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18.  Depeche Mode

Some of the artists on this list seemingly exploded out of the gate with an album that told you that they had the potential to be something special. In looking back at Depeche Mode, none of us in the NIHOF committee really thought that the band that gave us “Just Can’t Get Enough” would be a band that would have a potential Hall of Fame career.

In the early 80’s, Depeche Mode emerged as key players in the New Wave movement. Their synthesizer driven music was poppish and catchy and they quickly developed a loyal fan base. Each album after saw them explore a darker edge both lyrically and in style. By 1990, they released Violator which would go on to be both their best received album and one of their best selling. Depeche Mode has one of the rare distinctions of being a successful Alternative band in multiple decades all while selling millions of records to devoted fans. Their biggest obstacle to induction is likely the fact that synthesizer based music has yet to make a real dent in the Hall.



Should Depeche Mode be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put them in! - 89.3%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 5.6%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 2.8%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 2.3%

The Bullet Points

  • Previous Rank: 2010: #34
    2011: #36
    2012: #33
    2013: #29
    2014: #27
    2015: #27
    2016: #26
  • Eligible Since: Sunday, 01 January 2006
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Basildon, England)
  • Why they will get in: Unlike other British Groups they were able to crack the American market.
  • Why they won't get in: Electronic based bands are not yet in the hall.
  • Nominated in: 2017 & 2018
  • Essential Albums: Black Celebration (1986)
    Music for the Masses (1987)
    Violator (1990)
    Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993)
  • Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Everything Counts (From Construction Time Again, 1983)
    Behind The Wheel (From Music for the Masses, 1987)
    Personal Jesus (From Violator, 1990)
    Enjoy the Silence (From Violator, 1990)
    I Feel You (From Songs of Faith and Devotion, 1993)

Should Depeche Mode be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put them in! - 89.3%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 5.6%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 2.8%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 2.3%


Apr 27, 2019

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Strangelove - The Depeche Mode Experience
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+7 #12 Mike 2016-11-19 16:00
Great to see them nominated this year!
+8 #11 Michael Tabor 2015-12-24 09:20
Clearly Hall of Fame Worthy them New Order Kraftwerk all should have been in by now!!
+8 #10 Charles N 2015-04-14 15:41
They've influenced many other artists, even to the point that other artists collaborated on a tribute album for them (For the Masses). They've had a Depeche Mode convention in Hollywood and in other cities around the world for the past couple of decades. Aside from being a synth band, I can't think of any reason they shouldn't be in. I mean, if disco and rap groups are being allowed in now, why can't Depeche Mode be inducted? And by the way, I'd add Ultra to that list of essential albums.
+13 #9 Paul 2012-10-19 12:39
A few more synthpop acts were more popular than even these guys (Duran Duran)..

I have to refute that Sean, eventhough Duran Duran (more a rock band than synth pop anyway) were massive in the US between 82 and 85, they slipped quite dramatically until a brief return to the top ten in 1993. Depeche Mode on the other hand built their popularity through playing live constantly throughout the 80s and came into the 90s with a bang, Violator has actually outsold Rio in the States and to this day, every one of their albums goes straight into the Billboard Top 10, their last, 2009's Sounds Of The Universe peaked at #3. Duran's last Top 10 album in the US was 1993's Wedding Album. Up until 1988, Depeche Mode had never had a Top 10 record in the States, but still managed to draw 60,000 people to the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena.
+8 #8 Paul 2012-10-16 18:55
I cant believe NWA are ahead of Depeche Mode!! Craziness!!
-3 #7 musiclover -0001-11-30 00:00
Thought this was suppose to be rock'n&# 39;roll????? ???????????? ???
-2 #6 musiclover -0001-11-30 00:00
Thought this was rock'n&# 39;roll????? ???????????? ???
+10 #5 plee22 -0001-11-30 00:00
Love 'em ! Their music seems immortal .......never gets old......fee ls upbeat and new all the time !:o
+6 #4 mrpauljoconnor82 -0001-11-30 00:00
Well the Cure didnt get in after being nominated so i think the Mode are in for an even longer wait than first predicted.
+6 #3 Sean -0001-11-30 00:00
I suspect they'll be the first synthpop act inducted. Kraftwerk should be, but Depeche Mode was more popular. A few more synthpop acts were more popular than even these guys (Duran Duran) but this band might have just the right mix of commercial impact, critical success, and influence to break the glass ceiling on electronica before any of the aforemention ed do.

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