement with the Par-A-Dice Casino and has developed a strong following.

The FanDuel sportsbook is one of the most aesthetically pleasing betting platforms available to Illinois customers. The platform provides an easy-to-use navigation system and an impressive welcome bonus. A great site forfootball fans and newcomers, FanDuel’s app has certainly caught on with Illinois fans.


Powered by betting industry titan Rush Street Interactive, BetRivers has the distinction of being the first Illinois sportsbook to go live, launching on June 18, 2020, following the Rush Street Rivers Casino Des Plaines being the first retail betting location to go live, on March 9, 2020.

The BetRivers app provides a handy $250 first deposit match for new customers. The app has been successfully deployed in a number of other states, notably in the thriving betting markets of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. While not as flashy as the mobile platforms produced by some of its rivals, this app provides a solid and reliable sports betting platform.


PointsBet, which was founded in Australia in 2017, doesn’t have the highest profile among the US sports betting fraternity, but that is changing. The company was relatively unknown when it entered the New Jersey market, but it soon proved to be extremely popular and has been able to extend its brand to Illinois, thanks to a deal with Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero.

PointsBet have been able to earn a strong reputation with Illinois sports betting customers thanks to their excellent marketing, which includes a range of promotions, including bad beat refunds, odds boosts and other user-friendly deals.

This app is also popular thanks to the innovative PointsBetting system. This offers bettors the chance to risk and win more on a bet, based on the extent to which their selection wins or loses, combining traditional sports betting with some of the strengths of spread betting.


Illinois is one of the most significant sports betting states in the US and is well served by a number of top sports betting apps, giving bettors a wide and varied selection of wagering platforms.

There have been some incredible franchises over the years. The Pittsburgh Steelers were the most successful team in history, the Green Bay Packers swapped one Hall of Fame quarterback for another, and the New England Patriots were hated across the country.

Success breeds jealousy, but it also encourages head coaches and players to up their expectations. The Kansas City Chiefs are the franchise that has stepped up to the plate in the last five years due to their incredible performances. They have been so good that they are now the NFL’s next ruling dynasty and may sit on the throne for decades.

No Letting Up  

Like all the great locker rooms, Kansas City has no desire to ease off the throttle and lose momentum. Sure, the Chiefs lost the Super Bowl to Tampa Bay, yet you can be sure they’ll try and rewrite that mistake this time out. The American football odds already rank them as the +450 favorites ahead of the Buccaneers at +700.  

When you look at what Andy Reid’s men have achieved since 2016, it’s an inevitable conclusion. The Chiefs added a fifth consecutive AFC West title in 2020, around six weeks before losing out in Super Bowl LV. The season before, Patrick Mahomes famously led a revival to beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 and claim Super Bowl LIV.

Add the 2019 AFC Championship game to that and it’s clear that Kansas City has the drive to challenge for honors for the foreseeable future. Recent history proves it beyond doubt.  

Hall of Famers  

What makes the Chiefs a fantastic football team is the people they have in the most important places of the franchise. NFL franchises always need to be loaded in offense and defense, as Green Bay highlighted last term, and patient owners are always welcome. However, the key positions are head coach and QB.  

In Kansas City and the entire state, supporters look at the two men and see greatness. Andy Reid is already a Hall of Famer in everyone’s eyes, even if the NFL hasn’t made it official yet. Mahomes, on the other hand, has transcended the quarterback position with his incredibly powerful arm and ability to hit moving targets on the run.

Of course, Mahomes is a legacy quarterback with a full career at his mercy. However, Reid is only 63 and may easily have another decade at the top level, health permitting. To put it into perspective, Mahomes is the +450 favorite for the MVP award, while Reid is +2200 to be the Coach of the Year.  

Strong Competition

Competition is what forces franchises like the Kansas City Chiefs to milk every ounce of talent out of the roster. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are legends of the game that lead the chasing pack, but it’s the host of young players that will ensure Reid and Mahomes keep their eyes on the ball.  

