Famous transgenders among MMA fighters: a history of success

Famous transgenders among MMA fighters: a history of success
23 Mar
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“It was successful and finally it was like my mind matched my body. I had become the person I felt was inside of me all along." those are the words of Fallon Fox, the Queen of Swords and the first MMA fighter to open up as a transgender individual. It is not that hard to identify on a spiritual level with the concept of finding one's self. But what if your body is the only missing key in discovering your true physical and psychical potential? This article is meant to bring up some of the most empowering stories of people that got tired of carrying a life that was not theirs in fact and decided to take drastic decisions in order to achieve their goals.

fallon fox
Fallon Fox

Initially a man, Fallon Fox is the first openly transgender fighter in MMA history. She became a female through surgery in 2008 and since then she trained to fight in mixed martial arts.

Competing in MMA has brought a lot of controversy on Fallon’s shoulders. Many people believe that she should not be fighting women in MMA because they believe that it’s not fair. Joe Rogan said that “She calls herself a woman but... I tend to disagree.” on his podcast. He also claimed that Fallon has bigger hands and bigger shoulder joints than the other females.

Fox currently one two professional MMA fights and one in the amateur category. Her story is dividing the MMA world into two sides.

UFC’s Miesha Tate has also commented on this issue, telling ESPN that she wouldn’t personally fight a transgender athlete due to ‘safety concerns’

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes had a subtler remark on this subject calling a transgender athlete ‘it’ when answering a hypothetical question about fighting her.

anne veriato
Anne Veriato

She is the first transgender woman to fight and defeat a man in the Brazilian mixed martial arts history. In spite of Fallon Fox fighting women, Veriato said that she considers herself ‘too good’ to fight women in the octagon.

She told the press that “It’s only fair to fight men”

“It never crossed my mind to fight a woman because I think I’m too good.”

Anne also claimed that she gets sporting satisfaction when beating men.

Veriato is only 21 and she’s just at the start of her career. She has been training and competing in jiu jitsu since she was 7.

Other fighters

Rumors say that there are more transgender people that haven’t come out yet. Everybody is making speculations about this.

Being an UFC transgender fighter can be harsh sometimes and it can get you a lot of critics but at the end of the day what matters is doing what you like in your own body, whether you are a female or a male. These athletes have shown a lot of courage by coming out as transgender.

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