Jeff Garcia endorses T.O. for the Pro Football HOF

Jeff Garcia endorses T.O. for the Pro Football HOF
06 Jan
Not in Hall of Fame
Terrell Owens has a reputation of being a Quarterback killer and a poor teammate, two reasons that have been given as to why he is not yet in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Now entering his third year on the ballot, TMZ caught up with T.O.’s former QB, Jeff Garcia who is a strong believer that Owens belongs in Canton:

“With what he was able to accomplish statistically, being a top 5, top 2 guy in many categories. Stop beating around it, the guy deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Put him in the Hall of Fame.”

Remember this is coming from a guy who Owens publically implied was gay (he’s not) and feuded with in the locker room. This should be considered quite the endorsement.

Now what is Donovan McNabb saying right now?
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