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41. Scott Hall

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Scott Hall

Scott Hall may be another name in the discussion of “best wrestler never to win a World Championship”, though few would have thought based on his first eight years in the business that he would be World Championship material.

Scott Hall always had the look and the size, but when he created the gimmick of Razor Ramon, he finally found a way to draw money.  For the first time in his career he was given the ball, and with it he proved to be a great interview, a solid worker and must see attraction.  Upon his return to WCW Hall was stripped of his Razor Ramon character but it didn’t matter.  Co-founding the New World Order, Scott became an even bigger star and often his segments were event highlights.  Needless to say, the issues with Scott Hall are very evident as he has been fighting the same “demons” for what seems like decades.  He has a Hall of Fame worthy career and it has to be believed that if he got himself clean he would have an excellent shot to receive a WWE Hall of Fame ring.


The Bullet Points:

Other Aliases:
Starship Coyote
Magnum Scott Hall
Gator Scott Hall
Razor Ramon

Billed From:
U.S.A. (Miami, FL)

Key Championships Held:
AWA World Tag Team w/Curt Hennig
TNA World Tag Team w/Kevin Nash
USWA Heavyweight WCW Television
WCW United States Heavyweight (2)
WCW World Tag Team (5) (4w/Kevin Nash, 1w/The Giant)
WWC Caribbean Heavyweight
WWC Universal Heavyweight
WWF Intercontinental (4)

Why He Will Get In:
He was a great performer for the two big 90’s promotions.

Why He Won’t Get In:
His current issues make it difficult to induct him.

Five Greatest Matches/Moments: (In Chronological Order)
1.  Submitted to Bret Hart in a WWF World Heavyweight Title Match at
the Royal Rumble Main Event but proved he was Main Event caliber
in the process (1/24/93)
2.  Stole the show with the Match of the year in a successful WWF
Intercontinental Title defense at Wrestlemania X against Shawn
Michaels that featured the first ever PPV ladder match (3/20/94)
3.  Lost a ladder match to Shawn Michaels in a forgotten gem at Summer
Slam (8/27/95)
4.  Shocked the wrestling world by appearing unannounced at WCW
Nitro and set in motion both the NWO and the ratings turn to WCW
5.  Had his biggest win in WCW winning the World War 3 60 Man Three
ring battle royal (11/23/97)

Should Scott Hall be in the Hall of Fame?

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Definitely put him in! - 44.4%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 55.6%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 0%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 0%


0 #1 Tyson Ward 2013-04-16 00:08
I am confused, Scott Hall WAS a heavyweight champion before entering WWE for the first time. He never made it in one of the modern companies though of course.

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