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Carlos Colon to the WWE HOF

Tonight on the tapings of Friday Night Smackdown, it was announced that Carlos Colon will be entering the WWE Hall of Fame.  Colon debuted in professional wrestling in 1966, but citing a need for a solid promotion in his native Puerto Rico, he co-created, the World Wrestling Council, which would become a major promotion.

Colon would become the promotion’s champion multiple times, and his decades long feud with Abdullah the Butcher is still legendary on the Caribbean Island.  In 1983, it appeared to the WWC faithful that he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from Ric Flair when he defeated Flair in San Juan, however this was not recognized by the NWA, and Carlos was referred to as the “Universal” Champion in Puerto Rico from then on.

In regards to the WWE, Colon’s highest profile appearance was as a participant in the 1993 Royal Rumble.  Since our website’s inception, Colon has been lodged in the top twenty of those who should be considered for the WWE Hall of Fame.

Carlos Colon is the father of former WWE Superstar, Carlito, and the father and nephew of Los Matadors, who formerly wrestled as Primo and Epico.  We congratulate Carlos on this honor.

Layla retires. A WWE HOFer?

In between the deaths of WWE Hall of Famers, Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper, a former title holder in the WWE retired to little fanfare.

The winner of the 2006 WWE Diva Search and former WWE Woman’s Champion and Diva’s Champion, Layla El has announced that she will be retiring from professional wrestling at the age of 38.

The former England born Miami Heat cheerleader, did not make that much of a splash after debuting in the WWE, and really wasn’t focused much until she was moved to the ECW brand and was paired with Brooke and Kelly Kelly as “Extreme Expose”, a dance troupe who did get somewhat regular television time on the E’s third brand.  The group would disband and while she would wrestle on occasion but it was not until she was drafted to RAW where she would be able to show a little more of her personality.

It was shown initially with a pairing with Steven Regal and that heel persona would serve her even better on Smackdown where her pairing with Michelle McCool as “LayCool” was easily the highlight of both of their careers. 

Layla’s retirement asks us this question…is she a WWE Hall of Famer?

Our gut instinct is that she is not, and while she is a former women’s champion and someone who helped change the ethnic makeup of the women’s roster, the fact was that she was just a passable wrestler and we are not even sure that she makes our top 300 list once we revise that in the upcoming year.

Wrestling fans, we would love to hear your take on this one!

Bret Hart hopes Owen Hart will get into the WWE HOF next year

On a recent TSN periscope chat with former multi-time WWE Heavyweight Champion, Bret Hart, a lot of candid comments were made, which included his opinions on his youngest brother, Owen Hart and the fact that he is not in the WWE Hall of Fame.

I’m hoping next year at WrestleMania that he’ll be inducted and I’ll be really sorely disappointed if he’s not. It’s really overdue.”

Many have speculated that the omission of Owen to the Hall is largely due t his widow, Martha, who has been very vocal about her dislike of the WWE and has previously been in multiple litigations with the “E”.  Bret did not allude to this but did discuss how they had to tiptoe around her in the creation of the upcoming Owen Hart DVD and that she has made a fool out of herself in regards to trying to obliterate the legacy of Owen Hart in the WWE. 

Bret would add that if Owen does not go into the WWE Hall of Fame next year, he won’t attend another one until the tag team of he and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart were selected.

He would go on to add that he would like to see his fellow Hart Foundation faction members, The British Bulldog and Brian Pillman in, as well as former Tag Team Champions, Demolition

Could Bret influence the powers that be (namely Vince McMahon) that an induction for Owen should happen next year?  Considering the scandals involving Jimmy Snuka and Hulk Hogan that have taken place recently, it might be prudent not to rehash a dark day in wrestling history, even though the resume of Owen Hart shows he belongs and frankly would make us very happy. 

The Fabulous Freebirds to the WWE HOF?

It has been leaked that the WWE Hall of Fame will be finally inducted the triumvirate of the Fabulous Freebirds during the 2016 HOF ceremony in Dallas, Texas at next year’s Wrestlemania. 

