Dr. Johnny Pervert

Greetings and Salutations to you all!

My name is Dr. Johnny Pervert (pronounced per-vehr…The T is silent, and I am French after all) and I have offered Notinhalloffame.com my expertise on the most attractive women is sports.

Now you may be saying this to yourself; who is this guy to tell me about hot women, and why do I need you to tell me these things? There are lists like this all over the Internet!

I will address the second one first.

The lists/countdowns I have seen generally focus on one sport, or just one crop of Olympians. Sometimes it will be for one country. More often than not, the list never exceeds 50.

As for my list, I looked at the entire earth; so much so that I looked at sports I never really cared about (and once and a while didn’t know existed) and despite my location in America’s heartland I looked at as many countries as I could to make the perfect list!  This also included sports that are not exactly your traditional ones, at least by my North American eyes.

That’s the quality. As for the quantity, I decided to go for a number that I have not seen anywhere else: 400. As far as I can see, no other website has elected to find that number of damsels who are worthy of putting on a pedestal.

That answers one question.

The second is who am I to rank them.

Well, I am a Doctor of Love, and gangster of passion and one whose love of women is known worldwide…and no I am not some degenerate living in his parent’s basement!

Now with that out of the way, let’s take a look at this bevy of athletic beauties!

Feel free to let the good doctor if there is someone I missed or someone else you think fits the bill…so to speak.
The good doctor is wondering how to pronounce Lidewij Weltin’s first name?  Actually, I am not wondering that very much, as I am really more interested in meeting the entire Dutch field hockey team.  
The good doctor loves his Russian women, but I think by now you already knew that!  Here is another spectacular one with high jumper, Anna Chicerova.  Watching her jump is sexy isn’t it?
For many, Elena Delle Donne is the face of women’s basketball in the United States.  She is very tall, very blonde, and surprisingly cute, and yes she does have attention from the good doctor!
The good doctor has to apologize to the women of the WNBA.  For years, I did not think they were attractive but after this list, I was completely wrong.  Here is another example in the cute American hoops specialist, Candice Wiggins.
If it is an Olympic sport, China is going to find a way to compete in it.  They are actually decent in Beach Volleyball, and there is a star female in their midst.  Xue Chen is not someone who the good doctor finds traditionally pretty, but there is something that…
Yelena Isinbayeva is quite the hot Russian, who knows how to grab a pole.  Yeah, I know I have used this analogy before, but it still works!
Slovenian snowboarder, Cilka Sadar may not be the best in her profession, but the woman has a rock star style to her that very few athletes have.  The good doctor is very intrigued by this one!
Although Natalie Vinti was born in the United States, she chooses to play for the Mexican national team, which spreads the loveliness south of the border.  The good doctor too believes in sharing the wealth!
How amazing are Italian women?  Fencer, Irene Vecchi, is plain looking in comparison to some of the other Italian female athletes that the good doctor has shown you this far.  I now have a craving for some limoncello!  
Lisa Ryzih looks so Eastern Bloc, and based on what the good doctor has shown you so far, isn’t that a good thing?  And yes, you already know how much I love the women’s pole vault!
Andrea Hlavackova is not the best tennis player in the world, nor is she the cutest.  Still, she is attractive and in a sport that fosters many hot women, this is still an impressive feat according to the good doctor.
More Americans?  More hotness!  Dana Vollmer adds to the All-American beauty team with her statuesque blondeness in that swimmers body.  The good doctor loves his All-American girls!
The good doctor can understand by looking up and down at Jennifer Lacy, why her former girlfriend, Chamique Holdsclaw went nuts.  If you don’t know the story, Google it, the story is worth it!  I wonder if Lacy, the current WNBA player would drive me to madness too?
Freckled and fierce.  It is not a combination you see a lot is it?  Well, the good doctor approves that dual threat with American soccer sweetie, Kelley O'Hara.  
The second of the beautiful Radwanska sisters to make this list, the good doctor presents Urszula Radwanska, a Polish Princess of the tennis courts.  
Those eyes.  That ever present smile.  The arms.  WNBA player, Renee Montgomery is naturally pretty, and the good doctor wonders what would happen if she ever figured out what she could do with those looks!
The good doctor really likes the toned form of German field hockey star, Christina Schutze, who may not be the hottest on this list, but knows what to do with every body part she has.  
By now, the good doctor is believing that there is nothing that the Germans (and I suppose many other country’s women) can’t do.  Again, we have another German, and yes another beach volleyball player with Katrin Holtwick.
This one is too easy.  Tameka Butt is cute as are quite a few other soccer players the good doctor has introduced you to.  Let’s now get to the obvious.  Her last name is “butt” and I like hers very much.  Actually, I am a fan of many of the…
If Selenia Iaacchelli played for Italy, where her background lies, the good doctor is convinced that there would be multiple glamour and model shots of her out there.  Hey, a good doctor can dream can’t he?