The College Football Hall of Fame announces the 2021 Finalists

The College Football Hall of Fame announces the 2021 Finalists
16 Jun
Not in Hall of Fame

Buckle up, buckaroo.

There is a lot to take in here as the College Football Hall of Fame has announced their Finalists for the Class of 2021

Before we look at the list and the MANY people who have been nominated, let’s first look at how one becomes eligible. 

1. The player in question must have been named a First Team All-American. 

2. The player must have last played ten years ago. 

3. The player’s outside record as a citizen is considered. 

4. Players must have played their last year of college football at least 50 years ago. 

5. A Coach is eligible three years after he retired or immediately if he is 70 years old.  If a coach is still active at 75, he is automatically eligible. 

That was the Coles Notes version. 

The nominees are: 

FBS Players: 

Flozell Adams: Michigan State, Offensive Tackle 1997. 

Morten Andersen: Michigan State, Place Kicker 1981. 

Champ Bailey: Georgia, Defensive Back 1998.

Aaron Beasley: West Virginia, Defensive Back 1995. 

Eric Beiniemy: Colorado, Running Back 1990. 

Michael Bishop: Kansas State, Quarterback 1998.

Jeff Bregel: USC, Offensive Guard 1986.

Brandon Burlsworth: Arkansas, Offensive Guard 1998.

Larry Burton: Purdue, Split End 1974. 

George Carr: Auburn, Linebacker 1984. 

Matt Cavanaugh: Pittsburgh, Quarterback 1977. 

Tim Couch: Kentucky, Quarterback 1998. 

Brad Culpepper: Florida, Defensive Tackle 1991. 

Jack Del Rio: USC, Linebacker 1984. 

Ken Dorsey: Miami (FL), Quarterback 2002.

Mike Doss: Ohio State, Defensive Back 2003.

D.J. Dozier: Penn State, Running Back 1986. 

Jason Elam: Hawaii, Place Kicker 1992.

Bobby Engram: Penn State Wide Receiver 1994. 

Kevin Faulk: LSU, Running Back 1996. 

Tony Franklin: Texas A&M, Place Kicker 1978.

Dwight Freeney: Syracuse, Defensive End 2001.

David Fulcher: Arizona State, Defensive Back 1985. 

Robert Gallery: Iowa, Offensive Tackle 2003.

Moe Gardner: Illinois, Defensive Tackle 1990. 

Willie Gault: Tennessee, Wide Receiver 1982.

Bob Golic: Notre Dame, Linebacker 1978.

Tony Gonzalez: California, Tight End 1996. 

Dan Hampton: Arkansas, Defensive Tackle 1978.

Byron Hanspard: Texas Tech, Running Back 1996. 

Al Harris: Wyoming, Defensive End 1978. 

Marvin Harrison: Syracuse, Kick Returner & Wide Receiver 1995.

Mike Hass: Oregon State, Wide Receiver 2005. 

Josh Heupel: Oklahoma, Quarterback 2000. 

Craig Heyward: Pittsburgh, Running Back 1987. 

Chris Hudson: Colorado, Defensive Back 1994.

Steve Hutchinson: Michigan, Offensive Lineman 2000. 

Larry Jacobson: Nebraska, Defensive Tackle 1971. 

Sebastian Janikowski: Florida State, Place Kicker 1999. 

Marvin Jones: Florida State, Linebacker 1992.

Antonio Langham: Alabama, Defensive Back 1993. 

James Laurinaitis: Ohio State, Linebacker 2007.

John Lee: UCLA, Place Kicker 1985. 

Ray Lewis: Miami, Linebacker 1995. 

Bobby Majors: Tennessee, Defensive Back 1971. 

Ed McCaffrey: Stanford, Wide Receiver 1990. 

Mark Messner: Michigan, Defensive Tackle 1988. 

Pete Mitchell: Boston College, Tight End 1994. 

Corey Moore: Virginia Tech, Defensive Lineman 1999. 

Dan Morgan: Miami, Linebacker 2000. 

Dan Neil: Texas, Offensive Lineman 1996. 

Ken Norton Jr.: UCLA, Linebacker 1987. 

Carson Palmer: USC, Quarterback 2002. 

Julius Peppers: North Carolina, Defensive End 2001. 

Antwaan Randle El: Indiana, Quarterback 2001. 

Simeon Rice: Illinois, Linebacker 1995. 

Ron Rivera: California, Linebacker 1993. 

Rashaan Salaam: Colorado, Tailback 1994. 

Chris Samuels: Alabama, Offensive Tackle 1999. 

Lucius Sanford: Georgia Tech, Linebacker 1975.

Ken Simonton: Oregon State, Running Back 2000. 

Kenneth Sims: Texas, Defensive Tackle 1981. 

Barry Smith: Florida State, Wide Receiver 1972. 

C.J. Spiller: Clemson, Running Back & Kick Returner 2009. 

Darren Sproles: Kansas State, Running Back & Kick Returner 2003.

Taylor Stubblefield: Purdue, Wide Receiver 2004.

