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10. Johnny Mize

You could argue that Johnny Mize had three distinct periods of Johnny Mize’s Hall of Fame career that was spent with three different teams.

The first third was where he was an elite performer for with the St. Louis Cardinals, the second with the New York Giants where he was still good, but missed three years due to World War II, and the final where he was a role player with the New York Yankees but won five World Series Championships.

9. Joe Medwick

Debuting with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1932, Joe “Ducky” Medwick (thus nicknamed because he apparently walked like that aforementioned bird) would became a major star through the 1930’s.  Before he was traded midway through the 1940 season he would have seven full seasons where he batted over .300 with four 200 Hit campaigns.  While in relative terms, Medwick was not known as an elite power hitter he did blast 152 dingers for St. Louis including a league leading 31 in 1937.  We will get back to that year later.  In addition to decent power, he was a doubles leader three times (1936-38) and had seven straight years with 40 Doubles and was also a Triples champion in 1934.

8. Ken Boyer

Signed as a Pitcher, Ken Boyer would be converted to a Third Baseman in his second season in the minors and that worked out well both for Boyer and the St. Louis Cardinals.

7. Dizzy Dean

We meant it when we said that Bob Gibson was the greatest St. Louis Cardinal Pitcher of all time, however that does not necessarily mean that he had the most dominant run as a Cardinals hurler.

We will give that one to Dizzy Dean.