100 Worst Songs of Modern Pop Culture

She BangsHighest Billboard Position:Uncharted in 2003
MacarenaHighest Billboard Position:#1 in 1996
We Built This CityHighest Billboard Position:#1 in 1985
FridayHighest Billboard Position:#58 in 2011
Muskrat LoveHighest Billboard Position:#4 in 1976
Seasons in the SunHighest Billboard Position:#1 in 1974
Axel F.Highest Billboard Position:#50 in 2005
Feelings Highest Billboard Position:#6 in 1975
(You’re) Having My BabyHighest Billboard Position:#1 in 1974
ConvoyHighest Billboard Position:#1 in 1976
Pacman FeverHighest Billboard Position:#9 in 1982
Mr. RobotoHighest Billboard Position:#3 in 1983
Achy Breaky HeartHighest Billboard Position:#4 in 1992 One has to wonder if Billy Ray Cyrus had not added “achy breaky” to a little known song called “Don’t Tell My Heart” if it would have been such a hit. This lyrical infusion of cheese combined with the best mullet in music history helped to propel the country song to the musical rarity of crossover pop success. Unfortunately…
MacArthur ParkHighest Billboard Position:#2 in 1968
Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah!Highest Billboard Position:#2 in 1963
The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)Highest Billboard Position:Uncharted in 2002 We may be on the Western side of the Atlantic Ocean, and naturally our focus on lists such as these is slanted towards songs that chart in the States.  However, make no mistake that the United Kingdom has developed its share of crap that inexplicably charted very high there.  Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…
HoneyHighest Billboard Position:#1 in 1968 Was there a rule in the late 60’s and early 70’s that if you wrote a sappy ass song you would hand it over to Bobby Goldsboro?  There had to be, as the helmet-headed Goldsboro sure could nail cheese. “Honey” tells the story of a man who reminisces of his deceased wife.  The intention is to pull on heart strings,…
Ice Ice BabyHighest Billboard Position:#1 in 1990 It isn’t that he was a white rapper that made it so funny.  Fact is, the Beastie Boys were already bringing their brand of rap to the suburbs and sooner or later there was going to be a white solo star to break down that racial boundary.  And while he wasn’t the first to appropriate black culture in…