Not in Hall of Fame News

RIP Al Davis

Football Hall of Famer, Al Davis passed away today at the age of 82. Davis may be remembered solely by younger fans as the goofy looking, eccentric indicidual who may have let the game pass him by, but older fans remember Davis as one of the most powerful figures in Football who helped facilitate the AFL-NFL merger. Davis' Raiders were at one time the "cool" team to cheer for, and their renegade image was essentially that of Davis himself. This is the Al Davis that we will remember today, and somewhere he is putting together a team above saying "just…

The WWE List: Under Construction!

Gang, work is beginning on the revised 2012 WWE List for the Hall of Fame. For the next couple of weeks, the list will look a little off, but we are very excited for its unveiling shortly. Stay tuned!

The Importance of Batting Titles

Generally, we are a very positive website, but we will take a 180 and trash Jose Reyes for the way he bowed out of fully completing for a Batting Title today. Reyes took himself out of today's game after he successfully bunted on base, making it easier for him to win the Batting Crown, thus making us wonder aloud if he had an incentive in his contract for that, and if so, will he buy a set of balls. Here is are other question. With the increase push on Sabremetrics, will it come soon that is more important to win…
Well gang here it is.... Every Year we debate the nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we suspect that it will be no different this year as once again it has been very interesting. If there is a pattern, it is definitley that this is the "Year of the Woman", as a plethora of fenmale candidates have been nominated. Let's take a look at them, shall we? #5 The Red Hot Chili Peppers Nominated again, we would not be surprised if they got in. Even if they don't this is just a matter of time and…
Stay tuned gang.... The 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominations are coming out soon. One thing is for sure, we will have plenty to say about it here!

R.E.M. disbands

You could say it is in an end of an era. The Georgia based band, R.E.M. have called it a career after 31 long years. The Hall of Fame band was one of the most important Alternative bands in the 80's, and by that decade's end was one of the most popular ones too. They leave behind a legacy of timeless hits, introspective lyrics and a diverse body of work. We thank them for the music, and it is not the end of the fact we feel fine.

Mike Modano Retires from Hockey

Canada may be the land of Hockey, but the United States has produced some excellent players too. Mike Modano retired today as the the man who holds the record for the most Goals, Games Played, Playoff Points and Points scored by an American born player. Modano also goes down as the all time leading scorer for the Dallas Stars franchise. The Multi-time All Star never won any Individual trophies, but was jobbed out of the Calder when Sergei Makarov (who had already played for years in the Soviet Union) won the annual award for the best Rookie in the NHL.…
We here at notinhalloffame congratulate Mariano Rivera for setting the All Time Saves record. Relievers don't always get the credit they deserve and some (Lee Smith) have struggled to get Hall of Fame support. We don't think that will be an issue for Rivera and think there is a good shot that he will get in on the first ballot.
Gang, I want to throw this out.... Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback does not seem to be budging on his desire not to play there and would rather retire. At the age of 31, Palmer proved to be a decent QB, but failed to lead the Bengals deep into a post season. While two Pro Bowls and 154 Touchdowns is a good career, it does not seem like a Hall of Fame one. If his career is over, has he even done enough to sniff out top 100 when eligible? We have our opinion, would love to hear yours!

Sidney Crosby...... Over and Out?

NHL training camps are in full swing, and Pittsburgh Penguins superstar, Sidney Crosby is not among the participants. He has yet to fully recover from the concussion suffered at last year's Winter Classic. We have seen what concussions have done to athletes in various sports, and it is possible that Crosby will never be the same again. Hypothetically, if Crosby is finished, is he a Hall of Famer? He has already won everything worth winning, capturing the Hart Trophy, the Stanley Cup and the Olympic Gold Medal. Let's say he comes bacl and is just an average player for the…