Not in Hall of Fame News

Baseball: Under Construction

Hey Baseball fans. We are currently in the process of revamping our Baseball list, so we apologize as that section is under construction. We look forward t0 unveiling it soon!

Dan Hill Interview

Hey Gang, If you haven't already checked it out, I encourage you to take a look at Live Music Head's iterview with Dan Hill. The Canadian Singer/Songwriter had two top ten hits in the United States and is best known for his 1977 single, "Sometimes When We Touch". We are working hard to bring more interviews like this to our site and we hope that you will check them out!

Shaquille O'Neal Retires

We know that we have not done our due dilligence in terms of the Basketball Hall of Fame (It is such a mess, but we will get to it), but we certainly have a future number one candiate in Shaquille O'Neal who calle dit a career today. Gramted, his last few years have been uneventful and riddled with injuries, but there was a time that he was the biggest star in the NBA and the most dominant man in the paint. The star of Kazzam, a bad rap album and Shaq-Fu will be in the Hall of Fame soon.......despite being…

New Blogger!

We here at notinhalloffame are pleased to announce our new blogger, DDT. Check out DDT's Pop Flies for his articulate take on the world of Pop Culture! Welcome Aboard!

RIP Gil Scott-Heron

Today we lost another musical legend as Gil Scott-Heron passed away at the age of 62. Scott-Heron was credited with being the forefather to Hip Hop, as his spoken word Raps predated the Hip Hop movement by well over a decade. His songs made you think more than most artists and wheteher you agreed or disagreed with his message; you definitely listened to him. He is a top candidate on our Rock and Roll list, but despite this and his undeniable influence in the world of music, we do not see him honored in Cleveland posthumously.
It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Randy "Macho Man" Savage who passed away of heart attack. The Macho Man was a former World Heavyweight Champion in both the WWE and WCW and was one of the biggest draws of the 80's and 90's. His signature vpice and look made him an icon in the world of wrestling. Savage was #2 on our Wrestling list and one of the most baffling omissions to the WWE Hall of Fame. We are pained that he can only now get in posthumously.

RIP Harmon Killebrew

We here at notinhalloffame mourn the loss of Harmon Killebrew, An amazing Minnesota Twin and one of the best power hitters of all time. The Hall of Fame Baseball star will be missed well beyond the borders of Minnesota.

Its Getting There.....

Patince everyone.... The new Baseball, Football and WWE List is being worked on. We hope to have them all completed by June 15. We promise!
Carlos Delgado officially called it a career, and we here at notinhalloffame are wondering just side of the bubble he is on. The three time Silver Slugger Award Winner belted 473 Home Runs and drove in 1,512 RBIs over his career, which are impressive numbers....though not so much in the steroid era. Now this is where it gets interesting for us. Delgado's numbers were not the same as other power hitting first baseman (he was only an All Star twice), but by all accounts he competed clean. Fred McGriff may not get in, and it can be argued that Delgado…

Edge Retires.

Last night, Adam Copeland who performed for well over a decade as Edge in the WWE retired due to excessive neck issues. In the next six to eight weeks, we will be revamping our WWE list, and Edge will have a high place on it. Is he top five, top ten, top twenty? We think he should be ranked very high.