We have named the Finalists for our Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame!

We have named the Finalists for our Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame!
19 Sep
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The finalists for our third full class for the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame have been announced and like the first two years, voting on the candidates are open to the public and began with an initial round of Preliminary Nominees and then was pared down to Semi-Finalists.

This year the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame will be inducting fictional characters from three categories, Athletes, Contributors and the Veteran’s Category, which focuses on fictional sports characters prior to 1970. 

The 15 Athlete Finalists are: 

Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill in Married…With Children), who once scored four touchdowns in a high school football game for Polk High in Chicago. Bundy is a Finalist for the third year in a row.

Alex Moran (Darin Brooks in Blue Mountain State), the backup Quarterback from BMS who was more interested in partying than the gridiron.  This is the first time that Moran has been a Finalist. 

Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers in Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III & Rocky IV), the former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World.  Like Al Bundy, Creed is also a Finalist for the third year in a row.

Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez (Mike Vitar in The Sandlot), who was the leader of his youth “sandlot” team and would eventually play for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler in the Waterboy) who would lead the South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs to victory in the Bourbon Bowl.  This is the third Finalist appearance for the Mud Dog. 

Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson in the Mighty Ducks trilogy), the leader of a youth league hockey team in Minnesota. 

Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio from the Karate Kid trilogy) who won the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament.

Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe from Youngblood) a rookie American player for the Hamilton Mustangs.  This is Youngblood’s first time as a Finalist. 

Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis from A League of Their Own) was the star catcher for the Rockford Peaches.  Hinson is the only female to make this years Finals, and the first ever.

Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump) a star football player at the University of Alabama, a ping pong prodigy and long distance runner.  Gump has been a finalist all three years.

Kenny Powers (Danny McBride in Eastbound and Down), a down on his luck relief pitcher trying to get back to the Majors.

Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights), a NASCAR driver who faces a new rival from France.  Bobby is a Finalist for the second time.

Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves in The Replacements), a replacement Quarterback for the Washington Sentinels.  Falco was last seen choking in the Sugar Bowl.  This is Falco’s first appearance as a Finalist.

Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch in Friday Night Lights), the Running Back for the Dillon Panthers.  Riggins is the first member of the Friday Night Lights program to make the Finals.

Willie “Mays” Hayes (Wesley Snipes in Major League), the centerfielder for the Cleveland Indians.  This is the third time that Hayes has been a Finalist.

The 10 Contributor Finalists are: 

Adrian Balboa (Talia Shire in the Rocky series), the wife of Rocky Balboa.  This is Adrian’s third time as a Finalist.

Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers in Happy Gilmore), the one handed golf pro who taught Gilmore the finer points of the game of golf.  This is the third consecutive Finalist appearance for Peterson.

Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Duck Trilogy) a lawyer turned youth hockey coach.  Bombay is returning for his second year as a Finalist. 

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire) the sports agent who suddenly developed a moral code.  Maguire is a Finalist for the third time. 

Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own) who belted over 500 Homer Runs as a pro but was best known for the line “There’s no crying in Baseball) as a coach in women’s baseball.  Dugan has been a Finalist three times.

Lou Brown (James Gammon in Major League & Major League II), the coach of the Cleveland Indians.  Brown is returning to the Finals for the second straight time.

Mickey Goldmill (Burgess Meredith Rocky, Rocky II & Rocky III), the trainer of inaugural Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame entry, Rocky Balboa.  Goldmill is a Finalist for the second time after being absent from the finals last year.

Norman Dale (Gene Hackman in Hoosiers), a former College Head Coach seeking redemption at small Hickory High in Indiana.  Dale has been a Finalist all three years.

Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams), who built a baseball diamond in his Iowa cornfield due to the voices that told him, “If you build it, they will come.”

The Gopher (Caddyshack & Caddyshack 2), who caused mischief for groundskeeper, Carl Spackler at Bushwood Country Club.

The 3 Veteran Finalists are:

Dennis Ryan (Frank Sinatra in Take Me Out to the Ballgame), a baseball player for the fictional Wolves franchise. 

Joe Boyd/Joe Hart (Tab Hunter in Damn! Yankees), a die hard fan of the Washington Senators who sells his soul so that he can help his favorite team defeat the New York Yankees.

Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet), who disguised herself as a boy so that she could race her horse in the Grand National Steeplechase.

As per the last two rounds, the Finalists will be open to a public vote where by visitors to the site can vote for five Fictitious Athletes, three Fictitious Contributors and one Fictitious Veteran.  

Voting for the Finalists will be online until December 12, where on December 1, 2015 the second full class for the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame will be announced.

This group will join inaugural inductee, Rocky Balboa (The Rocky series) and past inductees consisting of Roy Hobbs (The Natural), Ricky Vaughn (Major League), Crash Davis (Bull Durham), Andy “The Champ” Purcell (The Champ), Happy Gilmore (Happy Gilmore), Reggie Dunlop (Slap Shot), The Hanson Brothers (Slap Shot), Harry Doyle (Major League), Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid series) and Carl Spackler (Caddyshack).

A new addition for us at the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame is our official spokes model, Haley Reagan from North Carolina, who brings us her own unique views on sports and pop culture.

Her introductory Q&A can be found here: http://www.notinhalloffame.com/home/news/7761-meet-haley-reagan-our-new-spokes-model

Voting for the Final Round can be found here for the Athletes:


Voting for the Final Round can be found here for the Contributors:


Voting for the Final Round can be found here for the Veterans:


Gang, you know what we want you to do!

Cast your votes and let us know who should make our Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame!
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