19. Herbie Lewis

Pound for pound, Herbie Lewis was among one of the toughest players in the National Hockey League, and he spent all of his 11 NHL campaigns in Detroit.

Lewis had blistering speed and could play make as well rush behind on defense.  He would score 308 Points for the Red Wings and help them win two Stanley Cups (1936 & 1937).  Lewis was also a former Detroit Captain. 

Lewis was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1989

The Bullet Points

  • Position: Left Wing
  • Acquired: Claimed from Duluth (AHA) in the Inter-League Draft 5/14/28.
  • Departed:

    Joined the Indianapolis Capitals of the AHL after the 1938-39 Season.

  • Games Played: 484
  • Notable Statistics:

    147 Goals
    161 Assists 
    308 Points 
    248 PIM 
    0.64 PPG 
    N/A Plus/Minus* 
    45.2 Point Shares 
    7 Points in 14 Playoff Games

    *Plus/Minus was not calculated when Lewis played.

  • Non-NHL Teams:

    Stanley Cup Champion (1936 & 1937)

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