Dr. Johnny Pervert

Greetings and Salutations to you all!

My name is Dr. Johnny Pervert (pronounced per-vehr…The T is silent, and I am French after all) and I have offered Notinhalloffame.com my expertise on the most attractive women is sports.

Now you may be saying this to yourself; who is this guy to tell me about hot women, and why do I need you to tell me these things? There are lists like this all over the Internet!

I will address the second one first.

The lists/countdowns I have seen generally focus on one sport, or just one crop of Olympians. Sometimes it will be for one country. More often than not, the list never exceeds 50.

As for my list, I looked at the entire earth; so much so that I looked at sports I never really cared about (and once and a while didn’t know existed) and despite my location in America’s heartland I looked at as many countries as I could to make the perfect list!  This also included sports that are not exactly your traditional ones, at least by my North American eyes.

That’s the quality. As for the quantity, I decided to go for a number that I have not seen anywhere else: 400. As far as I can see, no other website has elected to find that number of damsels who are worthy of putting on a pedestal.

That answers one question.

The second is who am I to rank them.

Well, I am a Doctor of Love, and gangster of passion and one whose love of women is known worldwide…and no I am not some degenerate living in his parent’s basement!

Now with that out of the way, let’s take a look at this bevy of athletic beauties!

Feel free to let the good doctor if there is someone I missed or someone else you think fits the bill…so to speak.
Straight up, the good doctor will tell you that not every picture or angle of Australian swimmer, Cate Campbell is a hot one, but there is something about this freckled Amazonian that I really like.
The head of the Commonwealth gives us a shooter in Charlotte Kerwood, who the good doctor wants to shoot too…if you know what I mean.
Australia has an underrated basketball presence, but when the good doctor looks at the amazon like (and I mean that in a good way) Abby Bishop who is a member of the Australian women’s team.  If you want a tall blonde, this is a great way to go!
The good doctor will admit to you that Italian volleyball player, Valentina Arrighetti moved up ten spots just because of her name.  Seriously, how sexy is it!  
For a hot minute in the early 90’s, the good doctor recalls a time when part of the world was in love with Linda Hamilton’s arms after Terminator 2.  That ended fast (as did James Cameron’s opinion of her) but looking at the arms of Eliska Klucinova, I had a…
Germany brings the good doctor another sexy soccer siren in Sara Daebritz, who is a member of their national team.  Player for player, the Germans certainly field one of the best looking soccer teams for sure!
The good doctor can’t figure out what it is that he finds seductive about Rachel Turkovich.  Is it simply just the fact that she is cute and holds a javelin?  That is enough!
The darling for many who follow British Field Hockey, Georgie Twigg (isn’t that almost as British a name as you can get), certainly is a favorite of the good doctor.  
Half Portuguese, Half Angolan, but All-German sprinter, Tatjana Pinto is a melting pot of sexiness on the track.  The good doctor loves that mixture any day!
Wasn’t there a famous British figure skating duo? The good doctor thinks so (but is too lazy to research who they were) and is pretty sure Penny Coomes wasn’t part of that famed pair. Who cares, she is cute!
Wait.  Is the good doctor showing you a blonde Swedish woman who knows how to grab a pole?  Here is Malin Dahlstrom, and you are welcome!
Does this girl look like she can kick your ass?  No?  Well, the good doctor is telling you that she can and that is what makes Singapore’s taekwondo star, Chelsea Sim, very attractive…and deadly!
The good doctor has to hand it to those who have advised Spanish swimmer, Mireia Belmonte, as she has undergone a style evolution that propelled her on this list.  Trust me, three years ago she wouldn’t have had a prayer.
When American basketball star, Asjha Jones, wants to glam it up, she has very few equals.  The good doctor however likes her anyway she wants to be!
If the good doctor were to have done this list based on smiles alone, American volleyball player, Megan Hodge, would probably be in the top twenty.  As you know, I like to look at the whole package, and while this may drop Hodge in the ranking, it is still quite…
When the good doctor looks at Polish middle distance competitor, Matylda Szlezak, I can’t help but think she should be in a soap commercial.  Maybe she is in her native Poland?  Can anyone tell the good doctor?
The good doctor loves the fact that the word “Shakes” is in the name of British sprinter, Perri Shakes-Drayton.  She shakes me in many ways and this sprinter from the United Kingdom can shake any man out of their slumber.
There is this quirkiness about Italian volleyball player, Noemi Signorile that the good doctor really likes.  I can’t be the only one as this lady has developed quite the fan base.
Irina Davydova does not look like she smiles a whole lot does she?  Actually, she doesn’t seem to know how.  Does it matter?  The good doctor can find so much on this lovely Russian hurdler to focus on that her ability to curl her lips upward is irrelevant!
A feared striker for the Brazilian volleyball team, Marianne Steinbrecher, isn’t bad to look at either.  The good doctor is not surprised as this is a Brazilian volleyball player after all!