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48. Duran Duran

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We can hear the groans with this selection already. Chances are that if you were a music lover in the 80’s you either loved this band or despised them. If you loved them, you likely had teased hair and envisioned “LeBon” as your future last name. If you hated them, you likely spent a lot of time in the smoker’s pit with a cheap ghetto blaster blaring Heavy Metal. Coincidently, the NIHOF committee had both representatives.


Behind the legions of the teen girls who worshiped them in the 1980’s, lays a solid band that always fought against their pretty boy image for respect. Ironically, it was the band itself that perpetuated their all style and no substance image with their iconic videos in the 80’s. It can be argued that they were the first to truly understand the medium as their look was copied more often than their sound. Twenty five years later Duran Duran is still going strong selling concerts and albums successfully and they show no sign of slowing down. One of the best quote of the 80’s was from frontman Simon LeBon who when asked why rock stars date supermodels, his answer was simply because we can! What is more Rock and Roll than that?


Duran Duran

The Bullet Points:



Previous Rank:

2010: #40


Eligible Since:



Country of Origin:

United Kingdon (Birmingham, England)

Why They Will Get In:

They have a solid body of work and long lasting career.

Why They Won’t Get In:

Not always critical darlings and may be considered to “poppish”.

Nominated In:


Essential Albums:

Duran Duran (1981)

Rio (1982)

Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983)

The Wedding Album (1992)

Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee:

Planet Earth (From Duran Duran, 1981)

Rio (From Rio, 1982)

Hungry Like the Wolf (From Rio, 1982)

All She Wants Is (From Big Thing, 1988)

Electric Barbarella (From Medazzaland, 1997)







Should Duran Duran be in the Hall of Fame?

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Definitely put them in! - 57.7%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 15.4%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 7.7%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 19.2%
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+5 #11 ATL Buckeye 2013-06-01 21:12
Depeche Mode first.... Duran Duran is iffy.
-3 #12 Theologist 2014-11-11 17:35
Disagreed. Duran Duran has more musical talent and imagination than Depeche Mode. But I'll admit DM's music is more simplistic so naturally more accessible to the masses.
+1 #13 ATL Buckeye 2015-02-06 22:46
I just think Depeche Mode is more important to the musical landscape. Plus, they're still selling out arenas in the USA and stadiums worldwide.
0 #14 Pete 2015-02-26 15:44
Listen to UK music my whole life, was a DJ and a rock critic. The Beatles are the #1 UK band of all-time, then would be Queen at #2 and Led Zeppelin at #3, next is Pink Floyd and then Genesis. Duran Duran is no better than 6th, I don't care who you ask. You aren't getting #2 all-time even out of Simon Le Bon's mouth. As far as the Hall of Fame goes, one day they will be in for sure but not for at least 5 years.
0 #15 knight4444 2015-02-26 19:40
wow its nice to see EVERYTIME I post something here the idiots here jump on the "THUMBS DOWN" button, LMAO
0 #16 knight4444 2015-02-26 19:43
seems like every Duran Duran HATER jumped on this site, now don't forget to hit the "THUMBS DOWN" button LMAO

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