What the WWE Legacy Wing means to us

What the WWE Legacy Wing means to us
04 Apr
Not in Hall of Fame
The Legacy Hall of Fame.

Seriously, this changes everything for us in regards to our WWE Hall of Fame list, especially when it comes to our revised rankings, which we will unveil next month. 

As announced during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, a Legacy Wing has been created which officially inducted former wrestlers such as Lou Thesz, “Sailor” Art Thomas, Frank Gotch, Mildred Burker, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Pat O’Connor and George Hackenschmidt.

We have not ranked any wrestler whose career was in its prime prior to 1950 for two specific reasons:

1:  The WWE (or then WWWF) did not exist until 1961.

2:  Those competitors had little if any association to the WWE product. 

Now that the WWE has gone this route, this means clearly that with our revised ranking you will see many new entries that will predate most of you who visit our website.

Either way, you know we will have fun doing it!

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+1 #1 Chris W 2016-04-21 11:53
Maybe one day Honest Abe and George Washington might get into the WWE Hall of Fame via the Legacy Wing. These two USA Presidents did used to be pro wrestlers and one point in their lives.

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