Compared to the other Halls of Fame that we discuss on our website, this one is hands down the most fun and the hardest to calculate. Keep in mind, that there is no actual WWE Hall of Fame where fans can go and see their heroes. There are no set criteria to get in the WWE Hall of Fame. Wins and losses don’t exactly matter when the matches are predetermined. It does not even seem to matter if you even wrestled for the WWE as some of their inductees never drew a paycheck from Stamford. This is as subjective as they come so with that we made a criteria of our own which did incorporate (in no particular order) impact, ability, innovation championships won, legacy and their use in the WWE. The only rule we set was that the wrestler in question was not currently an active competitor on a full time basis.

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The bulk of Adrian’s career was spent as a leather clad biker who excelled in the tag team ranks and was known for his technical skills.  That isn’t how he is best remembered.  Like others before him, he was given the gimmick of a playing a homosexual, but nobody before or since had played as over the top as Adonis…
Suicidal. Genocidal. Homicidal.  Never before had adjectives seem appropriate for a wrestler as the wrestling style of Sabu fit those words perfectly.  There was no move he wouldn’t try, no risk he wouldn’t take, or no injury he wouldn’t work through.  Sabu was an independent superstar who found a home in ECW went through miles of barbed wire, rings on…
She may be a famous train wreck now, but there was a time when Chyna was among the top five over wrestlers in the WWE.  She was different than the other women of wrestling, and fans responded positively.  As her popularity grew, fans did not bat an eye when she was booked to defeat talented male wrestlers.  They believed in…
A superstar in the All Japan Promotion, Tommy “Jumbo” Tsuruta was the man who unified the three major champions in the promotion and was the first ever “Triple Crown” Champion.  As impressive as that was, it was just a portion of what he would accomplish in professional wrestling.
The amount of wrestlers who shaved their head and donned a Soviet gimmick is numerous, but none were a more gifted physical specimen than Nikita Koloff.  Looking like he belonged as the opponent for Rocky in Rocky IV (though that came after Nikita’s debut), Nikita Koloff looked like the new breed of Russian athlete: one who would destroy you by…
Tall men with exceptional girth may be a rare sight on the street but in the world of professional wrestling it is actually commonplace.  What wasn’t standard was for those wrestlers to have agility, skill and a solid workrate.  In the case of George Gray, A.K.A., the One Man Gang, all those attributes were present.
One of the best tag team wrestlers in wrestling history, Ole Anderson caught a break because of his looks.  No, it wasn’t because he was exceptionally good looking (he wasn’t) but because he looked like Gene and Lars Anderson.
When a lot of wrestling fans were first discovering professional wrestling in the 80’s, they saw a Tony Garea at the end of his career whose main job was to put heels over during their first few matches in the WWF.
As one of the elder statesman of the WWE, William Regal doesn’t see a whole lot of ring time anymore.  This is a shame as there are few who can match Regal’s in ring skills.  A legitimate tough guy and technical marvel, Regal lit up WCW rings with solid matches through the mid 90’s and was poised to the same…
The words underrated and overrated are brandished often wrestling.  Although Dick Murdoch was much respected he could very well have still been vastly underrated.  He was a tough Texan capable of delivering a technically brilliant masterpiece or a full out brawl.
Prior to his parasailing accident in 1990, it is often forgotten just how popular Brutus Beefcake was.  In the late 80’s while assuming the barber gimmick he ascended to the upper mid card and was one of the top faces in the company.  In tag team main events with Hulk Hogan, Beefcake held his own and although he was not…
A standout professional wrestler in the 1940’s, “Wild” Bill Longson, was a three time National Wrestling Association Champion.  His final reign came at the hands of the legendary Lou Thesz and Longson is credited as being the last National Wrestling Association Champion and one of the top heels of the 1940’s.
One of the purest wrestlers of all time has to be Billy Robinson.  His catch as catch can style helped to influence the Japanese shoot style and he was putting on classic matches across the world winning titles everywhere he went.
Many current wrestling fans may not be familiar with the name of Jackie Fargo, but long before Jerry “The King” Lawler ruled the Southern wrestling scene Jackie Fargo was perfecting the art of the wrestling brawl and was a star south of the Mason Dixon Line.
We are ranking Sean Waltman sooner than we would have originally liked, however the strong rumours that D-Generation X would be inducted as a group.  As such, the only man to be a member of DX and the New World Order (we are not counting Shawn Michaels’s brief stint in the WWE version of the NWO) has entered the rankings.
We have to admit that we hate it when current WWE performers talk about becoming “the Marty Jannetty” of their team.  Jannetty may not have had a career that came close to what Shawn Michaels did, but honestly how many could?
A quick look at Ron Garvin would not make you think you are looking at a star.  He was not very big (by wrestling standards) and not the best interview.  However once he got in the ring, he was tough, capable and looked like he could take anyone apart.
Often when you look the large men in wrestling you assume that they got into to Professional Wrestling just because when you are that big, it “makes sense” to do that.  In the case of John Tenta, the big man was actually in wrestling all of his life.
By the time 1986 rolled around it was clear to anyone following the NWA that Magnum T.A. was being groomed as a future World Heavyweight Champion.  Had he not had a car crash that ended his career, all bets are that he would have gained that coveted belt.
Although multiple wrestlers would don the “Tiger Mask”, nobody embodied the character better than the original, played by Satoru Sayama.  He was a lightning quick combatant who was the precursor to many of the high flying lighter Japanese wrestlers who followed.  It may have taken a colorful mask for him to draw the attention of the fans (especially the younger…