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From the ashes of the Proto Grunge band, Green River, Mudhoney was formed and in a few ways was Grunge’s first success story. The Seattle band picked up the local sound and was the first to have any real taste of success for the burgeoning Sub Pop label. With an influx of ears turning to College and Underground music, Mudhoney was a band that helped crack open doors that their Seattle brethren crashed open. Time has shone a solid light on this band, and though they are not likely Cleveland bound, their place in music history is entrenched.

The Bullet Points:
Eligible In:

Country of Origin:
U.S.A. (Seattle, WS)

Nominated In:

NIHOF’s Favorite Album:
Mudhoney (1989)

NIHOF’s Favorite Song:
Touch Me, I’m Sick (Single, 1988)

Should Mudhoney be in the Hall of Fame?

Definitely put them in! - 15.4%
Maybe, but others deserve it first. - 38.5%
Probably not, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. - 7.7%
No opinion. - 0%
No way! - 38.5%
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+1 #2 Esol Esek 2014-03-17 09:17
Half of the aging grunge fans of Seattle and Australia will pronounce loudly Mudhoney belong in the HOF, but copying the Stooges music and style very closely, except with a singer too calculated to be as naturally entertaining as Iggy Pop doesn't do it in my book. Who's next, the Presidents?

Mudhoney SHOULD'VE been the premier grunge bamd, they were certainly well enough placed, but they didn't even make it into the top five once the dust cleared, because their singer couldn't clear his throat from his one note screaming (that looked cool to an army of female tourists) and the guitarist couldn't write anything outside of one genre really, or nothing memorable. Strong live band for the feel, but too calculated at being cool and too much a copy of the Stooges. However, I think they stand quite a good chance because of all the connections to the aging fanboys of grunge.
+1 #1 Darryl Tahirali -0001-11-30 00:00
Leaving Russ Meyer aside for a minute, Mudhoney might have been in the grunge vanguard but didn't really rise to the innovation or inspiration needed to be Hall-worthy. My favorite thought about Mudhoney is this: One of the booklet photos for one of its albums (don't have it in front of me--whicheve r album "Suck You Dry" is on) shows the band in its rehearsal room. On the wall behind the band is spray-painte d "We Are Mudoney.&quo t; Then, below and between the "d" ; and the "o" ; is a caret, and above and between the "d" ; and the "o" ; is an "h.&quo t; Gotta love a band that not only misspells its own name and then amends the misspelling, but then also doesn't mind (providing that they noticed) having the photo made public. It won't get them into Cleveland, but they're probably guys you'd like to have a beer with.Back to Russ Meyer, though: I like that they named themselves after Meyer's second-best film--but would they have chosen "Faster Pussycat&quo t; had the name not already been taken?

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