The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces their 2020 Finalists

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces their 2020 Finalists
15 Oct
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We have what we like to consider a distinct “Holiday Season” at  Today is the start, our “Thanksgiving” of sorts, as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has made their announcement as to their Finalists for the Class of 2020.

This is the first year that the Rock Hall is under new guidance (sort of) as Jann Wenner, the co-founder of the institution is set to step down officially on January 1.  The new Chairman, John Sykes, has been doing the press junket, and this will be the first induction under his watch; although the induction process won’t be.  

Let’s get right to the Nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2020:

Pat Benatar:  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame claims it wants more women, and Pat Benatar was the queen of early 80s Rock and Roll.  This is her first nomination and she has been eligible since 2004.  Ranked #44 on

The Dave Matthews Band:  The Dave Matthews Band is one of the most successful touring bands ever and this is their first nomination.  They were first eligible last year.  Ranked #77 on

Depeche Mode:  Depeche Mode is nominated for the third time and the first since 2018. Last year’s selection of The Cure bodes well for Depeche Mode and should they get in, look for groups like New Order and The Smiths to follow.  Ranked #18 on

The Doobie Brothers:  A Classic Rock staple, The Doobie Brothers have finally garnered their first nomination since being eligible in 1997.  Ranked #25 on

Judas Priest:  The metal band from England are nominated for the second time, the first coming in 2018.  Ranked #9 on

Kraftwerk:  In terms of influence, nobody deserves it more than Kraftwerk, who is nominated for the sixth time.  Ranked #1 on

MC5:  This is a very influential proto-punk band who is nominated for the fifth time.  Despite this group receiving multiple nominations, they have not received a lot of online support.  Ranked #5 on

Motorhead:  This is the first nomination for Motorhead, who have been eligible since 2002.  Sadly, this nomination has happened after the death of their lead singer, Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away in 2015.  Along with Judas Priest, they are one of two heavy metal bands who are nominated.  Ranked #30 on

Nine Inch Nails:  This is the first nomination since 2016 and third overall for Nine Inch Nails, who is basically just Trent Reznor.  Ranked #26 on

The Notorious B.I.G. This is the first year of Biggie’s eligibility and with all due respect to the other Hip-Hop artists who are eligible, there is no one else who has a bigger name in the genre.  Should he be inducted, it will be a posthumous one, as he was shot and killed in 1997.  Ranked #6 on

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan: Rufus and Chaka Khan are nominated for the third year in a row, and Chaka Khan herself had been nominated as an individual once before.  Ranked #183 on

Soundgarden:  Soundgarden gets the early 90s Alternative Rock Spot and this is their first nomination.  They have been eligible since 2011.      Ranked #31 on

Thin Lizzy:  Thin Lizzy finally receives their first nomination since being eligible in 1996.  Ranked #90 on

T.Rex:  This was a long time coming.  The influential Glam Rock band from London, England has never been nominated despite being eligible since 1993.   Ranked #14 on

Whitney Houston:  Houston was the owner of one of the best voices in musical history and was a pop sensation in the 1980s before transitioning into more soul influenced music.  She has been eligible since 2009 and this is her first nomination.  Ranked #271 on

We expect that there will be a lot more controversy and news between now and the official announcement of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2020.  By the way, that is our Christmas Day!

So, rock fans, what do you think of this group?

Our initial reactions are that this is a hard rock driven group, far more than we have seen in years.  As usual, there are new nominees who are have been eligible for a long time.  The curious omissions to us is that Motley Crue, who were leading the fan vote at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame kiosk and Oasis, who were the biggest group in BritPop.  Now we wait for the drama to unfold.  Much like the sun, we know it is coming!





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