2020 Basketball Eligibles

While Jason Richardson was never an All Star, he was a very good player who dazzled fans of the Golden State Warriors with his hustle and intensity.  Richardson was a sweet shooter from behind the arc and in his first season as a member of the Charlotte Bobcats, he would lead the NBA in Three Pointers.  With a career PER of 16.8 and a trio of seasons with a Points per Game average over 20,…
Kenyon Martin (or K-Mart) as he was known as, would emerge as an efficient two way forward in the NBA and put up a few good seasons with the New Jersey Nets and later the Denver Nuggets. Martin would showcase versatility and defensive acumen and was considered one of the better defensive players in the NBA during his tenure.
Tim Duncan was a superstar on the court, but so quiet off of it that as great as he was and as sure he will enter the Basketball Hall on his first ballot, he might be the most underrated player of all time.  We won't do that here as we will actually rank him AHEAD of the more popular Kobe Bryant, who is also a lock for the Hall on his first attempt.
While there have been some valid criticisms of Kobe Bryant one thing can never be argued is his intense desire to win.
Kevin Garnett was the first player drafted in twenty years to come from prep to pro.  There were many who were concerned that this was too far a leap for anyone to make.  They needn’t have worried.