A report from our friends at have speculated the Birds will enter the Hall, with their lone surviving member, Michael “P.S.” Hayes” representing the group. 

Consisting of Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts, the Freebirds and their feud with the Von Erichs in Dallas’ World Class territory made it one of the hottest promotions in the country.  While the Freebirds only had a very brief stint in the WWE in 1984, Hayes has been an employee there for the past twenty years.  With the ceremony set for Dallas, home of the Birds’ greatest run, it is fitting that the trio from Badstreet U.S.A. enter the hall in 2016.

We will hold off on congratulating Hayes and company for now as we know that Hayes’ past track record of insensitive remarks (especially in light of the Hogan scandal), we will wait until it becomes official.

At present the Freebirds are ranked at #12 on our WWE list.

Is Hulk Hogan out of the WWE HOF?

Wrestling fans all known that Hulk Hogan hasn’t been having a good year.  In light of his recent scandal in which he uttered racial slurs towards African-Americans, he was released from his contract and was removed from many aspects of the WWE’s media platform and his name is not on the company’s Hall of Fame website.

It needs to be noted that the WWE has never publically stated that they have removed Hogan from the Hall (nor have they with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka who will go to trial for the murder of his mistress from over thirty years ago), however from comments he has just made on Ric Flair’s podcast, he appears to think that he has been removed:

“That Hall of Fame ring is my life and it’s just so sad that I’ve been taken out of the Hall of Fame and I don’t have a presence anymore in the wrestling business. But I’m going to cherish that Hall of Fame ring.”

While it is still unclear as to whether Hogan is or is not in the WWE Hall of Fame, his passion towards it shows how much many of the professional wrestlers hold it dear. 

RIP: Nick Bockwinkel

It is a sad day in the world of professional wrestling as former AWA World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer, Nick Bockwinkel passed away today at the age of 80.

The former world champion got his start as far back as 1955 and would win regional titles in the Pacific Northwwest, Hawaii, San Francisco and Los Angeles but it was a move to Minnesota to the American Wrestling Association, which was where he would become a star. 

With Bobby “The Brain” Heenan as his manager, Bockwinkel was paired with Ray “The Crippler” Stevens and the duo would win the AWA World Tag Team Championship three times and would be the hottest tag team in the North.  After the team’s breakup, Bockwinkel remained heel and with Heenan still in tow he would win the AWA World Heavyweight Title in 1975 at the age of 40 and would hold that for five years until he was defeated by Verne Gagne, the man he beat for the belt. 

Bockwinkel would remain the company’s main star through the bulk of the 1980’s, even though he would was their champion well into his 50’s.  While Bockwinkel was older, he didn’t look his age and was one of the top promo men in the business where he would use articulate dialogue in a calm voice, very different from his peers. 

Following his departure from the AWA, he would work as a road agent with the then named WWF and would be an occasional color commentator.  Bockwinkel would become known to a new generation when he served as the on screen commissioner of WCW in the mid-90’s.  He would later be the President of the Cauliflower Alley Club, from 2007 until last year when his ailments began to catch up to him.

We here at would like to extend our condolences to the friends and family of Nick Bockwinkel at this time.

Kick Trump out of the WWE HOF?

There have been two new updates regarding the WWE Hall of Fame, one regarding a potential future entry and the other on a Celebrity Wing inductee who has a movement against him to remove him.

On Ric Flair’s podcast, Sting discussed the WWE Hall of Fame and whether he would he would be going in soon, possibly as soon as 2016 in Texas.  While he did not say anything about when, or even if it was discussed with him, he did reveal that Ric Flair would be the one to induct him should that occur.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else doing the honors right?

While Sting may be going in, an on-line petition is gaining steam to try take Donald Trump out.

Rather than trying to explain the motivation behind it, let’s lift the bulk of the verbage written by Grace Lin from New York City, who is created the petition that as of this writing is closing in on 7,500 names.

“Consistent with this statement, WWE should remove Donald Trump from the Hall of Fame for his derogatory comments about Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, Muslims and other minority groups.

