14 Jan
Not in Hall of Fame
There have been some interesting developments in regards to the WWE Hall of Fame, both involving current Hall of Fame inductees. 

The first involves the “Original Diva”, Tammy Sytch (Sunny), who has not been on the greatest of terms in the last few years.  Sytch has had some issues with multiple DUI arrests, stalking her ex-boyfriend and has been provocative Skype sessions for cash.  With the WWE being a publically traded company, needless to say, the Stamford brass has not been pleased with her behavior. 

Last year, when it was reported that the WWE was not pleased with Sytch, she had this to say on her Facebook page:

“The last time the WWE paid me ANYTHING was in 2012, a check for $1,000, for an interview I did for Axxess during WM weekend.  Before that, it was 2011, a check for $5,000, for the HOF weekend that I was inducted.  NOTHING since them, not even royalties.  They have done NOTHING to help me pay MY BILLS, and have paid me ZERO in three and a half YEARS!!  So, I ask you:  WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BE CONCERNED WITH WHAT THEIR OPINION IS ON MY CAREER CHOICE, IF THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED IN THE LEAST BIT WITH MY FINANCIAL WELL-BEING AND STABILITY AND ABILITY TO PAY MY LIVING EXPENSES???”

Whether Sycth’s claim is accurate that the WWE has not paid her anything since 2012 could be debated, as there had not been any response from the WWE, however, her latest move certainly appears to be severing more ties with the WWE.

As initially reported on TMZ, Sytch is selling her Hall of Fame ring on Ebay for $3,000 telling the entertainment news site that she “It’s time to let go of the past and selling my ring is the right way to get on track”.

For her sake, we hope that is just that, and not another step in what has been a downward spiral.

Meanwhile, another WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley, made a statement on his Facebook page for a potential Celebrity Wing inductee in Lemmy, the deceased lead singer of Motorhead, who performed at two Wrestlemanias, the themes songs of Triple H.

As long as there is a celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, the company can induct people who made a particular WrestleMania a little more fun, or people like Lemmy, who have left an indelible footprint on the product.”

He isn’t wrong is he?

I think it would be safe to state that there are some weak inductees in the Celebrity Wing (Drew Carey anyone?), and Lemmy, who may not be in our Notinhalloffame.com Celebrity Wing Top Ten, is not a horrible choice.

Should Lemmy be in our Notinhalloffame.com Celebrity Wing Top Ten?

As always, we will be watching!

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