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373. Al Madril
Al Madril was a fixture for years in Texas but while he was well known there, he appeared in multiple promotions up and down the Pacific.  Madril never was in the WWE, but his territorial work still holds a high place in many people’s memories.

The Bullet Points

  • Other Aliases: Leo Madril
  • Billed From: Madrid, Spain & San Bernadino, CA
  • Key Championships Held: NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team (2) 1w/Jose Gonzales & 1w/Ricky Santana
    NWA (Vancouver) Canadian Tag Team (2) 1w/Flash Gordon & 1w/Dan Krofatt
    NWA Texas Heavyweight (5)
    NWA Texas Tag Team (3) w/Jose Lothario
    NWA (San Francisco) World Tag Team w/Pepper Gomez
    SCW Television
    NWA World Junior Heavyweight
    NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Heavyweight
    NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Tag Team (4) 1w/Chavo Guerrero, 1w/Mando Guerrero & 2w/Tom Prichard
    NWA World Class Tag Team (2) 1w/Brian Blair & 1w/Kerry Von Erich
    NWA (Texas) World Tag Team (2) Kerry Von Erich
    World Class Television
    Texas All Star Tag Team (2) 1w/Chavo Guerrero & 1w/Magnificent Zulu
    Texas All Star Heavyweight (2)
    World Class Tag Team w/Brian Adias
    Pacific Northwest Television (3)
  • Why they will get in: Being Hispanic doesn’t hurt.
  • Why they won't get in: There are many above him and his WWE resume is non-existent.
  • Five Greatest Matches/Moments:
    1. Defeated John Tolos for the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title (7/15/75)
    2. Beat Nelson Royal for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship (6/25/78)
    3. Won the NWA (L.A.) Americas Heavyweight Title (6/15/79)
    4. Became World Class Television Champion (11/1/82)
    5. Defeated Austin Idol for the Texas All Star Heavyweight Title  (4/18/86)

Should they be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put them in! - 33.3%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 0%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 33.3%
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