Dr. Johnny Pervert

Greetings and Salutations to you all!

My name is Dr. Johnny Pervert (pronounced per-vehr…The T is silent, and I am French after all) and I have offered Notinhalloffame.com my expertise on the most attractive women is sports.

Now you may be saying this to yourself; who is this guy to tell me about hot women, and why do I need you to tell me these things? There are lists like this all over the Internet!

I will address the second one first.

The lists/countdowns I have seen generally focus on one sport, or just one crop of Olympians. Sometimes it will be for one country. More often than not, the list never exceeds 50.

As for my list, I looked at the entire earth; so much so that I looked at sports I never really cared about (and once and a while didn’t know existed) and despite my location in America’s heartland I looked at as many countries as I could to make the perfect list!  This also included sports that are not exactly your traditional ones, at least by my North American eyes.

That’s the quality. As for the quantity, I decided to go for a number that I have not seen anywhere else: 400. As far as I can see, no other website has elected to find that number of damsels who are worthy of putting on a pedestal.

That answers one question.

The second is who am I to rank them.

Well, I am a Doctor of Love, and gangster of passion and one whose love of women is known worldwide…and no I am not some degenerate living in his parent’s basement!

Now with that out of the way, let’s take a look at this bevy of athletic beauties!

Feel free to let the good doctor if there is someone I missed or someone else you think fits the bill…so to speak.
The American women’s hockey team may be the best around (though they always seem to lose to Canada in the Olympics) and they might also boast the hottest per team ratio.  Jocelyne Lamoreaux helps with that ratio!  (Yes, we know she is a twin, but we think she is the…
Beach Volleyball and Brazil.  This is too easy.  The good doctor would like to showcase another who fits that combination; Maria Elisa Antonelli.
Bringing elegance to the beach, Japanese beach volleyball player, Kaoru Sugayama is not necessarily traditionally pretty, but looks so classy even in a sport where sand enters every hole of your body.  Yes, that appeals to the good doctor.
New Zealand’s Erin Nayler is the kind of goalie that the good doctor wants to score on.  Again and again!
The beautiful nation of Switzerland can produce some beautiful women.  I would like to introduce you to another one in Swiss soccer star, Florijana Ismaili.
American rower, Sara Hendershot looks like she should be on a legal show, maybe as the hot detective or something like that.  The good doctor means this as a compliment.
Viona Harrer, the German temptress of the rink has a way to stop the puck, and your heart.  The good doctor certainly thinks she is a good reason to watch the Woman’s German Ice Hockey Team.
Is it just the good doctor, or is there a bit of a young Nicole Kidman look to Dutch beach volleyball player, Madelin Meppelink?  Whether she does or doesn’t, she is still attractive!
The good doctor loves dimples and American swimmer, Haley Anderson, has them to spare!  It doesn’t hurt that she is quite cute too!
Poland represents again, and yes from those mysterious beaches that they have.  Beach Volleyball player, Karolina Sowala, is here and the good doctor has already booked his trip to Warsaw.
The good doctor loves women who are a little thick and powerful.  British cyclist, Shanaze Reade, is a perfect example of that, and it doesn’t hurt that she has a certain sexy confidence about her.  
If you do a Google search on Sara Petersen, there will be quite a few attractive athletic women.  The good doctor is most partial to the Danish Hurdler with that name.
Polish sprinter, Anna Kielbasinka is not the fastest sprinter in the world, but she is the hottest one in Poland.  The good doctor will tell you that this does matter!
American long distance swimmer, Kate Ziegler, has personality to match her cute look.  The good doctor enjoys both of those attributes!
While most people love the sprint, the good doctor has always been partial to the nuances of middle distance racing.  It doesn’t hurt when you have women like German, Sabrina Mockenhaupt.
The Argentine field hockey team is so hot, and not just because of the climate.  The good doctor presents to you another lovely from that team, Delfina Merino.
Ilka Semmler may not be the hottest beach volleyball player from Germany, but this is a sport that has such a plethora of hotness that you can’t judge her for it.  As a part German, I definitely like her just fine!!
The good doctor has an embarrassing admission.  Sometimes I watch “Chick flicks”, AKA: Romantic Comedies, but I am a disciple of all of the pop culture arts.  I mention this as American luger, Kate Hansen looks like the friend in one of those Rom Coms, whom the male lead was…
Again the good doctor is begging the very populated nation of India to encourage more of their women in international athletics!  Why?  SO that I can see more hotties like Saina Nehwal, the star badminton player from the sub-continent!
The United Kingdom may be the home of Wimbledon but they have not been a hotbed of female tennis players.  That being said, British tennis star, Laura Robson is cute, and that is good enough for us!