13. Michael Ray Richardson

13. Michael Ray Richardson

Michael Ray Richardson was traded from the Golden State Warriors late in the 1982/83 Season and the then two time All Star would put up solid stats for his new team.  Richardson would lead the Nets in 1984 to their first playoff series win (over the Philadelphia 76ers) in the NBA and his 1984/85 season would see him put up a career high 20.1 Points per Game and he would win the Steals Title with a 3.0 Average.  That would be his highlight year as the next year he would suffer the tragedy of excess.

The Point Guard had issues with the substance throughout his playing career and while it certainly had to affect his play it would also get him banned from the NBA on February 25, 1986.  This was not a shock as his issues were well known but he was unable at the time to shake the demons that he had.  It can only be imagined what Michael Ray Richardson would have accomplished in basketball had he not had issues with cocaine but when he was focused, he was an elite player.

The Bullet Points

  • Position: Point Guard
  • Acquired: Traded from the Golden State Warriors for Sleepy Floyd and Mickey Johnson 2/6/83.
  • Departed: Suspended from the NBA 2/35/86.
  • Games Played: 208
  • Per Game Averages: 33.7 MP
    .468 eFG%
    .751 FT%
    16.1 PTS
    4.9 RB
    6.8 AST
    2.7 STL
    0.3 BLK
  • Advanced Stats: 17.5 PER
    .502 TS%
    10.5 VORP
    16.3 WS
  • Major Accolades and Awards:

    All-Star (1985)
    Comeback Player of the Year (1985)
    Most Steals (1984-85)
    Most Steals per Game (1982-83* & 1984-85)
    Highest Steal Percentage (1982-83*)

    *Traded from the Golden State Warriors midway through the season.

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