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65.  John Mayer

Your Body is a Wonderland
Highest Billboard Position:
#18 in 2002

There are some things that will remain a mystery to us.  We wonder aloud if man really walked on the moon, whether there is really extra terrestrial life and why anyone finds John Mayer appealing.  If anyone has any information on the latter please let us because we find that one the most baffling.  Perhaps we shouldn’t though, as musicians always have a way of attracting disproportionally hot women so when a decent looking guy like Mayer sings  a creepy little diddy about exploring women’s parts (which is how he apparently introduces it concert) it is possible to see how he gets away with it.  If you don’t think this song is five shades of wrong print out the lyrics and have one of your drunken uncles sing it and watch the creep factor come rushing in.  Amazingly, this crap won a Grammy Award and Mayer has been fooling women ever since.

How awful is Your Body is a Wonderland?

I totally agree, Your Body is a Wonderland is god awful! - 42.9%
Your Body is a Wonderland is bad, but there is much worse. - 28.6%
Your Body is a Wonderland is actually a guilty pleasure. - 14.3%
No opinion. - 0%
You are nuts, Your Body is a Wonderland is amazing. - 14.3%
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0 #1 Mellissa Lynn 2015-07-08 10:24
This song is by far not my favorite from JM (that song would be Waiting For The World To Change), but it's not as horrible as described here. Still, I've heard that he doesn't play this one a lot anymore in concert, so maybe there's something to this...

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