Dr. Johnny Pervert

Greetings and Salutations to you all!

My name is Dr. Johnny Pervert (pronounced per-vehr…The T is silent, and I am French after all) and I have offered Notinhalloffame.com my expertise on the most attractive women is sports.

Now you may be saying this to yourself; who is this guy to tell me about hot women, and why do I need you to tell me these things? There are lists like this all over the Internet!

I will address the second one first.

The lists/countdowns I have seen generally focus on one sport, or just one crop of Olympians. Sometimes it will be for one country. More often than not, the list never exceeds 50.

As for my list, I looked at the entire earth; so much so that I looked at sports I never really cared about (and once and a while didn’t know existed) and despite my location in America’s heartland I looked at as many countries as I could to make the perfect list!  This also included sports that are not exactly your traditional ones, at least by my North American eyes.

That’s the quality. As for the quantity, I decided to go for a number that I have not seen anywhere else: 400. As far as I can see, no other website has elected to find that number of damsels who are worthy of putting on a pedestal.

That answers one question.

The second is who am I to rank them.

Well, I am a Doctor of Love, and gangster of passion and one whose love of women is known worldwide…and no I am not some degenerate living in his parent’s basement!

Now with that out of the way, let’s take a look at this bevy of athletic beauties!

Feel free to let the good doctor if there is someone I missed or someone else you think fits the bill…so to speak.
The good doctor loves how Switzerland is a nation that while small, has four official languages.  If I cared to learn any of them I could tell Swiss soccer player, Sandra Betschart how cute she is in all of them.
Is it just the good doctor, or does Kacie MacTavish have a similar vibe of a fellow Canadian, Pam Anderson?  Whether she does or doesn’t, Kacie MacTavish fits as well in to this list as she does in her beach volleyball attire.
Another fencer?  Seriously, the good doctor had no idea that I would be looking at this sport has having multiple lookers on it, but with them competing in those masks, how was I to know what was underneath?  Here is another one of my favorites, Italian, Elisa Di Francisca.
Ah the beaches of Brazil.  The good doctor is definitely going there despite the warnings not to, and I have found another reason to go in beach baby, Maria Clara Salgado, a Beach Volleyball star from South America.  Amazingly, she is the second hottest in her family, if you noticed…
There is a Sade like vibe with British sprinter, Ashleigh Nelson that the good doctor can’t stop dreaming about.  Those exotic features stir me up every time!
The good doctor loves female middle distance runners.  They have endurance, and when it counts, so do I.  As such, I have to wonder just how much endurance I will need for the Norwegian middle distance star, Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal, though just saying her name three times takes some endurance…
The good doctor loves it when Irish eyes are smiling!  Especially if those eyes come from high jumper, Deirdre Ryan!
Again, the good doctor has to ask…where is this beach in Norway that houses women like Sunniva Helland Hansen.  I love Norway!
By now, have you fallen in love with Italy yet?  If not, here is another reason to in the fine form of volleyball player, Monica De Gennaro.  Even her name is sexy!  But as Italian is one of the languages of love, the good doctor is well versed!
Those deep dark eyes of Austrian skeleton competitor, Janine Flock makes the good doctor want to flock to her and show her my skeleton.
Born in Luxembourg, raised in the States and competing for the United Kingdom, Denise Johns is one attractive lady regardless of what country she plays beach volleyball for.  The good doctor will bet that the tiny nation of Luxembourg wishes she never got away!
While the good doctor is no expert on table tennis, I know one thing for sure.  Hungarian, Georgina Pota, is easily one of the cutest!  Now you have a favorite in  Hungarian table tennis player, a sentence you have probably never read before!
The good doctor doesn’t think that Julia Dujmovits is the hottest athlete from Austria, but she does have a sex appeal that elevates her ahead of women that might be traditionally better looking than her.  That happens quite a lot in life doesn’t it?
If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.  The good doctor read that on a t-shirt once, which was a slogan emblazoned on a Dutch girl’s chest.  This isn’t the best intro for Sanne Keizer, the beach volleyball star from the Netherlands but I am running out of set ups for…
The good doctor loves his Japanese ladies, but there are not enough of them who compete athletically to get my mojo running.  I thank the good lord for snowboarders like Yuka Fujimori!
The good doctor loves the combination of exotic and fierce.  Throw in the French voice and I am in love!  The lady who goes three for three is Coralie Balmy, the swimming siren from France.  
The good doctor knows next to nothing about inline skating…however I said next to nothing.  The only thing I do know is that Brazilian competitor, Fabiola Da Silva is hot.  That is enough isn’t it?
Is it wrong for the good doctor to assume that just because swimmer, Melanie Nocher is Irish, that I can have fun with her taking her to a bar?  It is wrong?  Well, I still want to do that, and I think she is one fine lass!  Irish eyes are…
Had the good doctor done this list fifteen years ago, Milka Duno (who was Danica Patrick before Danica Patrick) would have been much higher. Duno, who is now in her early 40’s and is not as successful as she used to be, but this model turned racer has proven she…
There are two undeniable facts about South America.  The first is that they love their soccer.  The second is that they are full of beautiful women.  The good doctor concludes that isn’t hard to find an athletic hottie from any of their nations, and here you go.  Colombian midfielder, Tatiana…