WWE not only employs Muslim and Middle Eastern talent, but has also recently launched the Network in the Middle East. The WWE must realize how many of its fans are Muslim. What message does it send to them to honor Donald Trump on the WWE's Hall of Fame?

And Mexico is one of WWE's biggest international markets - the WWE has a history of working with Mexican professional wrestling promotions as well as recruiting some of Mexico's top wrestlers. Many of WWE's most beloved superstars representtheir Mexican heritage in the ring.

Donald Trump has no place in the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE Universe has continually expressed outrage at his induction, even booing him off the stage during his induction ceremony in 2013. He is a stain on WWE's ability to be a positive influence to its 650 million fans worldwide.

Hulk Hogan's immediate dismissal and removal from WWE's online properties due to racist comments have shown us that WWE will not tolerate those who disrespect their commitment to celebrating diversity. This is a critical moment for the WWE to scrub its ties with Donald Trump immediately.”

It should be noted that Hogan was removed on the WWE Hall of Fame website, but no statement had been made regarding his official dismissal from the Hall.  The same is true for Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka who is not on the site either following his arrest for the 1983 arrest of his then girlfriend, Nancy Argentino.

It should be noted that the WWE Hall of Fame has no physical presence and as it is only online at the moment, simply scrubbing anyone from the section is easy, and can easily be put back in without drawing instant criticism.

Should you be interested in signing the petition, you can do so here.

Sting named to the WWE Hall of Fame

On WWE.Com, the announcement was made as to who will headline the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016.  That man is Sting.

From Southern California, Steve Borden would break into the business under the guidance of Rick Bassman as part of Power Team U.S.A., which also included Jim Hellwig, who would gain fame as the Ultimate Warrior.  Borden and Hellwig would team as the “Blade Runners”, but both would strike out on their own, with Borden, now known as Sting competing in Mid-South, and then later the NWA, when the latter bought out the former.

The NWA would later become WCW, but prior to that name change, Sting would be put on the map with a forty-five minute draw with the then World Heavyweight Champion, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair on the first Clash of the Champions.  Sting was now a bona fide star and three years later at the WCW Great American Bash, Sting would defeat Flair for the Heavyweight Championship.

Sting would be a fixture at the top of the card in WCW for the remainder of that promotion’s run, feuding with Lex Luger, Vader and Ric Flair for the championship.  As much as Flair was his most common opponent, it was his feud with the New World Order, which would see him generate his most watched match.

Sting would change his look to the “Crow” paint, and would hang around in the rafters, seemingly not sided with WCW, nor the NWO.  After sixteen months of not wrestling, Sting successfully challenged Hulk Hogan for the WCW Heavyweight Title at Straccade 1997, which would be the highest ordered pay per view in that company’s history.

Following the fall of WCW, Sting would wrestle for TNA, and it was beginning to appear that he was never going to wrestle a match for the WWE, but this would change when at the age of 56 he went against Triple H at Wrestlemania, and more recently in September, he challenged Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, though he would suffer a severe back injury in the match.

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will take place the night before Wrestlemania in Dallas, Texas.

We here at will be watching and would like to congratulate Sting for receiving this prestigious honor.


There have been some interesting developments in regards to the WWE Hall of Fame, both involving current Hall of Fame inductees. 

The first involves the “Original Diva”, Tammy Sytch (Sunny), who has not been on the greatest of terms in the last few years.  Sytch has had some issues with multiple DUI arrests, stalking her ex-boyfriend and has been provocative Skype sessions for cash.  With the WWE being a publically traded company, needless to say, the Stamford brass has not been pleased with her behavior. 

Last year, when it was reported that the WWE was not pleased with Sytch, she had this to say on her Facebook page:

“The last time the WWE paid me ANYTHING was in 2012, a check for $1,000, for an interview I did for Axxess during WM weekend.  Before that, it was 2011, a check for $5,000, for the HOF weekend that I was inducted.  NOTHING since them, not even royalties.  They have done NOTHING to help me pay MY BILLS, and have paid me ZERO in three and a half YEARS!!  So, I ask you:  WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BE CONCERNED WITH WHAT THEIR OPINION IS ON MY CAREER CHOICE, IF THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED IN THE LEAST BIT WITH MY FINANCIAL WELL-BEING AND STABILITY AND ABILITY TO PAY MY LIVING EXPENSES???”

