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DDT - 16:15

Exciting World Series--way to go, Giants! Definitely a potential Hall of Fame pitcher in Madison Bumgarner--only 25 and already a legend. Stay healthy + stay brilliant = HoFer.

DDT - 20:04

RIP: Jack Bruce (1943-2014), died October 25 at age 71 of liver disease. Hall of Fame singer-bassist with Cream. Pioneer, virtuoso, idiosyncratic solo artist--a singular talent. Very sad loss.

DDT - 16:25

RIP Johnny Winter, dead at 70, cause not known at this time. Fine, pioneering guitarist who is in the Blues Hall of Fame, and deservedly so. "Rock and Roll, Hootchie Koo," Johnny.

DDT - 16:45

RIP: Tony Gwynn, dead from salivary-gland cancer at age 54. Cherish your memories of this great Hall of Famer.

bojanthebest - 23:31

Congrats to Oscar De La Hoya for getting into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

bojanthebest - 06:03

Congrats to Ronnie Milsap. Some reason I can't read the main articles.

Committee Chairman - 06:25

Saw this today....a must read IMO: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/10261642/mlb-hall-fame-voting-steroid-era

DDT - 02:01

Baseball's newest HoFers: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas. Craig Biggio is hurting: 74.78 percent! PEDs guys still being punished; bye-bye, Rafael Palmeiro. Not a travesty like last year.

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RIP: Bob Geigel

31-10-2014 Hits:13 Not in Hall of Fame News Committee Chairman - avatar Committee Chairman

RIP: Bob Geigel

It was announced yesterday that former wrestler and promoter, Bob Geigel passed away due to Alzheimer’s Disease.  He was 90 years old. Geigel attended the University serving his country in...

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    Essentially the vehicle for Frank Tovey, Fad Gadget created experimental New Wave music that touched on the early boundaries of Industrial. Using untypical sounds combined with a stage act that utilized bizarre performance art pieces, the music of Fad Gadget was a creepy journey of dark humor that certainly was not for everyone. Chances are; Frank Tovey would not have…
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