Terrell Owens speaks on the PFHOF

Terrell Owens speaks on the PFHOF
17 Jul
Not in Hall of Fame
As we look forward to the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony in a couple of weeks, speculation always goes toward the next group.  Brett Favre is a favourite of many to get inducted into the Hall next year, but what about Terrell Owens?

Owens is also eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and like Favre is entering his first year of eligibility.  While we have Favre ranked at #1 and Owens at #7, this is a rank that puts him into the radar by us and by many other football pundits.

Statistically, Owens has everything you would want for the Hall.  He is number two all-time in receiving yards, third in receiving touchdowns and fifth in overall touchdowns.  While he does not have a Super Bowl Ring, his lone appearance in the big dance saw him shine when he was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

That’s the good news for his candidacy.  I think we know the dark side of the ledger though don’t we?

Owens was known for his brushes with the media, the quarterbacks he “killed” and overall being a lockerroom cancer. 

Is this what could keep him out, or at the very least delay his induction for a bit?

We are not sure, however in an interview with the Rich Elsen Show, Owens had the following to say:

"I understand what I've done on the field and it's probably well deserving of (the Hall), but I'm being honest, it really doesn't bother me whether I get in or not.

I guess (being in the Hall) from a standpoint of a legacy or what my kids can really see what I've done, the body of work and appreciate it, then yeah, and my family," Owens told Eisen. "But me, personally, it really doesn't do anything for me because I never played the game for that. I played it because I was competitive. I played it to the point that I realized my talent and I became pretty good at it. That was my motivation. I wanted to win at all costs."


Is this a front by Owens?

Who is to say!

Our opinion at Notinhallofame.com is that Owens is a Hall of Fame Football Player, but we strongly suspect that the former wideout will be forced to wait for Canton, but realistically, he can’t wait forever.

Still, we here at Notinhalloffame.com are very curious to see how Terrell Owens will fare in regards to the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

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