Whether Sycth’s claim is accurate that the WWE has not paid her anything since 2012 could be debated, as there had not been any response from the WWE, however, her latest move certainly appears to be severing more ties with the WWE.

As initially reported on TMZ, Sytch is selling her Hall of Fame ring on Ebay for $3,000 telling the entertainment news site that she “It’s time to let go of the past and selling my ring is the right way to get on track”.

For her sake, we hope that is just that, and not another step in what has been a downward spiral.

Meanwhile, another WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley, made a statement on his Facebook page for a potential Celebrity Wing inductee in Lemmy, the deceased lead singer of Motorhead, who performed at two Wrestlemanias, the themes songs of Triple H.

As long as there is a celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, the company can induct people who made a particular WrestleMania a little more fun, or people like Lemmy, who have left an indelible footprint on the product.”

He isn’t wrong is he?

I think it would be safe to state that there are some weak inductees in the Celebrity Wing (Drew Carey anyone?), and Lemmy, who may not be in our Celebrity Wing Top Ten, is not a horrible choice.

Should Lemmy be in our Celebrity Wing Top Ten?

As always, we will be watching!

Are These People WWE HOF bound?

The WWE Hall of Fame is fast approaching and with the headliner of Sting already announced as the headliner there has been much speculation as to who will the join the icon.

The popular website, has stated that they have an exclusive as to who will be joining the former multi-time WCW Champion, and it includes names that have been long speculated and some names that have to be considered real headscratchers.

The site has stated what many have long thought in that the Fabulous Freebirds will be selected.  The influential triumvirate of Michael P.S. Hayes, Terry “Bamm Bamm” Gordy and Buddy Roberts were major stars in Texas, feuding with the Von Erichs and had success in multiple territories across the United States.  It is unknown at this time whether they will be joined by Jimmy Garvin who teamed with Hayes as the Freebirds from 1989 to 1992 and were WCW World Tag Team Champions twice. 

WhatCulture has also stated that Texas native, John Bradshaw Layfieldwill be going in.  JBL is the current color commentator on Monday Night RAW and is a former World Tag Team and WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Layfield inducted his long time tag team partner, Ron Simmons, into the WWE Hall two years ago.

Another Texan who WhatCulture states will be inducted, is female wrestler, Jacqueline.  This has to be considered a bit of a surprise as she was never considered the top diva in the company, though she was a very good performer who was with the WWE for seven years.  Considering the WWE has been inducting women every year, the fact that the ceremony is taking place in Dallas, may be what put her over.  At present, Jacqueline is ranked #250 on our site, which would make her the lowest ranked inductee since we initiated that section in 2010.

Charles Wright, who competed for many years in the WWE under various personas is also speculated to get into the Hall.  Wright debuted as Papa Shango, than would have runs as Kama, Kama Mustapha and the Godfather, which while the character was a mid-carder, was insanely over in the Attitude Era.  

WhatCulture has also stated that their source has informed that the Celebrity Inductee will be Regis Philbin, who appeared at Wrestlemania VII and often had wrestlers on his various shows, always showing them with respect. 

Will these names be inducted soon?

We will find out for certain in the upcoming weeks?

The Fabulous Freebirds finally make the WWE HOF.

As announced by Rolling Stone, the long awaited induction of the Fabulous Freebirds to the WWE Hall of Fame has finally taken place.

The Freebirds induction will include the three original members, Michael P.S. Hayes, Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts, and later member, Jimmy Garvin.

The original trio first came together in 1979, interchanging as heels and faces, though always maintaining anther southern rock and roll edge.  It is believed that this was the first group to enter the ring to music, as “Freebrd” by Lynyrd Skynyrd would become their anthem.  While they were making their mark regionally, it was the move to Fritz Von Erich’s World Class Wrestling that took them to the next level.

