Not in Hall of Fame News

We here at notinhalloffame would like to congratulate Detroit Tigers' pitcher, Justin Verlander for unanimously winning the American League Cy Young Award. Cy Youngs are often a key point on resumes for Hall of Fame induction, especially if the candidate has a healthy career. At the age of 28, Verlander has already been a four time All Star and has posted a 107-57 won loss record. In this era of reduced innings, this is very much a Hall of Fame pace.
Today is a big day in our world as the Hockey Hall of Fame will be inducting Joe Niewendyk, Mark Howe, Ed Belfour and Doug Gilmour. This of course reminds us about the work we must do to get out new Hockey List in order!
....our music blogger, Live Music Head has put up a great interview with former Yardbird, Jim McCarty. All this time here we talk about who should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it is a pleasure to have a converaation with somebody already in! Take a look on her tab if you can!
Very big news on our front occured today. The Baseball Hall of Fame announced their nominees for the Veteran's Committee Ballot, and by our standards, the list contains some serious heavyweights. This list is based on the "Golden Era" candidates from 1947 to 1972. Ron Santo (#2 on our list) could very well find his way in this year. Recently deceased, the attention on inducting the Cubs superstar has never been higher. Many fans of Baseball (and not only in Chicago) have pointed to the oversight of Ron Santo to be one of the biggest oversights in Hall of Fame…

Tony LaRussa Retires

Just days after winning the World Series, St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa has decided to retire. On three occasions, LaRussa managed teams to World Series victories and was widely praised for his cerebral style of managing. We don;t generally rank managers on our list, but if we did, we know that LaRussa would be very high on our list.
Congratulations go out to the St. Louis Cardinals who ended their dramatic playoff run capturing their 11th World Series. For our purposes, this adds to the already Hall of Fame careers of Albert Pujols and Tony LaRussa, but does this aid others in their Cooperstown quest? How about Lance Berkman? Does this help propel his resume? What about Chris Carpenter? Just our thoughts!
On (and by Dr. Clayton in our shoutbox) it was reported that Mil Mascaras will be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. We are still working on our revisions, and will actually include Mascaras in it temporarily. We plan to have the new list up soon (we apoligize that is taking so long) but our intention is to make it as fluid as possible. In the meantime congratulations to the first star who competed primarilly in Mexico to get into the WWE Hall of Fame.
This is the random question we ask of..... Donovan McNabb. The Vikings Quarterback may have won his virst game in Minnesota, but that was mostly due to Adrian Peterson. Fact is that thus far as a Viking, he has been one of the worst starters in the NFL, and last year he was replaced in Washington in favor of Rex Grossman. Looking back, there are more questions than answers regarding his last two years in Philadelphia. Three years ago, when asked about the Hall of Fame chances of McNabb, most people would have said "better than average". What do they…

RIP Al Davis

Football Hall of Famer, Al Davis passed away today at the age of 82. Davis may be remembered solely by younger fans as the goofy looking, eccentric indicidual who may have let the game pass him by, but older fans remember Davis as one of the most powerful figures in Football who helped facilitate the AFL-NFL merger. Davis' Raiders were at one time the "cool" team to cheer for, and their renegade image was essentially that of Davis himself. This is the Al Davis that we will remember today, and somewhere he is putting together a team above saying "just…
Gang, work is beginning on the revised 2012 WWE List for the Hall of Fame. For the next couple of weeks, the list will look a little off, but we are very excited for its unveiling shortly. Stay tuned!