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45.  Def Leppard

Top 5 Albums from Last.FM

  • Hysteria

  • Pour Some Sugar On Me (2012)

  • Pyromania

  • Heaven Is

  • Best Of

Similar to other artists on this list we suspect that our next selection will generate polarizing opinions. Def Leppard, like many artists associated with the Hair Metal scene often has to overcome the image that the genre created.

Emerging from the British Metal scene in the late 70’s, Def Leppard would eventually achieve huge success in the 80’s selling out arenas and millions of records. They were forced to alter their music with the freak accident that cost their drummer one arm, but rather than replace him they kept him and actually thrived with their new style of Rock. It certainly didn’t hurt that in the video age their good looks garnered them more female attention than most artists. Some detractors point that they were not a very “hard” band to wear the Metal tag, and the 90’s only saw that number swell as Grunge’s emergence was a reaction to the style of music that Def Leppard (right or wrong) was doing. Regardless, at their root Def Leppard was a very solid Rock band which was all they really ever claimed to be, and their legions of fans couldn’t care less what any critic had to say.

Def Leppard


Should Def Leppard be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put them in! - 81.4%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 3.6%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 7.9%
No opinion. - 2.1%
No way! - 5%

The Bullet Points

  • Previous Rank: 2010: #53
    2011: #52
    2012: #49
    2013: #50
    2014: #47
    2015: #46
    2016: #46
  • Eligible Since: Thursday, 01 January 2004
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Sheffield, England)
  • Why they will get in: Very few artists have their commercial success and could be a good draw at the ceremony.
  • Why they won't get in: They are often associated hair metal, not exactly the most beloved style in music.
  • Essential Albums: High ‘n’ Dry (1981)
    Pyromania (1983)
    Hysteria (1987)
    Adrenalize (1992)
  • Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Bringin’ on the Heartbreak (From High ‘n’ Dry, 1981)
    Photograph (From Pyromania, 1983)
    Foolin’ (From Pyromania, 1983)
    Rock of Ages (From Pyromania, 1983)
    Rocket (From Hysteria, 1987)

Should Def Leppard be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put them in! - 81.4%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 3.6%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 7.9%
No opinion. - 2.1%
No way! - 5%


Sep 30, 2017

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Monsters of Mock
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+3 #12 MJT 2017-04-10 19:09
Now that Journey got in(the 1st 80s) arena Rock band. Hopefully this helps Deff Leppard! There is only 5 a year. How many older bands are
More deserving that aren't in?? Judas Priest Moody Blues. Nobody else. My fear is they get in after on of there main players had died.
Like Yes & Chis Squire! Come on rock hall wake up!! Pedal Jam could have waited a few years!!
+4 #11 Richard Haft 2017-04-10 18:31
I actually think they should be top 5 on your list easy. They sold 65 million records, have two diamond albums and one that sold 6 million. Three huge records and dominating a decade should pretty much guarantee HOF. Why they are not more respected after 35 years in the business is just head scratching. Even if you personally do not like them, how you can say their sales and audience is not HOF worthy would be just odd. I think their is some personal stuff or snobbery going on here with the voters and the critics. Plus, some of the other singers/groups that did get in makes it even stranger Def Leppard hasn't. How can Guns & Roses be in and Def Leppard isn't? If they "hate" hair metal? If they are "too pop", why is Journey in? Or Kiss? Def Leppard is objectively "better" and has a bigger resume than all three I just mentioned.
+7 #10 Bob Ross 2016-04-25 22:14
I am shocked Def Leppard is not MUCH higher on this list. They are solidly in the top 10 of "not in the hall of fame". The were innovative (basically made the pop metal 80's sound) sold millions of albums, have millions of fans and sites like Pandora call them "the definitive 80's band". Plus, they helped make the Hall of Fame a reality, and for them to have been snubbed like this is kind of inexplicable.

To me, they are like the Bee Gees of the 70's with disco. Great artists that had their reputations take a hit once their kind of music was no longer popular and survived the test of time where people now admit that in their genre, they were the best. Their greatest hits list is almost 20 songs deep. They wrote all their own stuff. Other than 20 year old grunge snobbery (which is also over), I cannot think of a reason they are not in the rock and roll hall of fame. I can see arguments about some other bands, but this is really a big snub that is inexplicable.
+7 #9 Michael Tabor 2015-12-24 10:01
When you think 80s Hard rock 1st Band to come to Mind??? Deff Lepp Dominated the 1980s You had to live in Another Planet to not know there songs. They were Influenced by Glam Rock so would be nice too see one of those bands Inducted with them! 1980s Bands Get dissed by the Hall. Deff lep is the Hard Rock Version of Duran Duran Very Sucessful but gets No Respect! I would put in Order #1 Deff Lepp #2 Motley Crue #3 Bon Jovi in Order of Induction!
+5 #8 Theologist 2014-11-11 22:37
Def Leppard is an obvious choice, period.
They are EASILY worthier of the HoF than about 50% of the artists *already* in.
+11 #7 Hannah 2014-07-28 03:13
It's crazy to me that a band that practically invented the 80s rock sound (with Pyromania) and later perfected it (with Hysteria) in addition to selling 65 million albums worldwide isn't in the R&R HOF. Yeah, their more recent releases haven't been as good, but this band is still playing to arenas worldwide and sounding great doing it. Leppard is wonderful live, even as they age. They have a really special energy, and they recreate their albums well, which is remarkable when you consider the heavy production (especially on Hysteria tracks). It just proves that behind the studio magic, they can actually play and sing.

I also really object to Bon Jovi being higher on this list. No way in hell Bon Jovi should get in before Leppard.
+8 #6 RICK0069 2014-04-19 15:18
I'm from south America and the reason I love rock music is because of Def Leppard, first record I bought when I was eleven was Vault and it was a revelation to my ears. I started to listen other genres and bands but the Leps were my favorite because of the detailed care and melodies of their songs. they have meet all the pseudo criteria of the stupid hall. first they have influenced many past and present acts, pioneers for the good or the bad of the NWOBHM and Arena bands of the 80's, they were huge back then and still popular, just check the numbers at their concerts, they have inspired many people beyond the music like rick's allen foundation, millions albums sold and recognitions but the most important thing to keep in mind is Leppard is a ROCK band that should belong in a ROCK hall, is this R&R HOF or they just got lucky to get this name? I have always thought that Brian May should be the perfect person to induct the leps.
+7 #5 Pat 2013-12-02 21:13
Crazy to see Def Leppard not being inducted into R&R HOF. How's this for an achievement? Def Leppard are one of only five rock bands with two original studio albums selling over 10 million copies each in the US.The others are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Van Halen. From 80's to present, they've headlined and sold out arenas, sold over 100 million records, influenced a ton of rock musicians since the early 1980s. But then again, R&R HOF is overrated anyways. They did inducts Talking Heads who couldn't even crack top 15 in any of the billboard top 100 albums SMH
+8 #4 Sheila 2013-03-03 16:05
Is there not something, anything the millions of fans can do to get these bands who have been rocking our worlds for decades at least on the nomination list???
+8 #3 jimmy26 -0001-11-30 00:00
i just want to say in one of the most ironic and moronic things ever this site has blown it again. it actually has the balls to put soundgarden at # 44 and def lepp at # 45 on this latest list. ironically you have put my most hated group one notch ahead of my most favorite group. that is sick and wrong. soundgarden cannot hold def lepps britannia shorts. please change ur ratings they are wrong.

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