In a steel cage match between Kerry Von Erich and Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, special referee, Michael Hayes, slammed the steel cage door on the head of Kerry, who had refused his help to become the world champion.  This ignited a feud between the Freebirds and the Von Erich that lasted for years, and set the territory on fire.

The trio was perfect.  Michael Hayes, was the flashy talker, and as such the defacto leader.  Gordy was the big man and the muscle of the group.  Roberts, who at this point was the veteran by a decade plus over the other two was the worker of the group.  As such, they were the complete package of wrestling and entertainment and were almost as important for exploding the World Class territory as the Von Erichs.

The Freebirds would perform all over the country, even in the WWF for a brief spell in 1984.  They were main event every where they went, up until the early 90’s, when it was just Hayes and his new partner Jimmy Garvin.

Hayes has been with the company since the mid-90’s in various capacities and that long time relationship was what many (including us) thought would have propelled the Freebirds into the WWE Hall of Fame long ago.

Regardless, we here at are absolutely thrilled with this induction and would like to congratulate this quartet of talent for making the WWE Hall of Fame

Seriously, this is a huge induction for us at, and we feel that this has long been overdue.

WWE Hall of Fame News

There has been a little bit of WWE Hall of Fame news to report, most specifically with the inductees for the three confirmed inductors for this year’s class.

On his recent podcast, Ric Flair confirmed that he would be inducting Sting to the WWE Hall of Fame.  Sting and Flair were rivals for years in the NWA/WCW and it was Flair who Sting defeated to win his first World Heavyweight Title, which transpired at the 1990 Great American Bash.  With the possible exception of Lex Luger, it is near impossible to come up with a better inductor for Sting.

Earlier this week, it was also confirmed that Kevin Von Erich will be inducting the Fabulous Freebirds.  Kevin, the lone surviving member of the Von Erich Clan, was part of the early 80’s feud between the siblings and the Freebirds, which propelled the World Class territory to huge business.

The Godfather will be inducted by JBL and Ron Simmons, who were longtime road partners of the man known personally as Charles Wright.  As JBL has been announced is an inductor, the speculation that JBL will be inducted himself appears to be negated. 

Who else will be selected?

A leak had indicated that Regis Philbin will enter in the celebrity wing and Jacqueline will be this year’s female inductee.

We will certainly be watching to see if this will be the case and as always we will have our eyes on this intensely. 

The Big Boss Man to the WWE HOF

This was a nice surprise.

The WWE Hall of Fame has announced that Ray Traylor, known in the WWE as the Big Boss Man will be inducted into this year’s class.

Traylor first got his start in Jim Crockett Promotions where he was used as enhancement talent, but his size and agility were wasted in that role.  Recognizing this, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes pulled Traylor off of television and repackaged him as “Big Bubba Rogers”, and was placed as the bodyguard of Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express.  He was also wrestling against Rhodes and was used in the “monster heel” role.

Rogers would foray to the UWF, defeating the One Man Gang to win their Heavyweight Title, but like the Gang, who was leaving the UWF to go to the WWF, Vince McMahon came calling.

Now known as the Big Boss Man, Traylor portrayed a prison guard, which he actually used to be.  He feuded immediately with Hulk Hogan and would be part of the Twin Towers with Akeem, the former One Man Gang.  After a feud with Dusty Rhodes, who joined the WWF as well, he turned face and had a memorable feud with “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and later the Heenan Family. 

By 1993, he went to WCW, but languished mostly in the mid card as he was unable to use his Big Boss Man character.  He did have great matches with Vader, but he was mostly used as a placeholder in both the Dungeon of Doom and the New World Order.

In 1998, Traylor returned back to the WWF, again as the Big Boss Man, but now he was a heel aligned with Vince McMahon.  He would win the Tag Team Titles with Ken Shamrock and the Hardcore Title and he faced (and lost) to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, where he was infamously hung from the top of the cage. 

Traylor would be released in 2003 and would die a year later from a heart attack. 

We would to congratulate the family of Ray Traylor who we are sure are delighted by this turn of events. 

Jacqueline to the WWE HOF.

