Super Bowl 2018 Predictions and Facts

Super Bowl 2018 Predictions and Facts
23 May
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Looking back at the Super Bowl recent history the New England Patriots have are now on the doorsteps of becoming the most legendary team in the NFL and a strong favorite to win once more the next Super Bowl in 2018.

In 2017 they faced the Atlanta Falcons with a horrible first half being down by over 20 points. A tremendous comeback gave them a 34-28 overtime victory to win their 5th Super Bowl title in a league were no clear favorites have existed over time, but this seems to be changing with the Patriots consistent Super Bowl appearances and favoritism.
Once more the New England Patriots are favorites to win Super Bowl 2018 with odds of 6 to 1 on most sportsbooks. Review Super Bowl betting & odds at William Hill on the futures market to see which teams have the best odds.


The odds are high for the Patriots under the belief coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady will still be there. Last season there were strong beliefs of Brady retiring at his 39 years of age and Hall of Fame title as the player with most Super Bowl rings and appearances. Bill Belichick is 64 years of age, but still looks healthy and happy to be behind the Patriots.

Top 10 Teams to win Super Bowl 2018

New England Patriots - 6 to 1 odds

Dallas Cowboys – 10 to 1 odds

Green Bay Packers – 11 to 1 odds

Seattle Seahawks – 11 to 1 odds

Atlanta Falcons  - 45 to 4 odds

Pittsburg Steelers  - 15 to 1 odds

Denver Broncos – 16 to 1 odds

Kansas City Chiefs – 19 to 1 odds

Oakland Raiders – 19 to 1 odds

New York Giants – 19 to 1 odds

Why are the Falcons so Low?

It isn´t normal for the latest Super Bowl finalist to be showcased so low between other teams, but the Falcons have struggles to reach the event over recent history.

The Dallas Cowboys have been building up a decent team in the latest years and their favoritism to reach the Super Bowl has been growing in the last 3 seasons.

The Seahawks have fallen a bit behind, although some still think they are the second most powerful team in the Super Bowl and can be a nice pick in the future market.

Is It Smart to Bet on the Patriots to Reach and Win the Super Bowl Once More?

The odds market says so, but it seems like a risky bet at this point. The Patriots have maintained their core team intact, which is a major plus against other teams that shift their main players and coach in a short span making it impossible to know if the moves will be good or bad. With the Patriots at least we know they are an experienced killer squad that only gets better with time.

Or are the players getting too old? Most core players are already too old to compete in the same terms but there still aren’t signs that this factor affects them. The decisive element should be Belichick, as long as he doesn´t retire the Patriots quality will remain as it is, on the very top.

Belichick is all about meticulous preparation and should have a well-planned season to reach at least the playoffs. Brady will be there all along has he has claimed to wanting to stay 4 to 5 years more, which is an exaggeration but a statement that he will play this next campaign in full.

The Patriots dominate the division they are in, which makes things very easy on the first stages of the league. The Miami Dolphins have risen to be somewhat of a contender after reaching the playoffs in 2016, but they are still somewhat behind.

Buffalo Bills and New York Jets come from disappointing seasons.

Who to Bet On?

Going for the Patriots might not be the smarter choice, a great pick as an overall season winner during most of their games, especially during the Division Title. The Patriots are not a smart bet mostly for the low paying odds.

Instead for the Super Winner a better pick would be the Seahawks or Dallas Cowboys. F these two the Cowboys seem to be the best pick as the most challenging contender to the Patriots.

Where will Super Bowl LII be played?

Super Bowl LII will be played at the Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis, the U.S. Bank Stadium.
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