Shawn Michaels announced as the first inductee to the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame

Our #3 Selection for the WWE Hall of Fame, Shawn Michaels was announced this evening as the first inductee to the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Class.  This should not come as a surprise to anyone as he retired this past Wrestlemania and left in good standing with the WWE.  We will not remove Michaels just yet from our rankings, as we will await the next group of inductees, but rest assured rankings will be altering soon.  Congratulations Shawn!

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Career Value (Wins Above Replacement):

Trevor Hoffman: 30.7
Lee Smith: 30.3

Five Best Seasons (Wins Above Replacement):

Trevor Hoffman: 16.1
Lee Smith: 16.1

Five Best Full Seasons (ERA+)

Trevor Hoffman: 211.6
Lee Smith: 172.6

Basically, Smith benefits from having played the start of his career when more innings were expected out of closers, thus giving him a career value very similar to Hoffman. But, as evidenced from the last statistic, Hoffman played at a much, much higher peak in his prime. Smith's credentials definitely have to be argued as he's easily one of the top ten relievers of all time and top five closers. Hoffman is bested by only Rivera from his era, along with Eckersley and Wilhem, of course. He'-) certainly best Sutter & Fingers which is the sort of grouping where Smith would clearly be situated. Totally borderline.

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