Not in Hall of Fame News

We here at Notinhalloffame are depressed about the cancellation of the Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. The Hall of Fame inductions will still happen, but for the people of Northern Ohio, this is a much bigger deal that will hurt heir economy. This is beyond needless in our eyes.

Baseball HOF Inductions

Congratulations are again in order for Bert Blyleven, Roberto Alomar and Pat Gillick who are now officially inducted into Cooperstown. We are very pleased that two of our top ten were inducted. How many next year?

Another NFL Retirement

Mike Vrabel has called an end to his professional playing career today as he accepted an assitant coaching gig with Ohio State. Vrabel recorded 57 career sacks and was a vital cog in the defence of the three time Super Bowl winning New England Patriots. He only was elected to one Pro Bowl, but he was considered one of the better Linebackers of the first decade of the 21st century. The question is whether he is Hall of Fame worthy. A case could be made either way.
Growing up, I always thought that 500 Home Runs was THE milestone in baseball. As many of those who recently achieved that benchmark have been been painted with the PED brush, it doesn't have the same cache that it used to. This has not been the case with 3,000 hits and those who have achieved that milestone have not been tainted...well at least with their performance on the field anyway. Derek Jeter has just joined this illustrious list and did it all as a member of the New York Yankees. We here at notinhalloffame congratulate Derek Jeter and look forward…

Yao Ming Retires

We admit we have been procrastinating on our Basketball list, but the retirement of Yao Ming from a Hall of Fame perspectve is fascinating to us. The former number one draft pick had a good NBA career, but it is hard to say that is is Hall of Fame worthy. With that said, could a case be made that his impact in China and basketball Internationally makes him a viable candidate? It just might.

Kerry Collins Retires

Another famous Quarteback has called it a career today as Kerry Collins has announced his retirement today. Collins had a very turbulent career as he faced numerous off field issues stemming from alcohol which almost derailed his career completely. Collins fought back from those demons and returned to a starting position in the NFL. A two time Pro Bowler, Collins does not have the overall resume that does not scream Hall of Fame.....It may not even be a name that makes our list. Regardelss, we here at Notinhalloffame congratulate Kerry Collins for overcoming his adversity and completing a sixteen year…
Paul Kariya has decided to call an end to his professional career today as he announced his retirement due to the affects of post concussion syndrome. Kariya's Hall of Fame resume is a very intriguing one and arguably could be one of the more debated ones in the future. A star in college, Kariya won the Hobey Baker Award and led the University of Maine to an NCAA championship. Kariya would remain a star on the professional circuit, as he would become a six time All Star and the leader of the Mighty Dicks of Anaheim. The skilled superstar may…
Well gang, today they announced the latest class for the Hockey Hall of Fame and we have to admit that we are pleased with the results.  Four of our top ten were selected, and that is a lot better than what we saw last year. Although our top three were not selected, we really don;t know if the Hall will ever admit our number #1 Selection in Don Cherry.  We have not seen any real evidence that he is even on their radar despite his undeniable iconic stature in the game.  Our number #2 Selection, Sergei Makarov is rarely discussed…

RIP Clarence Clemons

As you likely have heard, Clarence Clemons passed away yesterday following the aftermath of a stroke. "The Big Man" was one of the vital components of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and followers of the Boss know that his concerts will never be the same again. It has been argued that the E Street Band should have been inducted with Springsteen. We never gave it a lot of thought, but we are thinking of it today. Should we be ranking the E Street Band in the future?
Hey Baseball fans. We are currently in the process of revamping our Baseball list, so we apologize as that section is under construction. We look forward t0 unveiling it soon!