The next inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame has been announced, and as had been leaked earlier, Jacqueline Moore, professionally known in the WWE as Jacqueline will become the eighth female to enter the Hall.

Known for her toughness, Jackie first learned to wrestle in 1988 and cut her teeth in the World Class territory as “Sweet Georgia Brown”, but it was in the early 90’s in the USWA in the Texas VS Tennessee feud where she really gained attention.

Now known as Miss Texas, she served as a valet for Eric Embry and Tom Prichard and would wrestle other women of the territory.  She would become the first USWA Women’s Champion, a title she held eight times, and owns the distinction of being the first female to grace the PWI 500 annual list.  Still, she was looking for a national promotion and World Championship Wrestling came calling.

Now aligned with Kevin Sullivan, Jacqueline would become physically involved in his matches, though the partnership was short lived as she caused Sullivan to lose a Loser Must Retire Match when she inadvertently hit him over the head with a wooden chair.  She would later managed Harlem Heat and wrestled and defeated the Disco Inferno.  This gained her a higher profile, but gave her the opportunity to enter the WWF during their “Attitude Era”.

Jacqueline was immediately given her highest profile spot where she took over as the valet/manager for “Marvelous” Marc Mero and feuded with Sable.   Jacqueline would wrestle Sable at the 1998 Survivor Series for the long since vacated Women’s Title and would win the title.  While she would lose the Sable, she would remain in a high profile program aligning with Terri Runnells to form PMS, the Pretty Mean Sisters.  

Jacqueline would win the title back in 2001 but would be relegated to a minor role, including a refereeing.  Her last program of note saw her win the Cruiserweight Title from Chavo Guerrero, though that title reign was not a long one.

While we did not have Jacqueline ranked that highly, it is definitely a groundbreaker as this marks the first time an African-American woman has been chosen for the WWE Hall of Fame. 

We here at would like to congratulate Jacqueline Moore for receiving this honor. 

Stan Hansen to the WWE HOF

We were going to hold off on this until it became official but it has leaked multiple times this weekend, we might as well go ahead and talk about it!

The WWE Hall of Fame will shortly be announcing that Stan Hansen will be part of the Class of 2016.  Hansen, who may have a stronger legacy in America with his work in the NWA and the AWA (where he was the World Champion in 1985), did have a notable run in the then named World Wide Wrestling Federation when he broke the neck of champion Bruno Sammartino and challenged for the World Title.

Hansen, a Texas native, played the crazy cowboy perfectly.  With his imposing size and swinging bullrope, Hansen was the person in the crazy world of professional wrestling that you would least likely want to provoke in a bar.  While he was a draw in the United States, Hansen found the Japanese wrestling style more to his liking and it was there where he was revered as one of the top stars in the business.

Hansen worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling before he jumped abruptly to their rival, All Japan.  He would win every title and tournament worth winning in All-Japan, including the Triple Crown four times, the Strongest Tag League four times (with four different partners), the Champions Carnival twice and the World Tag Team Title eight times.

This will not be the first time that Stan Hansen attended the WWE Hall of Fame, as he was the inductor for Antonio Inoki several years ago.

We here at would like to congratulate Stan Hansen as he enters the WWE Hall of Fame.

Interesting inductors for the WWE HOF

We aren’t really sure what we think of this one.

It was strongly speculated and for the most part assumed that Kevin Von Erich would be inducting the Fabulous Freebirds into the WWE Hall of Fame.  It was announced today that this would not be the case.

Current WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E. and Xavier Woods will have that honor, and for us this is a bit of a head scratcher. 

The Von Erich/Freebirds feud set the World Class territory on fire and it seemed fitting that the last surviving member of the Von Erichs, Kerry, would be the one to induct the Freebirds, and based on comments made from other wrestlers and fans, that was the belief too, although a case (though much weaker) could be made for the current WWE Tag Team Champions. 

Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts instituted what is still referred to as the “Freebird Rule”, in which the trio would choose which two members would defend the Tag Team Championship, a rule that has been used by groups after and is currently utilized by the New Day.  Both groups were charismatic and featured members whose wrestling styles were vastly different from one another. 

