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The next group is a band that has been considered one of the most important groups of the 1980’s. Although, The Smiths were a far bigger deal in their native England than they were on the other side of the Atlantic; though finding many passionate fans of The Smiths in North America is far from difficult.

The backbone of The Smiths was the pairing of lead vocalist Morrissey whose haunting voice and eccentric lyrics combined with guitarist Johnny Marr’s complex melodies created a sound that took its listeners on an emotional journey.  Likely, this is why their fans were among the most loyal and passionate of the era. Historically speaking, The Smiths are credited with bridging synthesizer infused New Wave to the guitar driven music that was the staple of the British scene in the 90’s.  Though their run only spanned six years, their legacy will run infinitely longer. They have a solid shot an enshrinement considering that they never hit it big in the United States.

The Smiths (Tribute Site)



The Bullet Points

  • Previous Rank: 2010: #9
    2011: #9
    2012: #9
    2013: #6
    2014: #4
    2015: #5
    2016: #5
  • Eligible Since: Tuesday, 01 January 2008
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Manchester, England)
  • Why they will get in: They are critically revered and the cited as influential by many successful artists.
  • Why they won't get in: Their greatest success did not occur in the States. Also the fact that Marr and Morrissey are not on speaking terms render any appearance for any possible induction unlikely.
  • Nominated in: 2015, 2016
  • Essential Albums: The Smiths (1984)
    Meat is Murder (1985)
    The Queen is Dead (1986)
    Strangeways, Here We Come (1987)
  • Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: This Charming Man (Single, 1983)
    William, it was Really Nothing (Single, 1984)
    Big Mouth Strikes Again (From The Queen is Dead, 1986)
    There is a Light That Never Goes Out (From The Queen is Dead, 1986)
    Shoplifters of the World Unite, (Single, 1987)

Should The Smiths be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put them in! - 84.3%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 6.9%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 2.7%
No opinion. - 0.3%
No way! - 5.9%


Apr 03, 2021

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Sweet and Tender Hooligans


Jul 19, 2021

Buy your Tickets to see Cryfest with Cryfest: The Smiths vs. The Cure Dance Party at Masquerade (Hell) in Atlanta, GA HERE for as little as $!

Cryfest: The Smiths vs. The Cure Dance Party
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+1 #12 b m 2019-04-02 06:37
Quoting Kirk:
If we focused on successes in the UK as well as in America, this would have been a real no-brainer. But even in the US they showed how you can have charting albums while not having a whole lot of radio play.
I might argue they were more influential to alternative than R.E.M.

In high school- you were either a total skate/surf punk, or Smiths, REM , or the time- politics had me with U2, as i moved and went to school in the deep south- I learned to appreciate REM, eventually I learned to trade the pete buck guitar for Jonny Marr ....gotta say- the smiths were the best
+1 #11 Steve Friend 2018-08-05 02:50
Greatest indie band of alltime..... one of the first of the genre
+1 #10 Mellissa Cross 2018-05-14 21:50
I disagree with a lot of the comments in that they are being excluded. I think it is just a time thing. I think it is the fact that we are just getting to the 80's. So they'll get in soon. I REALLY HOPE MORRISSEY AND MARR BOTH SHOW!!!!
+13 #9 Kirk 2016-10-25 20:00
If we focused on successes in the UK as well as in America, this would have been a real no-brainer. But even in the US they showed how you can have charting albums while not having a whole lot of radio play.
I might argue they were more influential to alternative than R.E.M.
+12 #8 Michael Tabor 2015-12-24 08:29
Should be in 1 day but not before New Order Why?? New Order started as Joy Division. Which clearly Influenced The Smiths. New Order was more Popular in America as well. After that its confusing. New Wave/Electro nic Music. Kraftwerk Depeche Mode The Cure Take Your Pick the whole era of that music is dissed by the Hall
+18 #7 Chuck Long 2015-01-11 09:57
Honestly, The Smiths should probably be at the top of this list, even ahead of Deep Purple. I can't think of a band reunion that would, even today, cause more worldwide buzz than a Smiths reunion.
+10 #6 Pie Flavored Pie 2013-10-18 03:16
This is perfect for a computer apps letter I have to right! :lol:
+11 #5 biograph 2013-05-12 08:01
The Smiths are one of those bands whose exclusion from the Hall actually feeds their legend. They were always outsiders, which is why millions and millions of people around the world identify so passionately with them. But no Hall of Fame that's got The Beatles, David Bowie and R.E.M. is gonna be complete without The Smiths.
-5 #4 Johnny D 2013-05-10 13:25
Who the f*ck are the Smiths? You're telling me they're responsible for Radiohead and Oasis?
+18 #3 Greg 2013-01-11 09:49
The Rock and Roll HOF is a joke!!! They care more about politics and money than rock music. How "rockers" like Public Enemy, Donna Summer, ABBA, Madonna, Miles Davis and Run-DMC are in there while The Smiths is a mystery! Even if Morrissey is going to no-show (like Axl and The Sex Pistols did), who cares? Put them in!!!

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