The Buffalo Bills, who are +1100 third favorites for the Super Bowl title, have Josh Allen and will be contenders for years because of him. Lamar Jackson’s combination of throwing and rushing skills has the Ravens holding their breath this season, whereas Kyler Murray could transform the Arizona Cardinals’ fortunes.

These men are threats to the dominance of Patrick Mahomes, yet you can bet the Chiefs won’t shirk the responsibility. Instead, they’ll rise to the pressure and take on every contender that steps up to the plate.

The NFL has an array of excellent football teams, many of which can string together a Super Bowl-winning run. Overall, though, it’s the current Chiefs’ roster that appears as if it’ll go down in the annals of history.

The Toronto Blue Jays are bidding for their first World Series title since 1993. There is confidence within the Canadian city that their long wait for the major prize could end this year.

The Blue Jays, the only team from Canada playing in the Major League Baseball (MLB), have been performing impressively in the American League (AL). They have a winning record of 45-42 (.517), which gives them a strong chance of reaching the playoffs.

Toronto supporters will be hoping their team can go further than they did in 2020. Their World Series dream fell at the first hurdle in the postseason as they were beaten by the number one seeds in the AL, Tampa Bay. The team from Florida went all the way to the World Series where they lost to the LA Dodgers.

The regular season is now well underway and the Blue Jays have MLB odds on bet365 of +2200. Those odds indicate Toronto are not one of the frontrunners for the title. The Dodgers are the favorites in the betting to defend their crown, however, as recent results show, it is no easy feat.

Toronto may enjoy being the underdogs this year. There will be less pressure on their shoulders if they do reach the playoffs. When successful in 1992 and 1993, they were the fourth seeds in the AL, so maybe avoiding one of the top seeds could prove advantageous.

Stats Suggest Toronto Are Better Than Record Indicates

Home runs have not been a problem for the Blue Jays so far in 2021. As of the halfway stage in the regular season, no team in the AL has scored more. If that continues, they are going to prove a dangerous match for any team in the MLB.

Another strong guide for assessing a team's performance on the field is the difference between home runs scored and conceded. Toronto has a +79 record. This would indicate they are a little unfortunate to have a .517 record. If they continue to score so strongly, that percentage should improve.

Their first aim will be to try to win the AL East division. They currently trail Boston Red Sox (604) and Tampa Bay (.589). The series against those two rivals will prove crucial in determining who lands the title.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Is the Man Who Can Fire Toronto To Success

The standout performer for Toronto in 2021 has been Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He has had an outstanding season with the bat. He was named in the AL’s All-Star team where he was the starting first baseman.

Guerrero Jr, a son of the MLB’s Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero Sr, leads the league in On-Base Plug Slugging (OBS). He is one of only three players who are over 1.0 in 2021 along with Shohei Ohtani and Fernando Tatis Jr.

The 22-year-old has an exciting future in the league. Blue Jays fans will be hoping he helps deliver a lot of success with the Canadian franchise, including at the end of the current campaign.

This year’s World Series begins on October 26 and if a seventh game of the series is needed, that will take place on November 3. 

You may be wondering what a professional footballer does with their free time, when they spend the majority of their days on the pitch or at the training ground. Well, it turns out, many of them are just like the rest of us, enjoying their downtime by playing games. Be it video games, PC or even casino games, here’s our list of 5 pro footballers who absolutely love gaming.

1.     Jesse Lingard

Kicking off the list (no pun intended) is Jesse Lingard. The England and West Ham midfielder is an avid video gamer who spends a major portion of his free time playing console games like FIFA and Call of Duty. In an interview at his parent club, Manchester United, Lingard reported that he only got into gaming after a disappointing cup final defeat in 2018. He also revealed that he isn’t the only Red Devil to enjoy online gaming, as Marcus Rashford, Dan James and Paul Pogba regularly join him to play Call of Duty: Warzone.

2.     Neymar

PSG superstar Neymar is one of the biggest gamers in world football, playing on both consoles and PC. In fact, he even has custom computers built for him. The left-winger has a whole host of games in his repertoire, including Pro Evolution Soccer, GTA and Fortnite. Recently, he actually became a playable character in the viral battle royale game! This collaboration comes as little surprise, as Neymar has always been a huge fan of the game, even playing on live streams with professional gamers like Ninja.

