Top 50 New York Mets

There was a time when New York City had three teams, the Giants, the Dodgers and the Yankees but they were left with one when California baseball claimed the first two.  The Big Apple is certainly large enough to handle a second team and the Mets came to fruition in 1962.

The Mets were dreadful through the 60’s but the “Miracle Mets” shocked the world and won the World Series in 1969.  They would return in 1973, though in a losing effort and another long period where they were not competitive, but by the late 80’s they enjoyed a resurgence and would win their second World Series in 1986.

This would be the last World Series that New York would win but they did win the NL Pennant in 2000 and 2015.

Note: Baseball lists are based on an amalgamation of tenure, traditional statistics, advanced statistics, playoff statistics and post-season accolades.  This is a list up to the end of the 2022 Season.
Two players have entered the Baseball Hall of Fame wearing a New York Mets hat.  Fittingly, Tom Seaver was the first.Prior to the recent induction of Ken Griffey Jr., Seaver entered Cooperstown with the highest percentage from the voters, which considering he was one of the greatest Starting Pitchers that ever lived was fitting.  While he did not play his entire career in New York, “Tom Terrific” was at his Hall of Fame best during his years in the Big Apple. 
Granted, there are many who when they hear the name of Dwight Gooden, they think of what might have been.  Saying that there should be (and hopefully are) people who when the Doc’s name comes up remembers the dominating pitcher who for a two year stretch was considered the best in the game and a must watch phenomenon.
If you were to tell someone in the mid-80s heyday of the New York Mets that a player of Jacob deGrom's traditional statistics would be this high on their all-time rank, they would not have believed it.  Of course, it is a different game, and deGrom is a different player.Jacob deGrom got off to a great start with New York, winning the Rookie of the Year in 2011.  deGrom went to his first All-Star Game in 2015 and was seventh in Cy Young voting when he had a season of 14 Wins with 205 Strikeouts and a sub-1.000 WHIP.  2016 was…
Spending his entire career with the New York Mets, Third Baseman, David Wright would go to seven All-Star Games earning two Gold Gloves and two Silver Sluggers.  Wright would be viewed as a complete player during his career and is the all-time New York Mets leader in multiple offensive statistics.  This would be a great career, but he never seemed to be considered among the elite in the National League.
Like Dwight Gooden, the story of Darryl Strawberry should have been greater, but we know the drug issues that he had that affected his career.  Still, it cannot be forgotten what a major star that Strawberry was and the incredible athleticism that he displayed on the field.
It cannot be disputed that Tom Seaver was the ace of the New York Mets staff during the 1969 Miracle Mets season and beyond, but Koosman was the far more effective hurler in the ’69 World Series (he went 2-0 with a 0.623 WHIP) and was also a large reason they got there in the first place. 
When Mike Piazza entered the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2016 he easily could have entered as a Los Angeles Dodger, a team where he had similar statistics and was also a multi-time All-Star and threat for the National League MVP Award.He didn’t.  He entered Cooperstown as a New York Met.
Over his very long career, the six-and-a-half seasons as a New York Met was arguably the best of his career.  Five times he would be named an All-Star as a Met and it was in New York where he posted his best Home Run numbers (41 in 2006) and would earn two Silver Sluggers and three Gold Gloves while playing there.  The Puerto Rican Outfielder would also produce three seasons with 100 Runs Batted In and had four years where he slugged over .500.Statisically, Beltran smacjed 149 Home Runs with 100 Stolen Bases and batted .280.
From the infielding factory of the Dominican Republic, Jose Reyes debuted for the Mets at age 20 in 2003.  Two years later, he was cemented as the team's starting Shortstop.Reyes used his speed expertly on the basepaths.  On four different occasions, Reyes would lead the Natinal League in Triples, and he would have at least 50 Stolen Bases in each year from 2005 to 2008.  The first three of those league-leading SB seasons saw Reyes finish first with phenomenal totals of 60, 64 and 78 repectively.  He wasn't known for his power, but he did have a 19 Home Run…
The National League Rookie of the Year in 1972, Jon Matlack would go to three All-Star Games and was named the All-Star Game MVP in one of them.  Matlack did not win the World Series in 1969 but he did help them get there in 1973.  He would have five straight seasons where he would go over 13 Wins and in 1974 he would also lead the National League in FIP.  Jon Matlack would also lead the NL in Shutouts twice.Matlack overall went 82 and 81 with a 3.03 ERA with the Mets.  The team inducted Matlack to their Hall…
While there were many ups and down of Sid Fernandez during his tenure as a New York Met he was arguably one of the best Starting Pitchers that they have ever had. 
Keith Hernandez had worn out his welcome with the St. Louis Cardinal’s Manager, Whitey Herzog, and the 1979 National League MVP and 1982 World Series Champion started new with the New York Mets.  Luckily for New York, there was a lot left in his tank when he got there.
By the time Howard Johnson became a full time player for the New York Mets he had already won a World Series with the Detroit Tigers in 1984 and was in a platoon role for the Mets World Series win in 1986.  Johnson would not win a third World Series Championship, but he would become an excellent player for the Mets, becoming a 30-30 player in 1987.
David Cone has the distinction of being an incredible post season Pitcher, though he only had one chance to show that for the Mets.  He did however have plenty of opportunity to have regular season success for the New York Mets. 
Edgardo Alfonzo (or Fonzie, as he is often called) spent a lot of time patrolling varying positions in the infield for the New York Mets.  Alfonzo was known for his above average defense but was also skilled with his bat.  He would have over 150 Hits in a season for New York five times, four of which saw him bat over .300.  Alfonzo would show off some power with 120 Home Runs as a New York Met.  Three times, he would receive MVP votes, and he gained entry into the Mets Hall of Fame in 2020.
Al Leiter would have a very long career in Major League Baseball, nineteen seasons in total.  Seven of those were with the New York Mets, which were the most consistent of his career.  Arriving to New York after winning a World Series in Florida, Leiter would be a top or near top-of-the-rotation player for all of his seven years in New York.  Leiter would win 10 Games or more in all of his Mets seasons, accumulating 95 in total.  He would also represent the Mets in the All-Star Game in 2000, and 23 laters, he entered the Mets Hall of…
In one way you can argue that Bud Harrelson is the most successful New York Met of all time.  Harrelson was a member of the Miracle Mets World Series Championship Team in 1969 and was a Coach on the 1986 World Series Champions too.  This makes him the only Met to have two World Series rings who was once a player.
One of the most successful relief pitchers in New York Met history, John Franco had already been named to three All Star Games prior to joining New York.  The left hander would only be a one time All Star with the Mets but he would lead the National League twice in Saves, capturing the Rolaids Reliever of the Year Award in 1990 and finished 7th in Cy Young voting in 1994.  Franco would record 274 Saves as a Met and was inducted into their franchise Hall of Fame in 2012.
When you are nicknamed “Bad Dude” it is near impossible to not want to rank you as high as possible!