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How do the Rams and Patriots look after their first games?

Anyone who is interested in NFL betting online or simply watching football for fun will be happy that the new season is underway. Summer can seem a long time as a football fan, and all supporters will be glad that the action has kicked off once more. Two sets of fans who will be especially looking forward to how this campaign pans out are those who follow the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.

15. Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson grew up in New York and it was a homecoming of sorts when he was drafted second overall in 1991 out of Georgia Tech.  Anderson secured himself as the Nets’ starting Point Guard in his second year in the NBA and in his third year, he was named an All Star while having a career high of 18.8 Points and 9.6 Assists per Game.  Anderson would play 304 Games for the Nets with a 13.3 PPG and a 17.4 PER.

14. Stephon Marbury

There is a lot of fair criticism that can be thrown the way of Stephon Marbury in regards to his career in the National Basketball Association, but many of that occurred after he left New Jersey and it was as a Net where he put up his best statistical numbers.

13. Michael Ray Richardson

Michael Ray Richardson was traded from the Golden State Warriors late in the 1982/83 Season and the then two time All Star would put up solid stats for his new team.  Richardson would lead the Nets in 1984 to their first playoff series win (over the Philadelphia 76ers) in the NBA and his 1984/85 season would see him put up a career high 20.1 Points per Game and he would win the Steals Title with a 3.0 Average.  That would be his highlight year as the next year he would suffer the tragedy of excess.