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5. Rebecca Black

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Highest Billboard Position:
#58 in 2011

Check out any suburban home that has a teenage daughter and there is a good chance that you will find one of those “professional” model vanity shots; this whether or not the young girl in question has any business being in front of a photographer’s camera or not.  With the advent of technology, vanity model shots have been replaced with vanity music videos; again whether or not that youngster has any business singing or not.

This appears to be the case for young Rebecca Black.  With $4,000, Black’s mother financed a video that featured her daughter celebrating the joy of Friday.  A simple idea yet made even simpler by such insipid and obvious lyrics such as “tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward”.  Sadly this is only the tip of the shitberg that this song is.  Black’s nasally voice comes across even worse through the various layers of autotune which is especially ironic as the soulless device is designed to hide flaws, and not enhance them.

Social media has allowed us to uncover a new series of stars that may not have made it any other way.  Sadly, it also uncovers levels of crap that never should have been unearthed outside family gatherings.  We may have seen the last of Rebecca Black, but we have not seen the last of her type.  Something will replace her amateurish Friday video as the most disliked video on YouTube.  Bank on it!

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0 #1 Musicologist999 -0001-11-29 19:00
It IS a horrible song, but you can't really blame Rebecca Black for it---she didn't actually write it, and her singing voice, which is actually quite good (and she's proven this in interviews and on some other new songs she's done) was, unfortunately, put through a voice-processin g cheese grater on this song. Again, not her fault. She's cute and she DOES have talent, but "Friday" is not the song to judge Rebecca Black by. In time, I'm sure she will prove this.
+1 #2 Knuckles 2012-05-22 11:53
Gotta have cereal.

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