Aaron Taylor: Notre Dame, Offensive Tackle 1993. 

Andre Tippett: Iowa, Defensive End 1981. 

Troy Vincent: Wisconsin, Defensive Back 1991. 

Zach Wiegert: Nebraska, Offensive Tackle 1994. 

Roy Williams: Oklahoma, Defensive Back 2001. 

Al Wilson: Tennessee, Linebacker 1998. 

Steve Wisniewski: Penn State, Offensive Guard 1988. 

Donnell Woolford: Clemson, Defensive Back 1988.

Luis Zendejas: Arizona State, Place Kicker 1983. 

FBS Coaches: 

Larry Blakeney: Troy, 1991-2014. 

Jim Carlen: West Virginia 1966-69, Texas 1970-74 & South Carolina 1975-81. 

Pete Cawthon Sr.: Austin College 1923-27 & Texas Tech 1930-40.

Billy Jack Murphy: Memphis 1958-71.

Gary Pinkel: Toledo 1991-00 & Missouri 2001-15 

Darryl Rogers: Cal State East Bay 1965, Fresno State 1966-72, San Jose State 1973-75, Michigan State 1976-79 & Arizona State 1980-84. 

Bob Stoops: Oklahoma 1999-2016.

Divisional Players: 

Ashley Ambrose: Mississippi Valley State, Defensive Back 1991. 

Archie Amerson: Northern Arizona, Running Back 1996. 

Rick Bealer: Lycoming, Defensive Back 1990. 

Rennie Benn: Lehigh, Wide Receiver 1985. 

Bill Borchert: Mount Union, Quarterback 1997. 

John Bothe: Augustana, Center 1988. 

Carl Boyd: Northern Illinois, Running Back 1987. 

Vincent Brown: Mississippi Valley State 1987. 

Joe Campbell: Middle Tennessee State, Running Back 1990. 

William Campbell: Western Colorado, Defensive Back 1979. 

Vin Carioscia: Franklin & Marshall, Offensive Tackle 1982. 

Peter Catan: Eastern Illinois, Defensive End 1980. 

Steve Cockerham: Akron, Linebacker 1977. 

Bruce Collie: Texas-Arlington, Offensive Tackle 1984. 

Tom Collins: Indianapolis, Defensive Back 1985. 

Ray Condren: Gettysburg, Running Back 1984. 

Mark Cotney: Cameron, Defensive Back 1974. 

Case deBruijn: Idaho State, Punter 1981. 

Parnell Dickinson: Mississippi Valley State, Quarterback 1975. 

William Dillon: Virginia Union, Free Safety 1982. 

Al Dorenkamp: Central Iowa, Linebacker 1974. 

John Dorsey: Connecticut, Linebacker 1983. 

Chuck Downey: Stony Brook, Safety 1987. 

Tom Ehrhardt: Rhode Island, Quarterback 1985. 

Keith Elias: Princeton, Running Back 1993. 

Curtis Eller: Villanova, Linebacker 1992. 

Blake Elliott: Saint John’s, Wide Receiver 2003. 

Richard Erenberg: Colgate, Running Back 1983. 

Jahri Evans: Bloomsburg, Offensive Lineman 2005. 

John Fitzgerald: Central Oklahoma, Offensive Guard 1998. 

Bernard Ford: Central Florida, Wide Receiver 1987. 

Duane Fritz: Chadron State, Punter 1975. 

Rick Fry: Occidental, End 1977. 

Bob Gaddis: Mississippi Valley State, Wide Receiver 1974. 

Chris George: Glenville State, Wide Receiver 1994. 

Don Greco: Western Illinois, Offensive Guard 1980. 

Don Griffin: Middle Tennessee State, Safety 1985. 

Boomer Grigsby: Illinois State, Linebacker 2004. 

Calvin Harrell: Arkansas State, Running Back 1970. 

Ron Hausauer: Jamestown, Offensive Guard 1981. 

Pat Hauser: Cal State Northridge, Offensive Tackle 1983. 

Bobby Hedrick: Elon, Running Back 1980. 

Chris Hegg: Truman State, Quarterback 1985. 

Bob Heller: Wesleyan, Center 1985. 

Billy Hess: West Chester, Wide Receiver 1988. 

Lynn Hieber: Indiana, Quarterback 1975. 

John Hill: Lehigh, Center 1971. 

Rene Ingoglia: Massachusetts, Running Back 1980. 

Louis Jackson: Cal Poly, Running Back 1980. 

Terron Jackson: Missouri Sothern State, Offensive Tackle 1972. 

John Jurkovic: Eastern Illinois, Defensive End 1989. 

Ed Kelley: Hampden-Sydney, Defensive End 1975. 

Bill Kollar: Montana State, Defensive End 1973. 

Gary Kuhlman: Delaware, Offensive Tackle 1981. 

Sean Landeta: Towson, Punter 1982. 

Al Lucas: Troy, Defensive Lineman 1999. 

Vince Mazza: Ashland, Place Kicker and Punter 1986.

