Was I Entertained? (16)

Review: Dracula (2020)


Claes Bang                                Dracula

Dolly Wells                               Sister Agatha/Zoe Helsing

Morfydd Clark                           Mina

John Heffernan                         Jonathan Harker

Review: Messiah (2020)


Michelle Monaghan                  Eva Geller

Mehdi Dehbi                             Al-Masih

John Ortiz                                 Felix

Tomer Sisley                             Aviram Dahan

Melinda Hamilton                     Anna Iguero

Stefania Owen                          Rebecca Iguero

Sayyid El Alami                          Jibril Medina

Fares Landoulsi                         Samir

Philip Baker Hall                        Kelman Katz


Jennifer Lawrence                     Dominika Egorova

Joel Edgerton                            Nate Nash

Matthias Schoenaerts               Vanya Egorova

Mary Louise Parker                   Stephanie Boucher

Ciaran Hinds                             Zakharov

Jeremy Irons                             General Korchnoi


Robert De Niro             Frank Sheeran

Al Pacino                     Jimmy Hoffa

Joe Pesci                     Russell Bufalino

Harvey Keitel               Angelo Bruno

Ray Romano                Bill Bufalino

Bobby Cannavale        Skinny Razor

Anna Paquin                Older Peggy Sheeran

Stephen Graham         Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano

Review: Rampage (2018)


Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson                  Davis Okoye

Naomie Harris                                         Dr. Kate Caldwell

Malin Akerman                                        Claire Wyden

Jeffery Dean Morgan                               Harvey Russell

Jake Lacy                                                Brett Wyden

Jason Liles                                              George (The Gorilla)

Review: Hostiles (2017)


Christian Bale                Captain Joseph J. Blocker

Rosamund Pike             Rosalee Quaid

Rory Cochrane              Master Sgt Thomas Metz

Stephen Lang                Colonel Abraham Biggs

Wes Studi                       Chief Yellow Hawk

Jesse Plemons               Lt Rudy Kidder

Adam Beach                 Black Hawk

Ben Foster                    Philip Wills


 Chris Hemsworth                     Thor

Tom Hiddleston                        Loki

Cate Blanchett                          Hela

Idris Elba                                  Heimdall

Jeff Goldblum                           Grandmaster

Tessa Thompson                       Valkyrie

Karl Urban                                Skurge

Mark Ruffalo                             Bruce Banner/Hulk

Anthony Hopkins                      Odin

Benedict Cumberbatch              Doctor Strange

Taika Waititi                             Korg (Voice)

Review: Hangman (2017)


Al Pacino                      Ray Archer

Karl Urban                    Detective Will Ruiney

Brittany Snow               Christi Davies

Joe Anderson                Hangman          

Sarah Shahi                   Captain Watson


Tom Hanks                   Bailey

Emma Watson              Mae

Bill Paxton                    Vinnie

Karen Gillan                  Annie

Patton Oswalt               Stenton


Jamie Lee Curtis                        Lynda Drysdale

Don Johnson                             Richard Drysdale

Christopher Plummer                Harlan Thrombey

Michael Shannon                      Walt Thrombey

Katherine Langford                   Meg Thrombey

Jaeden Martell                          Jacob Thrombey

Riki Lindhome                           Donna Thrombey

Danial Craig                              Benoit Blanc

Chris Evans                               Ransom Drysdale

Ana De Armas                           Marta Cabrera

Toni Collette                             Joni Thrombey

This week was a little change from the norm; instead of putting in one of the blu-rays that I had bought over the years and still had not watched, we decided to go to the movies. This was primarily due to the fact that we had some free passes! Now, as I have mentioned previously, my wife and I are retired, so we are on a “fixed income” so when we get free passes, we hoard them until such a time that we find something worthwhile to watch on the big screen at the Cineplex!


Liam Neeson                 Michael MacCauley

Vera Farmiga                Joanna

Patrick Wilson                Alex Murphy

Jonathan Banks             Walt

Sam Neill                       Captain Hawthorne

Elizabeth McGovern      Karen MacCauley

Review: Criminal (2016)


Tommy Lee Jones          Dr. Franks

Ryan Reynolds              Bill Pope

Gal Gadot                     Jill Pope

Gary Oldman                Quaker Wells

Kevin Costner                Jerico Stewart

Michael Pitt                  Jan Strook (aka The Dutchman)


Woody Harrelson            Chief Willoughby

Frances McDormand     Mildred

Sam Rockwell                Dixon

Review: Last Flag Flying (2017)


Bryan Cranston              Sal Nealon

Laurence Fishburne       Reverend Richard Mueller

Steve Carell                    Larry “Doc” Shepherd

Review of: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

Main Cast

Spencer      Dwayne Johnson/Alex Wolff

Fridge         Kevin Hart/Ser”Darius Blain

Bethany      Jack Black/Madison Iseman

Martha        Karen Gillan/Morgan Turner

Nigel           Rhys Darby

Van Pelt      Bobby Cannavale

Alex            Nick Jonas

Well, my little brother aka “The Chairman” has been after me for years to contribute to his website (NotinHalloffame.com). As I am not really a sports aficionado, I always felt that I did not have a view or opinion to place in this forum. However, after many, and I mean many years of persistence and continued demonstrations that this is not only for those fans of various sports and music, but also a home for many disparate reviews, commentaries and discussions, I have relented and decided to provide a contribution.