3.     Cristiano Ronaldo

Yes, that’s right, one of the greatest footballers of all time is a huge fan of games. Not the type you of games you might be thinking of, however. While others may spend their time on a PC or console, Cristiano Ronaldo is much more comfortable at the poker table. While he generally keeps his love of casino games private, the Juventus forward is known for promoting events and tournaments for popular poker companies. If you want to give similar casino games a try, check out online casino Canada for a variety of exciting options.

4.     Antoine Griezmann

Another player with a knack for video games is FC Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann. The French international is an enthusiastic console gamer, and has even become a part of Team Xbox. As part of the collaboration, Griezmann was given a personalized Xbox Series X, which he used to play games like FIFA and Fortnite.

5.     Gerard Piqué

Another player who loves to try his hand at the poker table is Spanish defender Gerard Piqué. In fact, he’s actually very skilled at the game. He is said to be as adept as some professionals, often taking part in high-level events like the World Series of Poker. He truly demonstrated his prowess by winning over £300,000 (over $400,000) at the European Poker Tour in Barcelona – a high-stakes game with a considerable £22k buy-in. 

So, there you have it. Professionals on the field, but definitely amateurs on a console, these five footballers are living proof that gaming is for anyone and everyone.

When it comes to American Football, or any sport for that matter, there are always certain positions that get all the credit whilst others do an important, less recognized role for the team. 

In American Football, the safety is the role that flies under the radar. Not today. Here we look at the top safeties in NFL history. 

Number 5. Steve Atwater

Kicking off our top five safeties of all time is Steve Atwater. Now, you might think of Atwater as a linebacker but, make no mistake, he was a safety; his style of play, however, was linebacker-esque. He made an immediate impact on the Denver Broncos when he was drafted back in 1989. The Arkansas grad catapulted their run defence and instantly set about making tackle after tackle. 

There was a four year stretch where he averaged 149 tackles a season; that’s a simply crazy haul when you compare to the tackle average of safeties in the modern game. His career was capped off with a Super Bowl win.

Number 4. Brian Dawkins

We were tempted to put Brian Dawkins higher on this list purely for his intensity and impact. The Eagles legend was an absolutely fantastic leader who wasn’t afraid to make the big tackle or the rough hit. A lot of the advantages that his team got with him isn’t even on the score sheet either; that makes him ten times more valuable. 

That said his stats aren’t to be ignored; he had 37 career interceptions and 1,118 tackles that earned him nine Pro Bowl nods and four First Team honours. Very few in the game can rival Dawkins’ passion and drive. 

Number 3. Ed Reed

What can you say about Ed Reed? In truth, maybe not much. What you can say though is that he was an outstanding safety. Reed was overshadowed at times due to the impact of Ray Lewis at the linebacker position. 

Many though would say it was Reed that truly kept the defence together. He was constantly flying around the field to make big hits and snag interceptions at crucial times. 

Those qualities earned him the Defensive Player of the Year award back in 2004; it made him the first safety to scoop the award in two decades. On top of that, he also made the Pro Bowl nine times and led the league in interceptions on three different occasions. 

Number 2. Troy Polamalu

It’s hard to imagine anybody playing the way that two-time Super Bowl winner Troy Polamalu did back when he was on the football field. He played with a tremendous amount of heart and was a stalwart in the Pittsburgh Steelers side between 2003 and 2014. 

Polamalu had a trademark hit on him and when it came to the passing game he’d zip around to acrobatically make interceptions that often looked impossible. 

Despite being one of the shortest players for the safety position, his impact and loyalty to Pittsburgh mean he deservedly goes down as one of the best safeties in NFL history.

Number 1. Ronnie Lott

On our number 1, we have to disagree with TwinSpires list of the Top 10 Safeties in NFL history. They put Lott in second, but for us he tops the list. Lott is the epitome of a fearless leader. His reading of plays made it seem as if he was always one step ahead of the opposing team. 

