Top 50 Dallas Cowboys

Often, we talk about how difficult these lists are to put together, but nowhere was this more apparent than the Dallas Cowboys. 

Formed in 1960, the Cowboys got off to a slow start, but with strong coaching and elite scouting, Dallas would become one of the best teams in Pro Football, while along the way becoming one of the most internationally franchises regardless of the sport.

They would win Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII, but while they were a good team through most of the 1980s, they were unable to win the championship and would hit rock bottom.  The '90s were a different story, as they collected three Super Bowls (XXVII, XXVIII & XXX), but while they have been to the playoffs many times since Super Bowl XXX, the Cowboys have not been there since.

The Cowboys is one of those teams where we had to leave so many great players off that we wish we could have extended it to 100.  Eventually, we will do that, but if it looks like we missed one, the chances are that they just missed the cut.

Note: Football lists are based on an amalgamation of tenure, traditional statistics, advanced statistics, playoff statistics, and post-season accolades.

When you look at "America's Team," you have a team that not only had a lot of eyeballs on it but one that would generate a plethora of Hall of Famers.  Choosing the greatest Dallas Cowboy wasn't easy, but in the end, we decided on the player who was statistically speaking is the greatest Running Back of all-time.
There was serious consideration for Bob Lilly to be named number #1, but #2 is a damned good rank for a storied franchise like the Dallas Cowboys.
While a case could have been made for Roger Staubach to be at #1, #3 for this team still means you are a Hall of Fame caliber player.
Randy White was a superstar at the University of Maryland, where in 1974 he won the Lombardi Trophy and was the ACC Player of the Year.  The Cowboys took notice, and they would select him with the second overall pick.
Mel Renfro was a football and track star at the University of Oregon, Mel Renfro was a college Running Back, but Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys had other ideas for his speed.
A Heisman Finalist at UCLA, Troy Aikman was the first overall pick in 1989, and the first of the Jimmy Johnson regime.
A stud Running Back at the University of Pittsburgh, Tony Dorsett had an immediate impact with the Dallas Cowboys, who drafted him second overall in the 1977 Draft.  That year, Dorsett won the Offensive Rookie of the Year with 1,007 Rushing Yards, and four post-season Touchdowns on route to a Super Bowl win.  Not a bad rookie year!
While some might think of Michael Irvin as the third “Triplet” with Quarterback, Troy Aikman, and Running Back, Emmitt Smith, it was Irvin, the Wide Receiver who was in Dallas first.
Sonoma State is no football factory, and it would take Larry Allen in 1994 to become the first player to be drafted from that institution.
Jason Witten is without question the greatest Tight End in the history of the Dallas Cowboys, and as of this writing, he is still a member of the team.
DeMarcus Ware was an instant defensive star for the Dallas Cowboys after being drafted 11th overall in 2005 out of Troy.