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28. Demolition (Ax & Smash)

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Now here is an interesting case.  Ax (Bill Eadie) wrestled successfully as Bolo Mongol, The Masked Superstar and The Super Machine before donning the face paint.  Smash (Barry Darsow) was also making money as Khrusher Khruschev before becoming Smash and had good runs as The Repo Man and The Black Top Bully after.   It is hard to argue though that in each case their greatest recognition was together as Demolition.

Originally looked as Road Warrior knock offs they blazed their own path as a horror movie gone wrong pair that destroyed everything in their path.  They weren’t chiseled like the Road Warriors and maybe that is what made them look even scarier; they looked like they really could exist outside the ring.  Blessed with the longest reign in WWF World Tag Team history they were also its most popular.  They “jumped the shark” with addition of Crush, and had Bill Eadie’s health been a little better, the series of matches against Hawk and Animal in 1990 could have been far more special than it was.  Regardless, they were an important tag team when it still mattered.


The Bullet Points:

Other Aliases:
Multiple as individuals

Billed From:
Parts Unknown

Key Championships Held:
WWF World Tag Team (3)

Why They Will Get In:
They were the most important tag team in the WWE’s profitable years of 1988 to 1990.

Why They Won’t Get In:
Bill Eadie is not on the best of terms with Stamford right now.

Five Greatest Matches/Moments: (In Chronological Order)
1.  Won their first World Tag Team Title at Wrestlemania IV over Strike
Force  (3/27/88)
2.  Defended the belts successfully against the Hart Foundation at the
first Summer Slam (8/29/88)
3.  Beat the Powers of Pain and Mr. Fuji to defend the World Tag Team
Title at Wrestlemania V (4/2/89)
4.  Defeated the Colossal Connection to win their third and final World
Tag Team Title at Wrestlemania VI (4/1/90)
5.  Lost a dream match in losing to Giant Baba and Andre the Giant in
Japan (4/13/90)

Should Demolition be in the Hall of Fame?

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-1 #1 stewy 2013-03-04 00:38
they never gave me a stiffy I never cared for them!!!

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