MMA Stuff with Anabel (2)

“It was successful and finally it was like my mind matched my body. I had become the person I felt was inside of me all along." those are the words of Fallon Fox, the Queen of Swords and the first MMA fighter to open up as a transgender individual. It is not that hard to identify on a spiritual level with the concept of finding one's self. But what if your body is the only missing key in discovering your true physical and psychical potential? This article is meant to bring up some of the most empowering stories of people that got tired of carrying a life that was not theirs in fact and decided to take drastic decisions in order to achieve their goals.

In such a tough sport like MMA there is no room for friendship. Or is there? Even though the competition is fierce and all you have as a MMA fighter is yourself, sometimes, these tough ladies find comfort and manage to build real friendships with their opponents. We’ve scanned the MMA roster for such relationships and brought them to you.