Steve McAdoo: Middle Tennessee State, Offensive Lineman 1992 

Gary McCauley: Clarion, Tight End 1981. 

Fran McDermott: St. Mary’s, Defensive Back 1981. 

Bill McGovern: Holy Cross, Defensive Back 1984. 

Tony Miles: Northwest Missouri State, Wide Receiver 1999. 

Carl Morris: Harvard, Wide Receiver 2002. 

Robert Morris: Georgetown, Defensive End 1974. 

Kenneth Murawski: Carnegie Mellon, Linebacker 1981. 

Timmy Newsome: Winston Salem State, Running Back 1978. 

Ed O’Brien: Central Florida, Place Kicker 1987. 

Randy Page: Central Oklahoma, Quarterback 1982. 

Chris Parker: Marshall, Running Back 1995. 

Alonzo Patterson: Wagner, Running Back 1982. 

Ted Petersen: Eastern Illinois, Center 1976. 

Martin Peterson: Pennsylvania, Offensive Tackle 1986. 

Charlie Pierce: Central Florida, Punter & Place Kicker 1993. 

Dave Pomante: Whitworth, Defensive Lineman 1981. 

Tyrone Poole: Fort Valley State, Defensive Back 1994. 

Gary Puetz: Valparaiso, Offensive Tackle 1972. 

Gerry Quinlivan: Buffalo, Linebacker 1984. 

Michael Renna: Delaware, Defensive End 1990. 

David Rhodes: Central Florida, Wide Receiver 1993. 

Kirk Roach: Western Carolina, Place Kicker 1986. 

Tony Romo: Eastern Illinois, Quarterback 2002. 

Bobby Saiz: Adams State, Quarterback 1989. 

Terry Schmidt: Ball State, Defensive Back 1973. 

Steve Schubert: Massachusetts, Wide Receiver 1972. 

Joe Skladany: Lafayette, Linebacker 1981. 

Ed Smith: Bethel, Wide Receiver 1985. 

Paul Smith: Gettysburg, Return Specialist 1999. 

Tom Stenglein: Colgate, Wide Receiver 1985. 

Dennis Thomas: Alcorn State, Center 1973. 

Freddie Thomas: Troy, Defensive Back 1987. 

Markus Thomas: Eastern Kentucky, Tailback 1998. 

Brad Tokar: Westminster, Running Back 1990. 

Jay Wessler: Illinois College, Running Back 1980. 

Tim Whelan: Tufts, Running Back 1976. 

Gary Wichard: LIU, Quarterback 1972. 

Mike Wiggins: Iowa Wesleyan, Punter 1987. 

Jerry Woods: Northern Michigan, Defensive Back 1988. 

John Zanieski: Yale, Middle Guard 1984. 

Divisional Coaches: 

Dick Biddle: Colgate, 1996-13. 

Paul Durham: Linfield, 1948-67. 

Jim Feix: Western Kentucky, 1968-83. 

Howard Fletcher: Northern Illinois, 1956-68. 

Ross Fortier: Minnesota Moorhead, 1970-92. 

Morley Fraser: Albion, 1954-68. 

Danny Hale: West Chester, 1984-88 & Bloomburg 1993-12. 

Rudy Hubbard: Florida A&M, 1974-85. 

Eddie Hurt: Virginia Lynchburg, 1925-28 & Morgan State 1930-59. 

Art Keller: Carthage, 1952-82. 

Glenn Killinger: Dickinson, 1922, Rensselaer 1927-32, Moravian 1933, West Chester 1934-41 & 1945-49. 

Larry Korver: Northwestern College, 1967-94. 

Roy Kramer: Central Michigan, 1967-77. 

Maxie Lambright: Louisiana Tech 1967-78. 

Dick Lowry: Wayne State 1974-79 & Hillsdale 1980-96. 

John Luckhardt: Washington & Jefferson 1982-98 & California 2002-11. 

James Malosky: Minnesota-Duluth 1958-97. 

Don Miller: Trinity 1967-98. 

Steve Mohr: Trinity 1990-2013. 

Charles Murphy: Middle Tennessee State 1947-68. 

Jim Ostendarp: Amherst 1959-91. 

Forrest Perkins: Wisconsin-Whitewater, 1956-84. 

Bill Ramseyer: Wilmington, 1972-90 & Virginia’s College at Wise, 1991-01. 

Dwight Reed: Lincoln, 1949-71. 

Pete Schmidt: Albion, 1983-96. 

Gideon Smith: Hampton, 1921-40. 

Clyde “Buck” Starbeck: Northern Iowa, 1936-42 & 1945-57. 

Clarence Stasavich: Lenoir-Rhyne 1946-61 & East Carolina 1962-69. 

Lou Wacker: Emory & Henry (1982-2004)

John Whitehead: Lehigh, 1976-86. 

Alex Yunevich: Alfred, 1937-41 & 1946-76. 

Allen Zikmund: Nebraska-Kearney, 1955-71. 

The announcement will not be made until January of 2021 in the days leading up to the College Football Championship.  There is no date announced as to when the ceremony will be.

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