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4. Starship
We Built This City
Highest Billboard Position:
#1 in 1985

Fans of the great Hall of Fame outfielder, Willie Mays, try to forget his last two bungling years with the New York Mets.  His skills were clearly eroded and he was more like “Confused Grandpa” than the “Say Hey Kid”.  Somehow, we think Grace Slick can identify with Mays just a little too well.

Before Starship was Starship, they were Jefferson Starship, and before that they were Jefferson Airplane, one of the premier psychedelic bands in music history.  They have the distinction of being the only band to be a part of Altamont, Monterrey Pop and Woodstock, the three key music festivals of the 60’s.  Sixteen years after Woodstock, the band that Slick had so triumphantly fronted was stripped of any aspect of the counter culture that she was once the symbol of.  Rather, she now fronted “Corporate Rock”, music palatable for elevators and dentist chairs.  For a song talking about building a city on Rock and Roll, there was nothing “Rock” at all about this attempted anthem.  Slick has gone to say that the music really wasn’t her, and we accept her apology.

How awful is "We Built this City"?

I totally agree, this song is god awful! - 33.3%
This song is bad, but there is much worse. - 13.9%
This song is actually a guilty pleasure. - 25%
No opinion. - 0%
You are nuts, this song is amazing. - 27.8%


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0 #19 Evan Claypool 2017-01-05 16:45
You're being intentionall y dense, Site Admin. Even though there are 20 songs to a page, you still have to click on each song in order to see the reasoning behind their placement on the list. So you *absolutely* have to click on 100 pages if you wanna get the full content. Which is just as bad as the clickbaity stuff on so many other sites these days. It is silly and, simply put, wrong to deny it or suggest otherwise.

This song does suck, though, so you admins got that right at least.
-1 #18 Committee Chairman 2015-09-01 04:22
After continued reflection the conclusion is that this song still sucks.
0 #17 David DeGriselles 2015-08-29 08:48
Site Admin: I just checked out your link showing 20 selections per page. Wasn't like that when I was here or I wouldn't of stated in my post I got tired after clicking on 4 or 5. The way it is now, I would of gone through the entire list. Not agreeing and agreeing with songs on it. That's what these list do, they create discussion, or in some cases name calling and other childish reactions. Again I have no problem with someone personally not liking a song, that's called opinion. Songs being at number one and your own poll showing 71.5% agreeing with me, well that's called facts.

Please call this list exactly what it is, "Your personal list of the 100 worse songs", or whatever you want to call it. You shouldn't declare it as the worse list, because facts show otherwise. Actually was trying to make your site more factual, but if you prefer it this way, what can I do about it?
0 #16 David DeGriselles 2015-08-29 08:36
Again why would you have people click through even five page, but when I was on this page originally, you went through one song at a time. In my book of modern math, 100 songs, one per page equals 100 pages. A year or two ago all sites started having people go through list of things one page at a time. The sites not interested in add click-throug hs would have just the image portion of the screen update, faster and less of a hassell. Those wanting click through profits would refresh the whole page as was done on this site. This way the user sees new adds on each selection, and slower page refreshes. If you didn't intend it this way, the site design you have decided to utilize does. So if you don't believe in add click-throug h income, change it. But it looks like you did if you can now see 20 per page, wasn't the case when I got tired of clicking after seeing the 4th or 5th item on the list.
Hate the song cool,but even poll above shows 71.5% agree with me. Just saying
0 #15 Committee Chairman 2015-07-31 03:50
After additional reflection.. ..i have come to this conclusion.. .. This song still sucks.
0 #14 Site Admin 2015-07-30 14:02
I don't think anyone is "forced" to go through 100 pages....


That's the link from the menu up top. It shows 20 at a time. So, really just 5 pages. This isn't one of those silly and tiresome "BuzzFeed"-t ype lists where you need to click on each and every one to see the whole list.

I think the Chairman's comment was in response to the previous comment:

Yes these list are created for the sole purpose to get you the reader to read and hopefully click on ads as you go.
If getting people to click on ads was the "sole purpose", there would be a whole lot more of them on every page, and pop-ups, pop-unders, and any other kind of ad imaginable.
0 #13 David DeGriselles 2015-07-30 13:38
@Committee Chairman, you pulled up a Grace Slick quote where she said this song is the dumbest song ever, cool. But it still charted at number one, ignoring the facts (charting and sales maybe?) isn't an acceptable way of having a discussion. Calling this song "Your dumbest song ever" is acceptable, I get that. But sales and requests at radio stations are based on facts. It is far from being my top of the list of favorite songs, but the song had spunk and a littel crazy fun to it. Was good enough for a lot of people. So on your personal list of dumb songs, this is # 1. Also, if you aren't after ad revenue, why force users to painfully go through 100 pages to see your list of dumb songs?
0 #12 Mellissa Lynn 2015-07-08 09:42
Actually, this isn't the worst album in the world, by far. "We Built This City"...yeah , not so great, but there are other songs that aren't as horrible.
0 #11 Committee Chairman 2015-01-07 07:17
From Grace Slick:

“’We Built This City’ is the dumbest song I’ve ever heard It was written by a British guy about clubs closing in LA and sung by a San Francisco band. There isn’t any city built on rock-and-rol l for starters. They pre-date the music.”

Enough said.
0 #10 David Williams 2015-01-06 22:52
Did you not say, and I quote you " I bet you've got a copy of Knee Deep in the Hoopla, the album that has "City," at home too"? Then in your last post you say "but you seem excessively literal-mind ed if you think that I was "accusing" you of owning anything" . I guess I'm to "thin skin" to understand why you don't read your own post. I did not attack you, I put up my reason of what you call argument, which is what you say "half--if not most--of the fun of any list is arguing with it". So you like to argue your points, but if anyone does the same they get a blast from your "name calling regime"?

I also stand behind the reason for putting a list of 100 songs on 100 pages is to hopefully get people to click on ads. How else is this site paid for. If you don't agree Committee Chairman, why don't you publish the site on fewer pages without ads? I thought so. This site could find that putting 5 to 10 songs per page much easier for the user than one song per page. This is becoming a common feature on a lot of sites, why do it other than getting ad dollars?

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