Still there is no existing link between the groups, other than the fact that Hayes has worked with the company for the past twenty-one years.  It is also curious (or maybe we are reaching) that three African Americans have been asked to induct a group who flew the Confederate Flag, and does have a member (Hayes) who has had past racial insensitivities in the company as the inductors.

With all due respect to the New Day, is there really a more fitting inductor than Kevin Von Erich?

Moving on, it was also reported that Vader will be the inductor of Stan Hansen.

This is also a little bit of a surprise as barring a match the two had in Japan which involved Hansen nearly blinding “the Mastadon” and the two are not exactly synonymous with another, though who are we kidding?

We are going to watch this regardless!

The Dudleys to induct Jacqueline

There is more news in the WWE Hall of Fame front as the Dudley Boyz have been revealed as the inductors for Jacqueline.

While in terms of WWE storylines, Jacqueline and the Dudleys had little interaction however the “brothers” were friends of Jacqueline and it was her choice to have them as her inductors. 

It was also reported that Ted DiBiase will induct the Big Boss Man.  The two feuded in the WWE in 1990 and were in the UWF together previously. 

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will be held this Saturday.

Snoop Dogg to the WWE HOF

Another day, another series of news about the WWE Hall of Fame.

While it was speculated that Regis Philbin would be this year’s celebrity WWE HOF inductee, it was announced that rapper, Snoop Dogg will be the one receiving the honor.

Snoop, the cousin of WWE Diva, Sasha Banks has made numerous appearances on WWE Television.  He appeared on two Wrestlemnias’, most notably as the Master of Ceremonies in the Wrestlemania 24 “Lumberjill Match” and was also seen on RAW knocking out former WWE Superstar, Chavo Guerrero.

While this would not be one we here at would have chosen, Snoop is a fan of the product and we expect him to appreciate the accolade.

What the WWE Legacy Wing means to us

The Legacy Hall of Fame.

Seriously, this changes everything for us in regards to our WWE Hall of Fame list, especially when it comes to our revised rankings, which we will unveil next month. 

As announced during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, a Legacy Wing has been created which officially inducted former wrestlers such as Lou Thesz, “Sailor” Art Thomas, Frank Gotch, Mildred Burker, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Pat O’Connor and George Hackenschmidt.

We have not ranked any wrestler whose career was in its prime prior to 1950 for two specific reasons:

1:  The WWE (or then WWWF) did not exist until 1961.

2:  Those competitors had little if any association to the WWE product. 

Now that the WWE has gone this route, this means clearly that with our revised ranking you will see many new entries that will predate most of you who visit our website.

Either way, you know we will have fun doing it!

RIP: Black Jack Mulligan

One of the greatest and most respected professional wrestlers passed away this week as Black Jack Mulligan passed away at the age of 73. 

Born Robert Windham, Mulligan was a former star at UTEP and had a cup of coffee in the NFL.  Encouraged by Wahoo McDaniel to try his hand at professional wrestling, Mulligan was meant for the business.  A native Texan, Mulligan played up that persona and was christened Black Jack Mulligan when he entered the then named World Wide Wrestling Federation. 

As Black Jack Mulligan, he would done a black hat, a black glove and would use the Iron Claw as his finisher.  He would feud with Pedro Morales and Bruno Sammartino but his greatest success in New York would be in a tag team with Black Jack Lanza and he would win the Tag Team Title there.  The duo would also win regional championships across the United States in the 1970’s.

Mulligan would have success across the States again as a single, highlighted by his four United States Championships in the Mid Atlantic Territory.  Mulligan would return to the WWF in the early 1980’s and would wrestle there as late as 1987, where he would wrestle in a mask as the “Big Machine” teaming with Andre the Giant and Bill Eadie who were the “Giant Machine” and the “Super Machine” respectively.

The legacy of Black Jack continues to this day.  His son was Barry Windham and his daughter married Mike Rotunda, the father of WWE Superstars, Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. 

We here at would like to offer our condolences to the friends and family of Black Jack Mulligan.

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