He knew exactly when to wrap up a fast playmaker and when to stand up and lay him out. Lott bounced around teams donning the colours of five different franchises, but it didn’t damage his reputation. 

Across his career he had 63 interceptions and returned five of them for touchdowns. Finally, how can you talk about Lott and fail to mention the fact that he literally chose to amputate a broken finger just so he could return to the game and continue playing; absolutely insane.  

There you have it, the best safeties in NFL history. Did we miss anyone? Let us know.

Casinos are places in which we should only be focused on our entertainment by the table or slot machine. To keep it that way we need to choose a good casino, because only if the place is proper, we can relax and enjoy our time without worrying about anything else. So, what are the features of a good in-site casino?

Professional croupiers and customer service employees

Finishing a dealing course is not a big deal, but it takes professionals to master all the moves and strategies of dealing. They know how to calculate the odds, figure out what cards will be drawn next and make sure that the game flows smoothly. Professional dealers help us feel comfortable, we trust that they count our payouts properly and there is no one in the room trying to cheat us. 

Casino employees also need to know how to keep casinos clean, they take care of glass and make sure that everything looks good and smells nice. They are taught to be elegant, nice and always with a smile on their faces. It is hard work since not every customer is calm and nice, especially when some of them are drunk. 

Interior design that suits you

Casinos differ from each other, some are small and cozy to play in while others are huge with hundreds of tables. Some have luxurious rooms with the mirrors on the walls or crystal chandeliers hanging above your head while others are rather dark and full with cigarette smoke. More modern casinos might be packed with neon lights and made in galaxy style. The most important thing that you need to be careful about when choosing a casino is how comfortable you feel in it.  If a basement-like small casino is not your cup of tea, find one that is more spacious and brighter inside.

Balance between quality and price

Casinos can be on every level of luxury you can imagine, but it comes with a price. Everything is good when the price is well-balanced taking quality of service into consideration, because then it is you who decides which casino you can afford to go into. The problem might be when the casino only seems to be luxurious and the price is high, but in fact the level of service is poor and you are unsatisfied.

Number of people

Whether you are entering a new place or entering it again, there is always that feeling of anxiety and nervousness. What if I win? What will happen then? Or what if I lose all my money? If you do not like that kind of stress, go into the casino when there are less people in it. On the other hand if you enjoy this buzz of crowd inside, choose a busy one during some fine night. 

If you see a casino that is constantly empty, that is a red flag for you. 

Violent gamblers are out

This feature is important since some gamblers can become hostile towards others while losing or getting drunk. You need to be sure that they are going to be moved out of the establishment by security to keep you safe while gambling. This should also involve kicking out even richer gamblers while they are getting too aggressive towards their competitors or dealers. 

Chips are well-secured

There are not many casinos in which you can play with real money anymore. That is why chips were invented. Chips are credits which can be exchanged in the casino for cash. When gambling with chips, you can lose as much as you want and still come out without losing your money. 

The best casinos have chips which cannot be copied and any attempt to do so is immediately noticed and the person responsible for this will not get away with it. Also, there should be a system that does not allow stealing of chips by people pretending to leave but in fact stay close enough in the casino.

Clean and tidy

Environment is also an important aspect of a good casino. Clean gaming floor isn't a characteristic of every casino out there. During gambling people spill drinks, smoke cigarettes and that is how the whole room might get sticky. A good casino is always clean and tidy including bathrooms that might be another part of the casino hard to keep clean during gaming nights. Drunk gamblers and massive numbers of people coming to casinos every night may create quite a mess and working janitors have hard times keeping it clean.

For a good casino, the gaming floor has to be tidy all the time and that is easy to check in person before you drop your money there.

Been opened for long time

When a casino is open several years it means that the business model behind it works and owners know what they're doing. You need to be cautious with freshly opened establishments since they have to earn your trust first and it is not easy.

Have a good marketing team that provides fresh promotions, daily bonus offers and news from the world of casino gambling

This will keep you intrigued, interested and coming back more often. Promotions are a way to make new customers and maintain loyalty programs for existing ones.