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Very few players could be viewed as the total athletic package. Neil Smith may have been one of those rare exceptions as scouts felt with his skills there was little he couldn’t do on the football field.  Those scouts would be right.Neil Smith was a multi faceted Defensive End who was equally adept at stuffing the run as defending against…
A member of the 100 Sack club (133.5 exactly), John Abraham was a pounding Defensive End who terrorized Quarterbacks for years. Eight times he would exceed ten sacks in a season and was a very popular figure during his time with the New York Jets and the Atlanta Falcons. A very intriguing candidate, Abraham is as of this writing in…
As one of the men who eagerly waits for the final undefeated team to lose every NFL season, Bob Kuechenberg was a staple on the fame Miami Dolphins O-Line.As part of the Dolphins two consecutive Super Bowl champions, Kuechenberg actually enjoyed better individual seasons after.  Although he looked like a reject from the Longest Yard Prison Team (the original movie);…
As much as football changes, there are some statistics that will always remain critical to the game.  One such stat is the Interception, which is one of the biggest game changers regardless of era.  In the 60’s, Bobby Boyd was one of the masters of the pick.
Offensive linemen may be the most respected in football, but they are from the most famous.  One of the few exceptions to that rule was the fames “Hogs” who patrolled the front line of the Washington Redskins in the 1980’s.
You never had to wonder what was on Ricky Watters mind.  He would tell you whether it was good or bad, and that brashness made him a very polarizing figure in the NFL.  It is also possible that this is why the Hall of Fame has yet to look his way. Ricky Watters was one of the most consistent Running…
Many entries on this list discuss how you can’t compare offensive statistics from the 60’s and 70’s to today’s inflated numbers.  This is even more accurate when looking at the stars of the 1950’s.  Perhaps this is why Charlie Conerly, the Quarterback of the New York Giants during the 50’s was on the final ballot multiple times but dropped off…
Although Quarterback sacks have always taken place in football, it was not an official statistic in the NFL until 1982.  The first true “sackmaster” of American football would have to be the flamboyant and somewhat controversial Mark Gastineau who terrorized Quarterbacks; and not because he had sex with Brigitte Neilsen.
Although the New England Patriots were praised for their offense in the 2000’s, they did have a more than capable defense, much of which could be attributed to Richard Seymour.
If popularity in New York City was enough to get inducted into the Football Hall of Fame, there is a good chance that Joe Klecko would have already been inducted.  As we know, that is not the only criteria and the popular former New York Jet remains a popular candidate among those who hang around Fireman Ed, though not among…
Considered by most people to be the best player in Jacksonville Jaguar history, Left Tackle, Tony Boselli was an exceptionally popular figure in North-Eastern Florida.  A second overall pick, and the first ever pick for the Jags, Boselli was a Pro Bowl Selection five consecutive years with the middle three warranting a First Team All Pro spot.  His career wasn’t…
Ottis Anderson had one of the best rookie seasons ever for a Running Back gaining over 1,600 yards on the ground.  Too bad he did for a bad St. Louis Cardinals team that was barely on the National radar.Anderson would prove he was not a one season wonder.  Although he would never again equal his rookie numbers he still posted…


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It is one thing to be highly touted out of college and rack up serious statistics in the National Football League.  It is quite another to do that when you go undrafted.  Rod Smith lit up the league when nobody saw it coming.
Art Monk may have been the lead receiver for the Washington Redskins for a long period of time, but he was paired up with another great Wide Receiver who was in his shadow somewhat.  Of course, at 5’ 9, Gary Clark was in a lot of player’s shadows.
Before the Dallas Cowboys truly became “America’s Team”, they had to establish themselves as a true force in the National Football League.  A big part of that emergence was their defense, of which Linebacker; Lee Roy Jordan played a key role.
Often in boxing, stellar lighter weight boxers are referred to as the “greatest fighter pound for pound”.  If there was a case to be made for that designation for linebackers, it is possible that it would go to Sam Mills.
If it seemed like Jim Hart was the St. Louis Cardinals Quarterback forever it is because in football terms, he practically was.  Hart started 180 games for them from 1967 to 1983, but for such a long tenure it went largely unnoticed.  Playing for bad teams will generally do that.
Considering that Todd Christensen was drafted as a Running Back, it is impressive that he developed into one of the most successful Tight Ends of the 1980’s.
Phil Simms is a two time Super Bowl Winning Quarterback, though many who watched his first five years of play may not have foreseen it.Simms may have been inconsistent when he began his tenure in the NFL, but something seemed to click in 1984.  It wasn’t just the influx of talent to the Giants roster, as it was at this…