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Jorge Posada Retires

Now this one intruiges us a lot. Longtime New York Yankees Catcher, Jorge Posada retired today. An article on ESPN claimed he should be looked at as a Hall of Famer. We aren't so sure. Posada was a great player, of this there should be no doubt, but a Hall of Famer? Posada was not the best Yankee, and we aren't thinking of him as the best Catcher of his time. He hit for power, but did not reach 300. He did not come close to 2,000 hits and his career WAR, while decent at 44.7 is not an automatic…

RIP: Joe Paterno

The last few months of Joe Paterno's life could not have been good. Forced out of Penn State amidst the Jerry Sandusky scandal, the winningest coach in College Football History failed to leave coaching with the dignity that he always showcased on the field. It is a shame that many will remember him for his mistake as opposed to the 409 wins and 250 players he sent to the NFL. Today, we will refelct on Joe Paterno, the man, coach, and the father figure to many. Joe will be missed.

RIP: Etta James

The world of music lost a great one when we lost Etta James, who passed away from a myriad of ailments. James' brought the world smoe of the smoothest and most sultry R&B music ever and her blueprint is all over many modern Rock and Roll divas. Like many of her era, her music was forgotten, but in the last twenty years, her music has been "rediscovered" of sorts, and her place in Rock history is secure. The legend was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, and she will be missed.
One of our favorite baseball players of all time is not well. Former Expo and Met Catcher, Gary Carter has been diagnosed with new tumors on his brain. The Hall of Famer, had been fighting brain tumors for the past two years and the former eleven time All Star is clearly in the biggest fight of his life. We here at notinhalloffame are praying for his recovery.

MIke Martz Retires

We are reminded of the "Greatest Show on Turf" as its architect; Mike Martz has announced his retirement. We don't really see him in the Hall of Fame (unless they finally put in Don Coryell), but it would not surprise to see him reach a semi finalist status down the road.
Could we be busier today? The WWE has now announced that the Hall of Fame will be adding the Four Horsemen. Best as we can tell this means that Arn Anderson (#19), Barry Windham (#25) and Tully Blanchard (#41) are now going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. What we are not sure of is what role Ric Flair has, or whether J.J. Dillon is part of it. Either way, this looks to be a loaded class. Much like our post with Edge, these wrestlers will remain on our list until post Wrestlemania when our revisions become…
Well that didn't take long. Adam Copeland....AKA: Edge has just been announced to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012. We had Edge ranked at number eight, and we remember his retiremnet speech on Smackdown where the crowd spontaneously chanted "Hall of Fame" to the WWE Superstar. For now, we will leave him on this list and we will remove him when we redo our list in April of 2012. Congratulations again.....well deserved!
Today is like our second Christmas. The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York has made their annual selection for the Hall of Fame. We are very pleased to announce that our number two selection, Barry Larkin has been inducted to the Hall of Fame. The longtime Cincinnati Shortstop was the dominant player in his position for the National League and deserves this accolade. about the rest of the votes...... Jack Morris 66.7 (Our Rank: #25) This has to be considered a victoty for Morris supporters. He made a major jump from the 53 percent he was at…
The Football Hall of Fame has narrowed down their selections to fifteen finalists, many of which hold high ranks on our football list. In order of our rank, the candidates are 2. Curtis Martin, 3. Will Shields, 4. Willie Roaf, 5. Cris Carter, 6. Cortez Kennedy, 9. Dermontti Dawson, 13. Tim Brown, 14. Jerome Bettis, 15. Andre Reed, 16. Chris Doleman, 19. Charles Haley, 23. Aeneas Williams and 45. Kevin Green. Also up are Bill Parcells and Edward DiBartolo Jr. In addition there are two senior candidates in Dick Stanfel and Jack Butler. Notable omissions to us were Don Coryell…