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Willie "Blind Dog Fulton Smoke House" Brown

Willie Brown
Although we can’t say that this was our favorite film, we are big fans of Joe Seneca’s performance in Crossroads. Seneca played Willie Brown, a former Blues Harmonica great who as it turned out, along with legendary Blues great, Robert Johnson, sold their soul to the devil to gain their skills. We did not see enough his musicianship, but we did like his acting.

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Movies Appeared:
Crossroads (1986)

Joe Seneca  

Songs you might remember:

Why you should vote for him:
Could we be alone in loving his performance?

Why you should not vote for him:
This was not a film that did well in the box office.


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0 #2 Buddy Lhirondelle 2022-11-16 01:31
I love this movie . Me and my father used to watch this movie all the time . This movie influenced me to play guitar since I was a kid
0 #1 Mickey Sticks 2015-11-04 18:18
Songs I remember: "Call Me Willie". This is the reason you know to call him Smoke House Brown. This movie was, and is, a cult classic. The box office doesn't make a movie good - just popular. The outstanding musical performances by Ry Cooder and Steve Vai, and the solid character development made this movie a great one, even though it was unknown.

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