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7. Terry Jacks

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Seasons in the Sun

Highest Billboard Position:
#1 in 1974

Originally a French song, Terry Jacks was not the first to cover it in English but he was the first (and hopefully the only) to achieve major success with it.  The song was about a man’s dying farewell to his family featuring such maudlin lyrics like “Goodbye Papa it’s hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky”.  Jacks sings the song with as much syrupy depression as he can, and  appears as if he could cry at any moment.  Certainly, many listeners bawled at the fact that it was on every five minutes on AM radio back in the day.  “Seasons in the Sun” sounds like a nursery rhyme gone terribly wrong, which is quite impressive considering the subject matter at hand.  Now if only this song would die too...though it is tough for a song to die when all the "birds are singing in the sky".

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+2 #1 Musicologist999 -0001-11-29 19:00
Say what you want about "Seasons In The Sun", but I'll take this tune over "Feelings" any day of the week! Yes, I'll admit it, it's a guilty pleasure. It's corny, but it has a certain charm to it. :-)

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